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  • Name: Katie Holmes ( Kate Noel Holmes )
  • Date of birth: 18 December 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Toledo, USA
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actress, fashion designer, model, producer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Katie Holmes: biography

    The future of the American actress Katie Holmes was born in Ohio, in the small town of Toledo near the beautiful shores of lake Erie. Katie was the fifth, the youngest child in the family. She has three sisters and a brother. Mother Kathleen Stoners is a housewife, and her father Martin Joseph Holmes, a lawyer who specialized in divorce proceedings.

    The family was very religious. All children attend with their parents Christian Baptist Church in Toledo. Instead of the usual high school Katie attended an Academy for girls Notre Dame. She is very diligent student, was a straight a student, actively involved in the life of a team of cheerleaders and other school organizations, played teenage plays and musicals.

    With fourteen years she began to attend classes at a modeling Agency. And at the age of eighteen participated in the beauty contest in new York. In fact, at this event the girl and noticed the producer of the film «the Ice wind» and invited her to audition.


    On the casting of Katie Holmes recited a passage from the famous novel by Harper Lee «to Kill a Mockingbird» and got a role Libbets Casey, a teenage girl. Play Katie like film critics, and she immediately received a new offer to star in the TV series «Buffy the vampire Slayer», but aspiring actress refused lucrative offer, because they believed it necessary to first finish my studies.

    However, a year Katie Holmes returns to location and begins to play in the TV series «Dawson’s Creek» starring role. Her character was Joey Potter, a girl from a dysfunctional family. The TV series went with blue screens until 2003. All was filmed six seasons, the series was named one of the best TV movies for Teens. This role earned Cathy fame and popularity among the audience of peers.

    Not to be associated exclusively with a television actress and not become a character in one role, Cathy simultaneously starred in several movies. For the first time she played a major role in the movie in the style of black humor «Killing Mrs. tingle,» directed by Kevin Williamson, which played Leigh Ann Watson is a right and an exemplary College student who faces an unexpected problem in the face of evil teacher.

    The most famous film featuring Katie Holmes was the blockbuster «Batman begins» in which the actress played one of the main roles – the girlfriend of Batman and Rachel Dawes. Despite the fact that the film were a huge success, the actress received the award «Golden raspberry» in a nomination «the Worst actor»? and in the continuation of the picture Katie was replaced by another actress, Maggie Gyllenhaal.

    Then followed roles in such films as «Phone booth» and «the Singing detective». Another was the satirical Comedy «thank you for Smoking», Thriller, «don’t be afraid of the dark» and the biopic «the Kennedys» in which the actress plays Jackie Kennedy. But all these roles are unable to repeat the success of «Dawson’s Creek».

    The actress is often criticized. In the end, she returned to television and started acting in the television series «ray Donovan’s» third season. She got the role of charming businesswoman Paige Finney, who turns for help to the protagonist.

    Personal life

    First feelings the girl aroused, Joshua Jackson, her partner in TV series «Dawson’s Creek». The relationship of young people does not last too long. In 2000, Katie began to notice in society famous American actor Chris Klein. Lovers do not hide their relationship and even got engaged in 2003. But two years later the engagement was terminated, and the couple parted.

    But Katie not left alone almost immediately she tied the affair with the famous actor Tom cruise. They were first spotted together in Rome, where there was a public party for movie stars. In 2005 on the Oprah Winfrey show Tom cruise officially announced the relationship with Katie Holmes, and in April 2006, the actress gave birth to daughter Suri. In the autumn of the same year they were married. The wedding was held in an old Italian castle. As guests were many famous actors. It was one of the most star-studded weddings of the last decade.

    Marriage with Tom cruise lasted only six years. Katie decided to divorce her husband because of his excessive fascination with the unconventional religion of Scientology, which, according to Mrs. Cruz, not only have a detrimental effect on the psyche of men but also affects little Suri. Despite the fact that Kate Holmes was also in the Church of Scientology, the marriage was annulled.

    The father by a court decision may not participate in the education of her daughter. Besides, Kate gave her daughter a new name, Scout’s honor the main character of your favorite book «to Kill a Mockingbird».

    Katie Holmes is active not only on the set. She, along with her friend Jean young has released a fashion line Holmes & Yang, is the main person of the famous brand of Ann Taylor, often participates in advertising campaigns of cosmetics and products for women.


    • 1997 — Icy wind
    • 1998-2003 — Dawson’s Creek
    • 1999 — Killing Mrs. tingle
    • 2003 — Phone booth
    • 2003 — the Singing detective
    • 2005 — Batman Begins
    • 2005 — thank you for Smoking
    • 2010 — don’t be afraid of the dark
    • 2011 — The Kennedy Clan
    • 2015 — Ray Donovan


    Katie Holmes

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