Dmitry Dyuzhev

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  • Name: Dmitry Dyuzhev ( Dmitriy Dyuzhev )
  • Date of birth: 9 July 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Astrakhan
  • Height: 195
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor, Director
  • Marital status: married to Tatiana Zaitseva

    Dmitry Dyuzhev: biography

    Dmitri Petrovich Dyuzhev was born in July 1978 in Astrakhan into the family of renowned local actor Peter Dyuzheva. Perhaps Dima was destined to become an artist, because from an early age he grew up behind the scenes. The Pope toured a lot and often took her young son. So smell the scenes Dmitry knew firsthand.

    The boy did well at school and dreamed of an acting career. He, like many peers, wanted to be a policeman, truckers, Maritime traveler. Especially exciting in middle and high school for Dima becomes shipbuilding. The teenager bought a lot of books on shipbuilding and even decided that he would do the naval Academy. Fortunately for millions of viewers and fans of the talent of the actor Dyuzheva, at the last moment he changed his mind.

    The father saw the throwing of the son, and one day, planted Dmitri in front of him, said to him:

    «I want your fairy tale never ends? I want her to do? So the profession will be able to give you everything.»

    The reason for this conversation could become not only a desire to help his son to decide in this life, but the hidden desire of the Dyuzheva senior realize their own dreams of career of the artist. Peter himself Dujeva and failed to break through on the big stage and become a famous actor.

    After a conversation with father Dmitry drew more attention to the profession of artist. And, as time has shown, not lost.

    In the late 1990s-early 2000s Dmitry Dudevu had to endure the most difficult period of his life. From a terminal illness took the life of his little sister. Not be able to survive the tragedy of a father. First he started drinking, and then committed suicide. After a year his mother died. The only family man, Dima was a grandmother, which long time was the sole support and warm haven for the young actor.

    Dmitry Dyuzhev: theatre

    In 1995, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Astrakhan graduated «School of gifted children», took the documents to GITIS. The guy immediately chose the directing Department. He was lucky: when he entered, he was enrolled in the Studio of the legendary artist, Director and teacher of Mark Zakharov.

    In 1999 he graduated from training. He was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Theatre of the young spectator.

    The theatre immediately whirled novice actor in his captivating incarnation. Roles proposed Dujeva, was a lot. Also very interesting. Dima has played in the popular productions of «crazy», «Mad money», «twelfth night» and many others. The artist himself considers it his most successful work is the role of the priest in the performance «Boris Godunov».

    To list all the wonderful work Dyuzheva in recent years difficult. But the highlight of the brightest. A performance of Sergei Bezrukov «Found a cut diamond». On production the audience went «on Dyuzheva».

    Dmitry Dyuzhev: movies

    Dyuzheva debut on the silver screen took place in 2000. The actor appeared in the film Atanesyan’s «24 hours». She was quite warmly received by the audience and critics, but not this picture made Dyuzheva famous all over the country. Of course, this magical film has become a cult series

  • «Team», where he played Space. After «Brigade» Dyuzhev woke up not just famous. Now he knew the whole country. Back a bit ago, I must say that at first Dyuzheva approved for the role of hero Flies. But soon the actors rearrange: good sense of humor and cheerful Space is fit Dudevu much more.

    But the artist could not get into the series. Dmitry — believer, reading the screenplay first strongly doubted, whether he should put the soul in the image of a hero who kills without a second thought. Dima even going to talk about this with your spiritual Advisor. He advised to accept the offer and play the hero to show the younger generation the destructiveness of the path that went to Space.

    He supported the son and the father. He came to Dmitry on the subject and even helped come up with some interesting episodes.

    Fortunately, the role of Space is not turned Dyuzhev, actor one role, as is often the case after the release of a very popular movie. Dima is a diverse artist with ease appears in different roles. This becomes clear when looking at the painting «Sonka the Golden hand», where he appeared as a wolf Bromberg. Another Dyuzheva we meet in multiserial film «gossip» and the film «the homeland waits», where he played Nicholas Kolchugina. In an unexpected angle – a comedic actor – he appeared in «the Listener» Zaichikov.

    Most critics praised the talent Dyuzheva «black Comedy» by renowned Director Aleksei Balabanov’s «Zhmurki»: the role of the artist even received the prize at Sochi’s Kinotavr in 2005.

    I have Dyuzheva, there is also the acknowledged talent of the singer. In this everyone could see, hearing the singing of Dima in the musical show «Two stars», where he is the winner. Since then, the artist and performer often touring with Tamara Gverdtsiteli, which was Dima’s partner in the show.

    Dmitry Dyuzhev: Director

    In 2011, Dmitry Dyuzhev, graduated from the directing courses at the workshop of Vladimir Khotinenko, made his debut as a Director.

    His thesis was called «the Brethren». The movie was so good that participated in the Kinotavr», the contest of short films. He received many honorary awards, including special jury award of the Moscow festival «Artkino» and the main prize of the festival «Reflection». Short Dyuzheva even won participation in the international festival in France and Germany.

    In 2012, on the screens of the country came the tape is «Mother». This anthology of eight stories from different filmmakers, connected by one theme. One of the films filmed by Dmitry duuuum. It’s called «My Valentine.»

    In 2014 Dyuzhev removed the tape «Champions». This is a story about a love story and a sports intrigue in the lives of figure skaters Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze.

    In March 2015, theatergoers had the opportunity to see another Director’s work of Dmitry Dyuzheva the play «the Bench». The premiere took place in the Provincial theatre of the capital. Starring in «the Bench» played Valeriya Lanskaya and Anton Khabarov.

    Dmitry Dyuzhev: personal life

    Personal life of Dmitry Dyuzheva arranged and quite happy. His wife Dima and I met at the stadium during a concert of the Madonna. The girl was immediately noticed and picked out among the many beauties. However, she first turned to Dmitry any attention. This «fortress» Dudevu had to «borrow» for a long time.

    After several years of romantic courtship

  • Tatiana Zaitseva and Dmitry Dyuzhev officially signed. Six months later, the couple married in a Church, it insisted Dmitry. In the summer of 2008 in the family Dyuzheva first child Ivan. In 2015, a second son, named Dmitri.

    Dmitry Dyuzhev: filmography

    • Team
    • Island
    • Hide and seek
    • High security vacation
    • Hamlet. XXI century
    • Mom
    • Odessa-Mama
    • The leader ratnakara
    • Fighters

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    Dmitri Dyuzhev

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