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  • Name: Kate Susan ( Mrs. Susarenco )
  • Date of birth: 18 March 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: participant of the TV project «Dom-2»
  • Marital status: Married

    Kate Susan: biography

    Socialite and TV presenter Kate Susan became famous thanks to the project «Dom-2». Zsuzsa – alias girl: first her so called childhood friend, and him and everyone else. Susarenco – real name Katie.

    She was born March 18, 1988. Three eights in the date of birth probably identified her colorful and eventful life. According to one, Susan was born in Vladivostok, another – in Moscow.

    After school, Kate enrolled in the State University of management in Moscow and became a certified producer. But the specialty of a day not worked.

    Her bright appearance, perfect settings attract crowds of men. In her life she almost never wears makeup but looks perfect. Kate Susan often gives rise to gossip. For several years journalists and readers is the question of where the unemployed girls have the money to lead a comfortable life in the capital.

    The Project «Dom-2»

    In the «House-2» Kate Susan appeared in 2011 and quickly took the vacant seat next to Alex Samsonov. She tried twice to build a relationship with him, and showed that womanizer from birth is unlikely to change. Before appearing on the project, Kate Susan has visited Samson in his city apartment. They met before, at a concert of group «Hands up», where Susarenco was together with permanent a leading «House-2» Ksenia Borodina. Katia and Ksenia — girlfriend. Susan wasn’t sure that it would participate in the controversial project, but agreed.

    During the project Katie Instagram is regularly updated with new photos from «House-2», sometimes quite explicit.

    Pair with Samsonov not formed, and then Susan moved on to marry a Cousin. And this relationship came to nothing. The next candidate was Oleg Miami. After leaving the «House-2» wrote that he lives in the capital the apartment of Zsuzsa. The novel, however, quickly ended.

    After a while Kate appeared again in «the House-2». Her appearance caused a stir and gave rise to many rumors: she came to be promoted, to look at new participants to stay in the perimeter and build relationships. However, a party to the Matter and did not, but his interest was piqued.

    Personal life

    Catherine Susarenco lives in an apartment in Moscow, a daughter Nicole, and enjoys life. In her garage there are two cool cars — a gift to the husband as the apartment. Ex-husband (even civil) Kati – a wealthy man almost twice her age. They broke up, but the man continues to hold the daughter and ex-wife, and in such volume that they in no way needed.

    After the project, Kate Susan delighted fans with the news of the upcoming wedding with Oleg Miami. The girl was even ready to become a mother for the second time. Susan hoped that Oleg will propose to her on vacation in an exotic country, where they were going to go together. Did not happen.

    Katya doesn’t eat sweets, but loves to cook. The girl has many plans for the future, one of them to make it recognized all over the world. She met with influential people, talks with them and feels great.

    Recently, Kate Susan was in the center of a scandal when he appeared on the birthday of Ksenia Borodina, accompanied by Oleg Vinnik. The wife and children of Oleg crashed the plane over the Sinai Peninsula.

    After a disaster, the heartbroken man was published in social networks photo album with pictures of their happy family, and a few months in a new companion. This angered the public. Then Kate Susan was asked to leave Oleg alone, not to judge him for what he continues to live.

    In 2016, the media learned that winnick and Susan were married. The details of the wedding, the couple was never released.


    Kate Susan

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