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  • Name: Kathleen Jenner ( William Bruce Jenner )
  • Date of birth: 28 October 1949
  • Age: 67 years
  • Place of birth: mount Kisco
  • Activities: track and field Athlete, Olympic champion, television star, made a sex change operation
  • Marital status: not married

    Kathleen Jenner: biography

    Kathleen Jenner, born William Bruce Jenner, was born on 29 October 1949 in the town of mount Kisco in new York. His father William served during World War II, and after was engaged in the care of trees, mother Esther was a homemaker, raising four children.

    The boy was in secondary school in mount Kisco (Sleepy Hollow). Training was difficult because the boy had a congenital dyslexia, which has a negative effect on estimates. Bruce was afraid to attend classes, teachers and classmates. The first six school years, the child suffered in silence, until finally one day he gets diagnosed with a selective inability to read and write. Since then, teachers have become more loyal to Jenner, especially after he became interested in sports and athletics, showing in this field good results.

    The family of Generou moved to Connecticut, where the boy went to school in Newton. There he continued to develop his athletic talents, he began to play football. Received football scholarship, Bruce went to College Graceland in the city of Lamoni, Iowa. But the guy had to forget about a football career after he injured the knee in 1969. His coach and mentor Welson invited Jenner to try yourself in the decathlon, in which Bruce has achieved significant results after finishing College in 1973.

    Jenner was actively involved in business. He owns a firm «Aviation Bruce Jenner», which supplies materials for intermediaries and airlines. He also worked as Vice President of the company, developing a software application «JennerNet».

    Kathleen Jenner: Olympic Games-1972

    Jenner was active in sports in College. Then he focused on the decathlon, which includes ten types of athletics. He first competed in the sport in 1970 at the site «Drake Relays», where he took fifth place. A year later he took first place at the competition from the «National Association of College Athletes».

    In 1972, Bruce went to the Olympic games in Munich, where he took a tenth place in the overall standings. But this defeat only spurred the boy to train harder. In 1974, he became the U.S. champion in the decathlon. In 1975, Jenner set his first world record in the discipline, and a year later surpassed his fourteen points.

    In 1976, the athlete has confidently won at the Olympic games, setting the new world record. Bruce was ahead of his nearest rival by as much as two points. This victory made the athlete a national hero and secured him the Prize of James Sullivan, which annually is awarded to the Amateur athletes, who have achieved considerable success. Cup with his name adorned many an American hall of fame, one way or another were connected with the life of the athlete. Jenner held the world record until 1980, and the record of the United States until 1991.

    Winning the gold at the Olympic games in 1972, which until then had only won the Soviet athletes, Bruce Jenner became famous. He was out on the streets, he was a frequent guest on television, he received an incredible number of proposals. Soon after the games, his face was adorned with a box of cereal «Wheaties». In September 1976 he was invited to dinner at the White House, where he met with the thirty-eighth President of America Gerald Ford.

    Since 1980, Bruce has been involved in sports events that are successfully participating in a series of games «IMSA Camel GT». In 1986 he won the twelve-hour race together with his co-driver Scott Proatom.

    Kathleen Jenner: TV

    Candidate Bruce Jenner was considered for the lead role in the film «

  • Superman,» but the role went to actor Christopher Reeve. In 1980, the athlete made his debut in the musical Comedy «the Music don’t stop». The picture flopped at the box office, becoming the winner in the anti-award «Golden Raspberry». The Bruce also received a nomination for «Razzie» as the «Worst actor». Since Jenner passed a big movie party, preferring shooting in the TV series and films, which were produced exclusively for showing on television. He took part in the shooting of two sports films: «the Golden moment: a love Story at the Olympic games» and «White tiger». Bruce participated in filming police series «CHiPs» where he played officer Steve macleish in six episodes. He also frequently acted as «guest stars» in other TV series: the sitcom «Silver spoons» and educational tridtsatimetrovoy the painting «Learning to read».

    Jenner participated regularly in various TV shows. In the show «American athletes» from channel «ABC» it appeared together with the famous athlete and a leading Grits with Grishma. In 2002 he was invited to the popular game «the Weakest link», which brought together a team of Olympic athletes.

    But the most popular on television it brought the reality show «

  • Keeping up with the Kardashians» on channel E! channel. The program appeared on the screens in October 2007 and was modestly acclaimed. However, the show enjoyed great popularity, which allowed us to continue shooting the series for ten seasons. In filming the show was attended by all the Kardashians. In 2011 Bruce again tried to return to the big screen, taking part in the filming of Adam Sandler «Jack and Jill». He appeared in the episode with the famous actor al Pacino. But this picture was a failure and won the award «Golden Raspberry».

    In 2015, the TV channel «E!» made a film about changes and the lives of Jenner. The series premiere of «I’m Kate» scheduled for the end of July 2015. In the show, the creators will show you how to change the world and the body itself caitlyn after a sex-change surgeries and hormone therapy.

    Kathleen Jenner: sex change

    In April 2015 in an interview with the program «20/20» Bruce Jenner said that the youth suffers from gender dysphoria and feels like a woman. For a long time he dressed in women’s clothes and conducted hormonal therapy, courses which had to be suspended when he married Kris Kardashian. In recent years, he increasingly began to think about changing gender, which caused the dissolution of the marriage. A year and a half ago, Jenner returned to the hormone therapy, and began a series of cosmetic surgeries that had to make his body more feminine.

    He temporarily refused to undergo sex change, citing the recommendations of the world professional Association of transgender health. In the words of Jenner, it does not matter the presence of primary female sexual characteristics because it has never attracted to men. Before his full transformation into a woman stars asked journalists to use the pronoun «he».

    In June 2015, Jenner changed his name to «Caitlin» and began to use the pronoun «she». After a series of cosmetic surgeries, Caitlin Jenner debuted as a model on the cover of fashion magazine «Vanity Fair», which was shot in strict secrecy. Until that moment no one saw a new kind of Jenner, and her appearance became a sensation.

    On the page Caitlin Jenner in Twitter has signed up more than a million people in just four hours, breaking the record of us President Barack Obama.

    Kathleen Jenner: personal life

    Prior to his sensational becoming a woman-Jenner managed to marry three times. His first wife was

  • Kristy Scott, he lived with her for more than ten years. They have two children, Burton and Cassandra. In 1981, the athlete broke up with Christie and a month later married actress
  • Linda Thompson. The couple had two sons, Brandon and Brody. Five years later they divorced.

    In April 1991, Bruce married

  • Kris Kardashian. In marriage they had two daughters, Kendall and Kylie, the athlete also became the stepfather to four children Chris from a previous marriage: Courtney, the now famous Kim, Khloe and Rob. In 2013, the pair said about preparing for divorce, since they ceased to live together more than a year ago. The main reason for divorce Chris called «insurmountable odds», although later it became known that the man was forced to leave, to finally resolve their internal differences.

    Kathleen Jenner: TV shows

    • Music don’t stop
    • A Golden moment: a love Story at the Olympic games
    • White tiger
    • CHiPs
    • Silver spoon
    • Learn to read
    • American athletes
    • Keeping Up With The Kardashians
    • Jack and Jill
    • I’m Kate

    Kathleen Jenner: photo

    Kathleen Jenner

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