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  • Name: Konstantin Khabensky ( Konstantin Khabensky )
  • Date of birth: 11 January 1972
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Family: married Olga Litvinova

    Keira Knightley: biography

    The name of the actor today at all on hearing. The actor absolutely looks good in Comedy and war films, melodramas, adventure. The films of keira Knightley are of permanent interest, theatrical works also have their wide audience. The proof is also received in 2012 the title of people’s artist of Russia.

    Konstantin Khabensky
    Talented actor | People

    Konstantin Khabensky was born in Leningrad on 11 January 1972. His father was an engineer, mother worked as a teacher of mathematics. In Leningrad, she went to the nursery and the kindergarten and first four grades of school finished in the polar city of Nizhnevartovsk, where he moved parents.

    In his native Leningrad family Habensky back in 1985. Here the life of keira Knightley was bright and interesting. The drama club energetic child is not fond of, but loved with their friends in the informal «hang out» in the transitions, and, tearing the strings of a guitar, to sing songs of Yuri Shevchuk and «Alice».

    Konstantin Khabensky in childhood
    Childhood artist | VMire Teatra.Ru

    After graduating from 8th grade and is under special control of the parents, the young man enters the College of aviation instrumentation and automation. But after three courses the guy understands that because he understands nothing, so you need to look for another direction.

    Quite unexpectedly, in the late ‘ 80s in Leningrad, formed an experimental theatre with the youth program «Zebra». From the stories of the actor, here came the coast with their company. While working as a mounter, an aspiring actor began to appear on stage in crowd scenes. Remembering my first experience, the actor told how he shook hands and feet, but then became interested, seeing that it is popular with the audience. Then came the decision to enter a theatre.

    Konstantin Khabensky, Mikhail Porechenkov, Mikhail Trukhin
    With friends Michael Porechenkova and Michael by Troshinym | Tochka.net

    Student’s years were the actor intense and fruitful. Here on one course appear best friends: Mikhail Porechenkov, Andrei Zibrov, Mikhail Trukhin. The boys grew together and matured together, practicing dramatics in the College plays.


    At the end of the Academy of St. Petersburg theatres gave young actors a subordinate role. Theatrical biography of Konstantin Khabensky began with Experimental theatre «Crossroads», where he served for a year. At the same time the guy appeared on television, working as a leading. Was looking in Moscow «the Satyricon». Arkady Raikin, in which the actor appeared in 1996. Here the artist often played in the background. One of the first «big» roles, Knightley was the role of «waiting for Godot» by Yuri Butusova.

    Konstantin Khabensky in the performance
    With Michael Porechenkova in the play «Duck hunt» | Moscow art theatre them. A. P. Chekhov

    There was an actor and in the Lensovet theatre. Later the talented actor calling himself Oleg Tabakov on the main role in the play «Duck hunt». On the stage Mhta Khabensky plays rarely, but neatly, and after the «Duck hunting» actor starring in «the White guard» and «Trehgroshovaya Opera».

    Konstantin Khabensky in the performance
    In the play «the double Bass» | Urban Life

    Generally, in this theatre the actor has played his best role. Excels his game in such productions as «hamlet» and «Bass».


    A cinematic biography of Konstantin Khabensky opened in 1994 with an episodic role in the Comedy «On whom God will send». Then, after 3-year hiatus, the actor often appears in the films «Natasha», «Khrustalev, the car!», «The fan», etc. Gets its first award, the actor in 2000. It was nominated for «Best male role» for the image of Yuri Sapozhnikov in the drama «the House for rich».

    Konstantin Khabensky in the movie
    In the movie «the House for rich» | full Movie.RU

    Simultaneously, the actor starred in the TV series «deadly force». Later, the actor told how very unexpectedly got the role of Igor Plakhov in this series. The actor came to audition tired after filming, so not having the strength to talk to the Director just stood there and smiled. The Director looked at the actor, suddenly without trial takes Constantine in the main role. This movie glorified the artist.

    Konstantin Khabensky in the series
    In the TV series «Lethal force» | full Movie.RU

    Since 2002, biography Knightley begins a marathon of amazing movies: «In motion», «Night watch», «Admiral», «Irony of Fate», «the State Counsellor», «Poor relatives.» The actor generously showered with titles and awards – «Best male role in movie», «Best actor» «Golden sword.» Already in 2006, the actor gets the title of Honored artist of Russia.

    Konstantin Khabensky in the movie
    Anna Kovalchuk in the movie «Admiral» | RUSKINO.RU

    Not only Russian Directors appreciated the acting skills in the films of keira Knightley, and the famous Hollywood regularly makes suggestions about the shooting. It works in the blockbuster Timur Bekmambetov, «wanted» with Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie, the detective Thriller «the Spy, come forth!», where Constantine got the role of a Soviet diplomat, and the first plan was Gary Oldman and Benedict Cumberbatch. In the Thriller «world War Z» actor met on set with brad pitt. Itself Habensky with interest the Hollywood projects, uterga that this is a great opportunity to meet interesting people.

    Konstantin Khabensky in the movie
    In the movie «wanted» | Woman.ru

    Highly appreciated by critics and audience the film «the Geographer globe propyl» keira Knightley won the award for best male role, as she played with him Elena Lyadova for women. The same prize was awarded to the actor for his role in the movie «the Collector». Interestingly, this was the main and only role in the movie. The presence of other characters significantly only on a phone conversation.

    Konstantin Khabensky in the movie
    In the movie «the Collector» | Filmpro.ru

    Currently, Knightley is one of the most popular actors of our time. Many filmmakers dream of seeing in his paintings. However, the actor chooses roles very sensitive.

    The Konstantin Khabensky Charity Foundation

    In connection with the events in your personal life Konstantin Habensky in 2008 he launched the charity Fund. Funds from here go to the treatment of children with diseases of the brain. According to the actor, this is a great way of selfless assistance to people. It should be noted that the artist is not only nominally the head of this Fund, but also actively participates in the meeting, putting a musical «Generation Mowgli». All of the roles are given to the children, and the funds were spent on treatment of children with oncological diseases. Award «good Momentum» in 2016, reaffirmed the importance of the work done Khabensky.

    Konstantin Khabensky with children
    At the meeting with children | Lady

    In 2010, the actor was to open a Studio of creative development across Russia. Such schools are there in Voronezh, Kazan, St.-Petersburg, Nizhniy Tagil and other cities.

    Personal life

    Personal life Konstantin Khabensky carefully concealed from the omnipresent journalists. It is known that in 1999, by a happy coincidence, Constantine met in a cafe with journalist Anastasia Smirnova. The novel was swift: correspondence, calls and occasional meetings. And only in 2001-m the lovers were married.

    Konstantin Khabensky with his first wife
    With first wife Anastasia Smirnova | Kvedomosti.com

    The wife of Konstantin Khabensky was a sample of women who have dedicated themselves beloved husband. In 2007 Habenskij born the son of Ivan, and with it comes heavy news about the deadly disease Anastasia. Unfortunately, the Russian and American doctors were unable to cope with cancer of the brain Khabensky wife. 1 Dec 2008 Anastasia died in Los Angeles, the home of his mother.

    Konstantin Khabensky with his son
    With his son Ivan | FL

    Losing a wife was a major blow for the famous actor. As mentioned above, after that Konstantin Khabensky has established the charitable Fund for children with cancer.

    5 years after his wife’s death colleagues of the actor notice the affair between the actor and his partner at the Moscow art theatre Olga Litvinova. In the summer of 2013 the 31-year-old actress Olga Litvinova and Khabensky, without making a loud wedding, secretly married.

    Konstantin Khabensky and Olga Litvinova
    With his second wife Olga Litvinova | Days.RU

    3 Jun 2016 personal life Konstantin Khabensky changed dramatically — came to light her daughter.


    • «Deadly force «
    • «Night watch»
    • «Day watch»
    • «Collector»
    • «The irony of fate. Continued»
    • «Admiral»
    • «Freaks»
    • «The geographer globe propyl»
    • «Christmas trees 1914»
    • «Black sea»


    Konstantin Khabensky

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