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  • Name: Keiko ( Keyko Lee )
  • Date of birth: 5 October 1993
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: dancer, choreographer, participant of the TV show «Dancing on TNT»
  • Marital status: not married

    Keiko: biography

    A talented dancer Keiko Lee called Korean with a perfect Russian. The girl was born in October 1993. Unfortunately, the exact place of birth Kakashi, as she likes to call it, is unknown. Probably she was born in Moscow. But it’s possible that moved to the capital shortly after birth in Korea.

    Keiko Chi
    Keiko Lee | VK

    Flexibility and love for dance has pushed parents to take 3-year-old girl in a ballet school. Here Keiko was making noticeable progress and even enrolled in the Moscow choreographic school named after L. M. Lavrovsky, but in the third year of training injured his back. The young ballerina was forced to abandon his dreams of a ballet career forever.

    But in one of his interviews Keiko or as it is sometimes called, Svetlana Keiko admitted that particular tragedy because of the impossibility of becoming a ballerina she didn’t. After all, while the ballet school she attended a dance, where he learned to dance in the style of contemporary, jazz, modern, hip hop and break dance. And that she liked much more than the Prim and proper classical ballet. As recognized, she loves to row, and named the style just allow it to do.

    Keiko Chi
    Keiko Lee | VK

    Keiko – girl serious. After his forced departure from choreographic school she decided to pursue higher education. Enrolled at MSU by choosing a solid faculty «Higher school of policy in culture and administration in Humanities». In 2015, Svetlana Keiko participated in a beauty contest, which was held at the University, and received the title of «Miss MSU.»

    In the same 2015 dance biography Keiko Lee continued. She moved to St. Petersburg, who immediately fell in love. In this beautiful and recently his beloved city, she got a job in the theater show «Leningrad Center», where it is today.

    TV show

    Fans rating dance show met Keiko in 2015. The girl took part in the project «Dance» and reached the final, finishing in 5th place. Even then Kenosha-Svetlana remembered by many with his incredible flexibility, uninhibited, childlike and exotic appearance.

    To participate in dance projects Keiko liked it, and she again appeared on the screens in 2016. This time took part in season 3 of the rating project «Dancing on TNT».

    The season started in August, but Keiko appeared only at the end of September. In addition to her show has two more citizens of St. Petersburg Stanislav Litvinov and Konstantin Morozov.

    Dancer argues that the goal that she has is to evolve and improve. And the «Dancing» one that will rise to a new professional level. Or a virtuoso of many modern styles, but my favorite calls contemporary.

    Personal life

    On the subject of «personal life Keiko» fans of the dancing show started talking after the appearance of the girls on the project «Dance». Dancer went on stage in a pair with another participant – Boris Shipulin. They say that the affair between this beautiful couple broke out on the set of the program.

    Keiko and Boris Shipulin
    Keiko and Boris Shipulin |

    But neither Shipulin, neither confirmed nor denied the existence of this novel. Therefore, it remains only to guess whether the love between the dancers, it’s a good publicity stunt, designed to draw attention.


    Keiko Chi

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