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  • Name: Kevin Costner ( Kevin Michael Costner )
  • Date of birth: 18 January 1955
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: Lynwood, CA
  • Height: 185
  • Activity: American actor, producer, Director and musician
  • Marital status: married

    Kevin costner: biography

    Home «security guard» of world cinema Kevin costner was born in Lynwood California in January 1955. Kevin Michael costner – is the full name of the star – became the third son in the family. Although Costner lived rather modestly (mom was an employee of the Department of health, and the father is an employee of one of the housing and utilities), but the family was strong and very friendly. My parents always made time for children. They have done everything possible, that the children developed meaningful and had fun.

    Kevin costner with his father and brothers often went fishing or played football. And he visited the choir, where he recorded the mother to develop musical skills and help the boy to find a common language with their peers. With that Kevin was in trouble. Through frequent moves of the family were torn barely strengthened ties with old friends. And with the new working things out is not easy.

    When Kevin costner was a teenager, he was excited about playing baseball. He even wanted to work as a professional in this sport. But after finishing primary school, the future actor chose another profession, respectable and, as it seemed to parents profitable. Costner went to the University of the city of Fullerton, selecting the financial and marketing Department. To diversify leisure time, Kevin enrolled in drama school at the University. Very soon the game on the scene he was captured by no less than basketball in high school.

    And though Kevin costner managed to learn well (graduated with honors), and participate in theatrical productions, he soon realized that the profession of a financier it is not attractive. But to turn from the way costner managed not immediately. He was afraid to disappoint his father, who was proud that his son received a University education.

    But Kevin Costner still had to go against the will of the father. A couple of weeks after starting work in the field of marketing, he realized a long time here will not last. The soul does not lay to the proposed duties and eager to be creative.

    Everything was decided after a fateful meeting aboard the plane with Richard Burton. Famous Hollywood actor was flying in first class. Costner could not be resolved, but still overcame shyness and approached a celebrity. He wanted to learn about the pitfalls of the acting profession and get advice from the Burton. This conversation took place. A week after his biography of Kevin costner made a sharp turn. Aspiring marketer quit his job and went to Hollywood.


    The path to the Hollywood «walk of Fame» turned out to be thorny. Some time Kevin costner was filming a modest home, and attended acting classes. But the money needed somewhere to make money. And a future star I took any work that came in the way. He drove a truck, was a fisherman and a tour guide.

    Debut role was for Kevin the first «pancake», which later turned out to be «lumpy». When in the pocket costner walked the wind, he was offered to play a little porn film called «the Wild beach». He agreed, as later regret for a long time. This low-budget movie was filmed in 1981. But when the actor became famous and his name in Hollywood knew all the «Wild beach» suddenly «surfaced.»

    Company «Troma», which specialized in base projects, bought the rights to «Wild beach» and re-launched it in wide release. «Troma» ripped off a respectable sum, and costner still blushed and regretted his rash act.

    But when the path to the cinema was just beginning, costner didn’t know what he is destined to become a real Hollywood star. After starring in the ill-fated porn Kevin began to actively attend the auditions. Finally he was noticed. Director Lawrence Kasdan and invited nobody known young actor in his new project. It was a very dramatic film «a bad cold», which focuses on friends, rallied after attempting to commit suicide one of them. Kevin was less fortunate of all. Moreover, the role of a suicide Kasdan gave it to him, and even in the final version of the film was that almost all the footage with costner cut. But left the final shot, which shows the corpse of Kevin, who committed suicide.

    Over the budding actor started to laugh colleagues. That is why Lawrence Kasdan to make amends, entrusted to Kevin Costner starring role in the movie «Silverado». In this picture played the famous Kevin Kline and Danny Glover. But they failed to outshine Kevin. We can say, that with this film began a triumphal way costner on «factory of dreams».

    Wide popularity came to the former financier after the release of the movie «the untouchables» and «No way out» in 1987. In 1988-89, the Kevin costner played leading roles in the films «that’s bull Durham» and «Field of dreams». These works not only brought another batch of fame, but also allowed a good idea to strengthen financial situation. Royalties from these projects, the artist used for the realization of his longtime dream. He could shoot your own movie «Dances with wolves». The tape was released in 1990. The main role was performed by the Director is a rookie.

    To the surprise of many, the picture became a hit of the year. And already awards received for this picture, has exceeded the wildest expectations of the Creator. The award «Oscar» in two nominations at once – it was a sensation. Kevin costner was one of 6 Directors-debutants of world cinema that the first film coveted statuette.

    After this movie costner took just two niches: first — as one of the best Hollywood actors and the most successful Director of «factory of dreams». He had a star on the walk of Fame».

    In 1991, Kevin costner continued the conquest of Hollywood heights, starring in the film «Robin hood: Prince of thieves». Tape was a big commercial success. But it cannot even compare to that triumph, which occurred after the release of the movie «the Bodyguard», where costner was not only a producer, but also starred alongside Whitney Houston as the main character. The actor struck world fame.

    Very warmly received by the audience another project by Kevin costner called «Perfect world», which was released in theaters next year after «Bodyguard». But, unfortunately, this project of «white band» in the artist’s career ended. Flopped at the box office from two paintings with the participation of Kevin «Wyatt Earp» and «War», which was released in 1994.

    Failed and next year. The Grand 180-million project «Water world», producer and Director who was costner, failed miserably. Viewers are not impressed with the apocalyptic consequences of global warming, «drawn» Kevin. Reputation costner great hurt.

    Think, long black period» in his career costner did not want to end. In 1997, the Director made the film «the Postman», hoping to regain lost ground. But this did not happen. To improve the situation is managed after the year 2003 film «open space».

    Successful, though without fanfare, were pictures of Kevin costner in the movie «For the love of the game» and «Message in a bottle». Critics praised the film about the «Cuban crisis» called «13 days»

    In the new century, the Hollywood star has created 2 new projects which could be called successful. This is the picture of «open space» and «Who are you, Mr. Brooks?».

    Personal life

    Personal life of Kevin costner in a strange way coincided with his UPS and downs in his career. In the early 1990s, the actor divorced his first wife Cindy Silva, with whom he experienced the peak of his fame. 16 years together and three children were not able to save this marriage. After the divorce, biography of actor and Director suffered a major decline.

    Have costner in 1996 was born the illegitimate son Liam. His mother is actress Bridget Rooney. But life together, the couple has not developed.

    Success in career returned to Kevin with the advent of the new century. And with a white stripe in the work began to improve and personal life costner. He met the beautiful Christine Baumgartner and married her in 2004. The couple has three children.


    • «Silverado»
    • «The untouchables»
    • «No exit»
    • «Darenskii bulls»
    • «Dances with Wolves»
    • «The guard»
    • «Water world»
    • «Tin Cup»
    • «13 days»
    • «3000 miles to Graceland»


    Kevin Costner

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