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  • Name: Katya LEL ( Ekaterina LEL )
  • Date of birth: 20 September 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Nalchik, Russia
  • Height: 164
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: Married

    Katya LEL: biography

    Ekaterina LEL (birth Chuprinina) was born in Nalchik, September 20, 1974. Interest in music, Kate has discovered quite early. When she was 3 years old, his father bought a piano, since then in the house of the future stars of music was constantly heard, the eldest, Ira, was trying to play music, while Kate joined her.

    At the age of seven, Katya was sent to a music school. There’s a girl he studied both piano and choral conducting. After graduating with honors from both offices, he entered the musical College and later in the North-Caucasian Institute of arts.

    After high school, she decided to conquer Moscow, because in his hometown any prospects she have not seen for myself. The capital met the young talent is not very friendly, but the girl still managed to go to the famous Russian Academy of music named. Gnesin. In addition, Katya became the winner of competition «Music launch – 94», and then hit the theater of Lev Leshchenko, where for three years he worked on backing vocals and solo.

    Since 1998, received a master professional singer, she decided to start a solo career. His name, the singer decided to change to a more sonorous and corresponds to the inner «me» alias. So Catherine Chuprinina became Katya LEL ‘ (since 2000 officially took the name LEL).


    Katya LEL ‘ solo career began in 1998 with the album «Champs Elysees». Then was released the video for the song «Champs Elysees», «Lights», «I miss you».

    In the early 2000s, the artist was in search of its genre in this period was released on the album «She» (2000) and «Between us» (2002). These albums didn’t bring much popularity to the singer, but the song «Pea», recorded with DJ Tsvetkov brought her the first «Golden gramophone».

    In 2002 Katya LEL met producer max Fadeev. The cooperation was successful in 2003 in the light went out the main hits of the singer — «My marmalade», «Musi-pusi», «dolati». Then he recorded the album «Jaga-Jaga», which Katya became the winner of many awards: she was nominated for the Award Muz-TV» in the nomination «the Best singer of the year», received the award «Silver disc» repeatedly became the winner «Songs of year».

    In 2004 there is another hit LEL «Two drops». After 2005, the singer’s popularity began to subside because of a legal conflict with former civil husband Alexander Volkov, who produced it.

    However, in 2006 came the album «twist-twirl», with producer LEL itself, independently wrote six new songs. In 2008 she recorded the album «I’m yours». Since 2011 the singer has resumed cooperation with Fadeev, the result was recorded song «Yours.»

    In 2013, the artist together with the Swedish singer Bosson recorded the single «I live». In the same year they released their eighth Studio album titled «Sun of love».

    Personal life

    Katya LEL lived for eight years with a former producer Alexander Volkov, but the Union was never formalized. When I first met the singer was 22 years old, and producer for 46 years. In addition, Volkov was his own family. The breakup of the pair was the controversial former beloved suing over the rights to creativity of the singer. In 2008, the former civil husband of Annie died from cancer.

    Despite the unsuccessful experience in relationships, the singer did not leave hope to create a real family. Example to her was her own parents who lived all his life in love and harmony.

    In 2008, Katya LEL officially became the wife of businessman Igor Kuznetsov. Six months later, the couple had baby girl Amelia.


    • «Talisman»
    • «Sun of love»
    • «I’m yours»
    • By itself
    • «Dzhaga-dzhaga»
    • «Twist-twirl»
    • «Between us»
    • «Champs Elysees»


    Katya LEL

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