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  • Name: Kate Winslet ( Kate Elizabeth Winslet )
  • Date of birth: 5 October 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: reading
  • Height: 169
  • Activity: British actress of theatre and cinema
  • Marital status: Married

    Kate Winslet: biography

    Kate Elizabeth Winslet is a real Briton. She was born in reading Berkshire in October 1975. Her parents Roger Winslet and Sally bridges were little known actors who worked on the life in periods of absence of roles in theater and film. In addition to Kate in the family had grown by another three children – girls Beth and Anna, and a boy Joss. All children went in the footsteps of parents, but the one Kate has achieved tangible success in the profession.

    Kate Winslet grew up among the scenery. On stage she appeared at the age of 5, first playing the angels. When she was chubby, which often becomes a reason for ridicule classmates. And yet Kate knew it would be an artist. With 11 years she learned the basics of acting in theatre school and performed regularly on stage. The first success Kate felt after the play «Peter pan», where she played Wendy, and appeared on the screens in the advertising of Breakfast cereals.


    A cinematic biography of Kate Winslet began in 1991, when she was barely 16 years old. She first starred in small roles in various television series. One of them – «Dark» – was sci-Fi. But the real actress ‘ debut was in the Thriller «Heavenly creation» in 1994. Winslet played Juliet Hulme, a young a mother killer her friend Pauline Parker, who was suspected between the girls homosexual relationship. The picture was shot on real events that occurred in 1952 in New Zealand. For this work, Kate Winslet received the award of film critics Society of London.

    Next year a new work, which brought success: romance «sense and sensibility» in the works of Jane Austen, where Kate played one of the three sisters – Marianne. The role of the older sister went to Emma Thompson. The film received a lot of popularity and 134 million dollars at the box office. 21-year-old Winslet, the film earned 3 awards, one of which is the prestigious BAFTA and the first nomination on «Oscar».

    Successful was the following two pictures, originally released in 1996. It’s melodrama, «Jude», taken from the latest work of Thomas hardy, and the film «hamlet» by Kenneth Branagh. The Director has invited Winslet to the role of Ophelia. The Branagh film had considerable success, but he disappeared with the resounding success that struck the actress after the release of «Titanic» by James Cameron. Kate Winslet woke up Hollywood star, whose name was known all over the world. Along with her disaster movie received 11 Academy awards, starred Leonardo DiCaprio. After the release of «Titanic» actress was nominated for the prestigious award.

    From this point, Winslet had the opportunity to choose projects in which they wish to participate. For example, two of them – «Shakespeare in Love» and «Anna and the king» – she is rejected for the filming of the drama «the Express to Marrakesh», as later regretted. Is Kate in these tapes starred Gwyneth Paltrow and jodie foster.

    The actress further preferred to play in the paintings, which considered not only profitable, but interesting. For example, for filming in low-budget film «Immersion» Kate even waived the fee. The film was ready to hire in 1999, but spent a long time on the shelf and was released only in 2003.

    In 2000, the year Kate appeared in the historical film «the Feather of the Marquis de Sade», which tells about the last years of the legendary libertine. The actress appeared in the image of the hospital as a maid, caring for the famous Marquis in a psychiatric hospital. Critics praised the skill of all the actors involved in the project.

    In 2001, fans of Kate saw her in two films — «Enigma» and «iris.» In the first film, Winslet played the girlfriend of mathematics. The critics and the audience unanimously agreed the tape failed. «Enigma» has grossed only half of the amount spent on its production. But the picture of the iris of novelist iris Murdoch has fully justified the hopes. The aged iris was played by Gloria Stuart. Both Actresses were nominated for «Oscar» and «Golden globe». The film collected numerous awards and laudatory reviews.

    Then again went to failure and success. Flop was a crime drama film «the Life of David Gale», who was among the nominees for the main award of the Berlinale, but was criticized by audiences and critics. But the romance «Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind» brought Kate Winslet’s third nomination on «Oscar». In this project, British actress starred in the lead role along with Jim Carrey, went beyond the usual comedic roles. In the same successful 2004, Kate received the 4th nomination for the main award. This happened after the film «finding Neverland,» in which she starred along with johnny Depp.

    The 5th time, Winslet was nominated for an Oscar for his work in the film «little children», playing the character Sarah pierce betrayed her husband. And again the coveted statue slipped from his hands.

    Successful and warmly accepted were a Comedy romantic film «the Holiday» where Kate Winslet starred in the lead role along with Cameron Diaz, Jack black and Jude law. In Russian Comedy I saw in 2006.

    At the end of 2008 came the movie «revolutionary Road», which met again Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. They played a loving couple. The picture was a huge success, and the actress was awarded the «Golden globe». In the same year for his work in the film «the Reader» Kate received the award actors Guild and Golden globe. And in February of the same year, the British movie star was waiting for a real triumph: Kate Winslet finally received the long-awaited «Oscar».

    In recent years, the actress continues to act. Its most well-known works were pictures of «Carnage» Roman Polanski and the mini-series «Mildred pierce», for which Winslet was awarded the «Emmy» and «Golden globe». And after the release of the painting «labor Day» actress was awarded the order of the British Empire from the hands of the British Queen.

    In March 2014, the actress has a personal star on the walk of fame in Hollywood. Renowned film critic John Foote called the British the «best actress» and put it on a par with Meryl Streep, saying that there is no role with which she would be unable to cope.

    Personal life

    The first serious affair Kate Winslet began during the filming of the film «the Dark time of the year.» It was then that she met actor and writer Stephen Trigram. Kate at the time was 16, Stephen 28. The pair met 4 years, but marriage, this novel failed. Some time after the breakup Tret became ill and died from cancer.

    In November 1998, Kate married for the first time. Her lover was Jim Tripton, the Director, the film, Winslet which was filmed a year earlier. To this marriage was born the daughter MIA, but a year later the couple divorced.

    Second husband of British actress was also the Director. Wedding with Sam Mendes took place in spring 2003. In December he was born the son of Alfie Winslet Mendes. After his appearance, the pair were married until 2010 and divorced.

    Personal life Kate Winslet was adjusted in 2011, when she during rest was found with ned Rocknrolla, a British millionaire who is younger than an actress for 3 years. In December 2013 they had a son Bear blaze Winslet. The family chose a place of permanent residence of the UK.

    Kate is known as a supporter of vegetarianism and a fan of PETA, the organization that leads the fight for compassionate treatment of animals. Winslet played for a boycott of the restaurants where the menu offered foie Gras.


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    Kate Winslet

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