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  • Name: Kate Stark ( Catherine Farmakovsky )
  • Date of birth: 11 July 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: singer, songwriter
  • Marital status: married

    Katia Stark: a biography

    A new name in the domestic show-business, singer, and songwriter Kate Stark. She very successfully competed in the talent show «X-factor. Main stage», and in the fall of 2016 began its ascent on the way to victory in the TV show «the Voice.» But not all viewers of this popular program know that Catherine Stark still and she writes poems. She writes lyrics for the songs that she performs herself, and invites other stars of Russian pop music.

    Kate Stark
    Youth Of Catherine Coscoy | Facebook

    The singer, whose real name is Catherine Farmakovsky, born in Saint-Petersburg. As the girl told the journalists of the First channel, as a child, she was desperate hooligan, brought from school for a solid two and instantly dealt with all the boys of the area who was working up the courage to hurt her.

    Kate Stark
    Photo Catherine Coscoy | Facebook

    Music in the biography of Kati Kowski came from an early age. She is still sure of the melody and the harmony together with the oxygen to enter her body and fill veins with music, which then spills into the audience. His unusual voice Catherine Stark developed with the help of professional teachers of Saint-Petersburg musical school named after N. P. Mussorgsky. Later, Catherine moved specially to the capital of Russia, as it is sure that she will be able to more successfully build a vocal career. In addition, the singer gets Stark in Moscow, and higher education in the pop-jazz Department of the State classical Academy named Maimonides.


    Most experts believe that the voice of Catherine Coscoy very strong and penetrating. Her speech rarely one of the listeners indifferent, as the singer is capable of tone and modulation to penetrate into the heart of each person sitting in the hall. She is developing her solo career, but also often appears as a backing vocalist, both under his real name Ekaterina Farmakovsky, and under a pseudonym. For example, she regularly takes the stage with the group «Jazz Parking Band», led by Manuk Ghazaryan and enlists in the team of the singer Margarita pozoyan.

    It is worth noting that most Kate Stark sings his own songs. Although it is sometimes possible to hear from him and cover versions of famous hits. Catherine Stark is the author of such songs as «I’ll let you fly…», «Love is, above oaths» and many others. And thanks to an own song «Music» Stark was a participant of the popular TV show «X-factor. Main stage». First, in the qualifying round, the singer was struck by a competent jury, but the judge Zhanna Rozhdestvenskaya decided to support the contestant and invited Catherine to sing any other song. And Kate took the risk – she sang all over the country your song piano accompaniment. This performance captivated the audience: the audience applauded, and Stark as a result, under the guidance of producer Walter Afanasyev reached the semi-finals of the program «Main stage».

    And in 2016, the singer came to the casting of the fifth season of the show «the Voice.» In the blind auditions she performed the song «tell me» from the repertoire of Vladimir Presnyakov and loved the audience. She returned two of the judges, Dima and Polina Gagarina, who even cried because of the soulful voice of Katie Kowski. Project participant decided to go to the Gagarin, as long knows her personally. Recently Pauline has introduced a new hit «Dance with me», so the author of the song – Kate Stark.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Kathy Kowski known not so much as a girl does not consider it necessary to tell the details behind the scenes to his fans. Catherine is married and the greatest luck in my life considers the birth of a child, a young son, who is now a little over two years.

    Kate Stark
    Photo Catherine Coscoy | Facebook

    Catherine Farmakovsky is a very positive and bright person. As she says about herself: mix tornado, ocean, pure ice and hot sand. Girl enjoys horse riding, likes to ride a bike and believes in magic of numbers. And the main dream of the life of Catherine Kowski – your creativity to bring joy to people.

    Songs Kati Coscoy

    • Sister in spirit
    • Dance with me
    • Music
    • I’ll let you fly…
    • A love that is higher vows
    • Good-bye, yesterday
    • Explain
    • Two angels
    • He told me


    Kate Stark

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