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  • Name: Katherine Heigl ( Katherine Heigl )
  • Date of birth: 24 November 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Washington, USA
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actress, producer, model
  • Marital status: married

    Katherine Heigl: biography

    Katherine Marie Heigl is an American actress and producer, won the recognition of audiences worldwide for her role as Dr. Izzie Stevens in the television series «grey’s Anatomy» as well as such films as «knocked up, Life as we know it», «the Naked truth» and many others.

    Catherine was born in the US capital, Washington. Her father is Paul Heigl managed financial company, and her mother Nancy Heigl worked as a personnel Manager. The girl was the fourth child in the family: the actress had two brothers, Holt and Jason, and sister Meg, which my parents adopted.

    Katherine Heigl in childhood
    Katherine Heigl in childhood

    In 1986 a car accident killed Jason. This tragedy has greatly affected the Heigl family: father and mother became very religious and turned into activists of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints. The very same Catherine because of this was educated at a strict Christian school.

    By the way, childhood Heigl took place far outside of Washington. First she lived in Virginia, then in Denver, and settled the family in new Canaan, in a large house built in Victorian style.

    Katherine Heigl
    Katherine Heigl | Ranker

    9 years since Katherine Heigl was to pose for the cameras. For the first time as a model she tried advertising tools for hair care, which released her aunt. And then parents began sending photographs of his daughter at different agencies, and in the end, a little girl called advertising cereal Cheerios.

    In addition to regular schools Heigl went to a music Studio, where he learned to play the cello. But the high school girl was called for, so to speak, «over time» and eventually left high school new Canaan in order to focus on the movie.


    Katherine Heigl started her career of an actress as a teenager. Interestingly, her first romance «That night» was the debut for another star — Eliza Dushku, who became famous thanks to the fantasy of «Buffy the vampire Slayer». Catherine after several small roles in two years, appears alongside gérard Depardieu in the Comedy «My father the hero» and nominated for various film awards as best young actress.

    She later starred in the Comedy Thriller «Bride of Chucky», action adventure «Prince valiant», the teen Comedy «100 girls and one in the Elevator».

    Katherine Heigl in the series
    Katherine Heigl in the TV series «grey’s Anatomy» | Pop Tower

    A real breakthrough expected Hagel in 2005, when the screens around the world broadcast television serials medical drama «grey’s Anatomy». There, Catherine has played the role of young Dr. Izzie Stevens and received the prestigious «Emmy».

    Another round of popularity given the incendiary Comedy «knocked up» with Seth Rogen and «the Naked truth» with Gerard Butler. For a long time the producers and Directors took Hagel to the category of comedian, and soon it ceased to arrange. A full return to dramatic roles, Catherine could only in 2014, thanks to the political television series «state of Affairs».

    Personal life

    In the 90-ies of Katherine Heigl met with American actor Joey Lawrence, and later was in a romantic relationship with the star of the youth series «alien City» by Jason Behr. In 2001, they even publicly announced their engagement a year later not only broke it but broke up completely.

    Katherine Heigl and Jason Behr
    Katherine Heigl and Jason Behr | NewsStyle

    In 2005, Catherine met with the singer Josh Kelly. They met at the presentation of the video clip for the song «Only You» and started Dating. The next summer was announced their engagement, and Hagel decided to behave extremely outdated: a couple lived together before the wedding. As said the actress, she wanted that life after marriage is psychologically different from normal Dating or cohabitation.

    The celebration of marriage was held on 23 December 2007 in Park city. Two years later the couple adopted a South Korean girl whom she named after her grandmother Nancy, and three years later the family had a second adopted daughter Adelaide Marie hope. In the summer of 2016, the public became aware that Catherine for the first time is carrying a child. As said the actress, she and her husband expecting a boy.

    Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelly
    Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelly | USA Weekly

    Many people fear anything in life. Sometimes fears turn into phobias. Subject to such insurmountable adversity and Mary Katherine Heigl – she is madly afraid of slugs.


    • 2000 — 100 girls and one in the lift
    • 2005 — Side effects
    • 2005 — Romy and Michele In the beginning
    • 2005-2014 — grey’s Anatomy
    • 2007 — knocked up
    • 2008 — 27 dresses
    • 2010 — Life as we know it
    • 2012 is a Very dangerous thing
    • 2013 — the Big wedding
    • 2014-2015 — state of Affairs


    Katherine Heigl

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