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  • Name: Katya Osadchaya ( Ekaterina Osadchaya )
  • Date of birth: 12 September 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: TV presenter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Katya Osadchaya: biography

    Osadcha Kateryna Oleksandrivna Ukrainian journalist, television presenter, socialite, and model. Distinguished by its shocking, provocative and uncomfortable issues of well-known personalities.

    Katia was born in the city of Kiev, in a prosperous family in 1983. The head of household — Alexander Osadchy worked as the General Director «Kievpribor». The girl’s mother was by profession a librarian, but decided to devote himself to the family and became a housewife. Also in the family Osadchih a boy who is younger than Katie for a few years.

    Katya Osadchaya childhood was very creative girl. Attended music classes and worked in the dance ensemble «the Falcons». Catherine, as a child differed from their peers quite tall and had expressive and regular features, no one even doubted that the girl will have a successful modeling career.

    Thanks to the help of the parents, the girl began to take the first steps in modeling career. She entered the Kiev model school «Bagira», in the thirteen years successfully graduated and entered the world of model business. At the age of fourteen, immediately after Katherine graduated from the ninth grade, she with the consent of parents signed her first modeling contract and for three months went to Tokyo for the shoot.

    Work Osadchaya in Tokyo was so successful that it immediately began to invite to the shooting and in other countries. She has worked with model agencies in Paris, Berlin and London. But school was not out of time, so your Sats Kate had to pass an external, as it waited for the shooting in France.

    In 18 years with Katya Osadchaya has lost interest in the modeling business and has returned to Ukraine for a new dream. Now the girl wanted to do television journalism. As it bad belonged to the Ukrainian language, she had to attend classes to improve diction and the production of his voice. In parallel with these activities Ekaterina graduated from the faculty of history at Kyiv national University. Of Taras Shevchenko.


    Even while working as a model abroad with Katya Osadchaya has begun to show interest in TV, she is always watched the work of foreign journalists for the topics they ask questions on famous people how to behave. After finishing modeling the main purpose of kata was to become a television journalist.

    To his purpose the girl was very hard: studying global television, watched Ukrainian TV and tried to find one where she could work. To begin your career in television, Ekaterina’ve been on any auditions. Soon, she was lucky: she found out that on the First national channel is a entertainment project, in which a free vacancy as a freelance correspondent. She was able to get this job, which was for Katie the beginning of a successful career.

    In the spring of 2005 the TV channel «Tonis» has announced the casting for the new program called «gossip». They needed a journalist-provocateur, and everything was perfect for this role. She liked viewers that in March 2007 she took on leading one of the most popular programs of national television of Ukraine — «high life». Catherine had to attend private secular parties and ask famous personalities provocative and even daring questions. She was not only a legend in conversation and in appearance – always high heels, gorgeous outfits and feature Katie – fashion hats. The rating of this TV shows have grown so rapidly that well-known publication called «Focus» enrolled the girl in a list of the hundred most influential Ukrainian women.

    In 2009 Katya Osadchaya was invited to take part in the second season of the TV show «Tancuy for you», which was published on the channel «1+1». Her partner was Andrew Schoor. And in 2011 Osadchaya was leading the project «Voice of country», and then, in 2012 came the show «the Voice. Children», where the presenter was supposed to help not worry about the children before you go on stage. 2015 Kate appeared as the lead in the TV show «Little giants».

    Personal life

    In 2001, Katya Osadchaya married people’s Deputy from the «green Party» and a successful businessman Oleg Polishchuk. And in September 2002 gave birth to a son, Ilya.

    Unfortunately, the marriage quickly fell apart: in 2004, Katya and Oleg broke up. The main reason for the divorce became mainly personal ambitions and busy schedule. Catherine does not preclude the communication ex-husband and son. Oleg Polishchuk frequently speaks with Ilya, and even travels with him to different countries.

    Despite the fact that immediately after the birth of a child Osadchaya started her career she still finds enough free time to spend with my son.

    Presenter doesn’t like to talk about his personal life and tries as carefully as possible to hide all the details. We only know that in star TV is a young man who is not a public person.

    On the other side of the cameras Kateryna Osadcha wears hats and heels, she prefers to wear jeans and sneakers. In her spare time, she almost doesn’t attend noisy parties, and spends this time with family.


    Katja Osadca

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