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  • Name: Kate Upton ( Katherine «Kate» Upton )
  • Date of birth: 10 June 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: St. Joseph, Michigan (USA)
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: model and actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Kate Upton: biography

    Blonde American model and actress Kate Upton was born June 10, 1992 in Saint Joseph of the U.S. state of Michigan. Her full name is Katherine Elizabeth Upton.

    But when the actress spent in Sunny Melbourne, Florida. The girl’s father – Jeff Upton is the Director of the sports school, and her mother Shelly Upton was a tennis champion in Texas. The girl was growing up not alone – she has three brothers. Catherine’s uncle, Fred Upton, has held the post of Congressman of the Republican party of Michigan.

    Kate Upton
    At the photo shoot | tatler

    Kate Upton studied at the Pontifical Academy «Holy Trinity». Another teenage girl was fond of horse riding. Participated in the championship in horsemanship at the national level and won several titles. Kate was a member of the famous American paint horse Association.

    From an early age, blond, blue-eyed girl predicted a career as a model.

    Modeling career

    Young beauty unlike most models, did not have to pester modeling agencies. Luck smiled at her for the first time. On their first casting Kate Upton got in 16 years. Her contracted modeling Agency «Elite Model Management», which is located in Miami.

    A little later, the girl signed a contract with the prestigious Agency «IMG Models». With the Agency collaborated with such sharks of the fashion business, as Heidi Klum, Cindy Crawford, Kate moss and tyra banks.

    Kate Upton
    Model | ELLE

    So began a rapid and dizzying career of model Kate Upton. Soon beauty began to cooperate with the most famous and popular brands. In 2010, she becomes the face of the advertising campaign of the clothing brand «Guess». After a year Kate was named rookie of the year in the modeling world. Soon she began appearing Topless on the pages of the magazines «Esquire» and «the Office», the latter even named her «woman of the year».

    But it is fair to say that the beauty of American women have conquered more than all. Some turn up their noses in disgust, looking at her too convex in shape. Kate Upton is not really «wasp waist». But she’s not «fat pig,» as it was called some skinny models, which are called «hangers».

    Kate Upton
    The model has curvaceous | ELLE

    To protect his ward became trainer David Kirsch, who trust their figures many Hollywood stars. He stated that he was not the torment of model diets, because it is the quintessence of femininity, health and freshness. And He said that his ward is Boxing and kick-Boxing for 2-2. 5 hours 4 times a week.

    In 2011, the model comes to real popularity, because it becomes one of the angels Victoria’s Secret. Her figure and bust is now public domain. After all, a well-known brand promotes luxury lingerie.

    Breast size Kate Upton – 4-th, natural. Growth beauty-178 cm, the parameters of the most mouth-watering: 87-63-90 and weighs 63 kilograms.

    Kate Upton
    On the catwalk | TSN

    But the joy of a successful contract with the legendary brand was soon suppressed: in 2011, the Internet came a provocative video involving Kate, where she is at the match «Los Angeles clippers» killed hip hop «Dougie». Amateur clip and nazivaetsa: «The Dougie». The first day he collected over seven hundred thousand views, making the girl a star of the world wide web. In this video she’s funny dancing in the stands at a basketball game.

    Upton decided that the best solution in this situation would be to accept what happened as an unfortunate fact, but as a fun adventure. She not only pretended that posted the video to her liking, but she filled in the network a new video her dance in a bikini. The second movie broke the previous record, gaining 750 thousand hits per day.

    Kate Upton is becoming more popular, participates in various fashion shows, starred in commercials, appearing on the covers of fashion magazines. The natural beauty and charm of the girl attracted many fashion designers and photographers.

    In 2012, the beauty enters into a contract with the brand «Beach Bunny» and embellishes the is bikinis and wedding dresses their appetizing forms.


    Despite the fact that Kate was invited to star in advertising swimwear and bikinis, in the further plans for the girls star to conquer Hollywood as an actress.

    A cinematic biography Kate Upton was started in 2011. Today the actress appeared on the big screen in four films. She starred in the films «tower Heist», «the Three stooges» and «the Other woman», in which Kate Upton plays a major role.

    Kate Upton in the movie
    In the film, «Parking» | Woman.ru

    In 2016, the screens came melodrama «Parking» with her, in which she starred as one of the main characters are named Meg. There the artist is not going to stop and wants to conquer the dream factory.


    In August 2014 Kate Upton became a member of a terrible scandal. Hackers broke into Apple’s iCloud girl, which caused a drain 25 intimate photos of Kate and her boyfriend to the network for everyone to see.

    The photographs of the couple fully naked and shot in different angles. Who leaked Internet photos from the home archive, and what was stolen these pictures, to find out and failed.

    Personal life

    Life Kate Upton had a short affair with a Ukrainian dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Six months this beautiful couple was together. But the sexy figure with «Victoria’s Secret» does not guarantee happiness in his personal life. Chmerkovsky gone from the model, and the initiator of the break was him.

    Kate Upton and Maksim Chmerkovsky
    Maxim Chmerkovskiy | Our wedding.ia

    But the former lovers broke up peacefully. They speak about each other only nice things. Your gap is explained by the mismatch between work schedules and inability to spend a lot of time together. About the gap of a pair of representatives of the model officially announced in December 2013.

    And in early 2014 in the gloss of «V Magazine» has a new sexy photo shoot Kate Upton, where she showcases her delicious forms. The authors photoset became a famous Duo of photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Fans of Kate Upton are confident that a dancer, after seeing new photos of beauty, will certainly regret, feeling sorry about his rash act.

    Kate Upton photos in a glossy magazine
    Photo in a glossy magazine «V Magazine» | The rlace

    Angel «Victoria’s Secret» loves spending time at home among family. She loves Japanese cuisine and often comes to a favorite restaurant «Nobu» to eat sushi.

    Talking about her affair with rapper Kanye West and footballer mark Sanchez. But who she is now is unknown. Busty beauty doesn’t really like talking about personal stuff. So it’s rather open to all.


    Kate Upton

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