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  • Name: Kate Gordon ( Katya Gordon )
  • Date of birth: 19 October 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 171
  • Activity: the Russian TV and radio presenter, journalist, songwriter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Kate Gordon: biography

    Kate Gordon has proven himself a man of bright and extraordinary even during his school years. Then it was known under a different name – Kati Prokofiev.

    Ekaterina was born in Moscow in 1980. The parents took the daughter to the school of Humanities, where Kate, just learning the grammar, tried to justify the name of the school. She wrote stories and poems that I remember today at school. Teenager young «writer» tried a new capacity as the Director of puppet performances.

    In high school Catherine Prokofiev studied at the economic school, arranged especially for high school students at the International University. Kate said as best student and was even offered a scholarship for further studies at the faculty of Economics. But she had other plans. A girl is interested in psychology and enrolled in the corresponding faculty of the Moscow state pedagogical University.

    In 2002, Kate Gordon received a diploma of the University. However, to work in the profession she was in no hurry. Because at that time she had a new passion – movie. Catherine entered the Higher Director’s courses, where he studied at the Pyotr Todorovsky. In his workshop she was one of the brightest students.


    Thesis film Kati Gordon – a short film «the Sea worries time» – arts Council rejected. But not because the present work was weak in terms of skill, but because they allegedly had «mocking undertones». But the short film Kathy still recognised in 2005 at the international film festival «Novoe Kino. The 21st century,» the film Director was awarded the Grand Prix.

    All rich biography Katie Gordon demonstrates that she’s human, multifaceted and versatile. The girl has worked as a TV presenter and actress in the «Gloomy morning», which was published on the channel M1. It appeared in the TVC as host of the TV show «Vremechko». Experience in radio Gordon acquired when he was leading heading «Diagnosis» on the «Silver rain». Here, Kate made use of her knowledge of psychology, because it offered its famous guests to respond to psychological tests and then diagnose their problems. It turned out very interesting.

    The popularity of Katie Gordon as a broadcaster grew. This can be judged by the amount of gear that she was on the radio «Mayak» and «Moscow speaking». Here she flashed creativity, coming up with slogans.

    On «the First channel» viewers saw Kate Gordon in the project «City slickers». The girl was one of the participants of the TV show. Later, she was entrusted to lead the project «Other party of a legend» on the TV channel «Star».

    Talented and multifaceted Catherine made a contribution to the literature. She is the author of two works called «State» and «Goner». The last «work» quite often rolls down the fans to read something «spicy». Gordon is the author of the play «A happy President’s wife?» and three novels. And she wrote a vivid novel-utopia «Kill the Internet!!!».

    In childhood and youth Kate Gordon attended a musical school, where he learned to play the piano. Much success here it was not, but his musical education came in handy in 2009. She created the group «BlondRock», whose members sing in the style of pop-rock. Next year the team introduced the fans of his work-his debut album called «Love and freedom». The words and music of all songs owned by Gordon.

    In 2016, Kate Gordon took part in season 5 of the popular show «the Voice» got into the team of Dima Bilan.

    And Kate is a known blogger and even created the country’s first trade Union of bloggers. Bright appearance well-known media stars were also spotted: Kate Gordon on the publication of «TimeOut» included in the list of the 50 most beautiful Muscovites.

    To fully show how versatile person our heroine, you need to remember that on account of her journey to Antarctica, a diploma of translator from English and the ability to dance. And in 2013, Gordon opened a law firm, which specializiruetsya the solution is not only legal, but also psychological problems.

    Personal life

    Its current name under which she became successful and famous person, Kate acquired after 6-year marriage to TV presenter Alexander Gordon, who at one time was a teacher of Catherine. Divorce couples without scandals and lawsuits.

    The second and third her husband was a prominent lawyer Sergei Zhorin. Personal life Katie Gordon with him was like a roller coaster where a meteoric rise alternated with the equally rapid descent. The couple were married in the summer of 2011. And in less than a month later, Catherine was in the hospital with numerous bruises and a concussion. She was accused of beating a man.

    Then the pair found the strength to make peace. Later something went wrong, and Zhorin with Gordon and I broke up.

    In 2012, a son, Daniel. Kathy attributed the affair with the popular singer Mitya Fomin, but confirmation of this is not. In 2014, Gordon was again married to Sergei Gorina. It happened in April. But in early June, the marriage was terminated.


    Katya Gordon

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