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(biography, photos, videos) Catherine Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor, Duchess of Cambridge

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  • Name: Kate Middleton ( Catherine Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor, Duchess of Cambridge )
  • Date of birth: 9 January 1982
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: reading, England
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: the Duchess of Cambridge
  • Marital status: married Prince William

    Kate Middleton: a biography

    Kate Middleton, aka Catherine Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess Strathisla, Baroness Carrickfergus, —

  • the wife of the crown Prince of great Britain William.

    Kate Middleton
    Photos of the Duchess | Linda Nieuws.nl

    9 January 1982 in reading born Kate Middleton. Kate’s father Francis Middleton was a pilot in world famous airlines «British Airways». No accurate data, but, apparently, this airline was a flight attendant and Kate’s mother — Carol Elizabeth. There probably met the father and mother of the future Duchess. The family also grew up the younger sister of Kate Pippa and brother James William.

    Kate Middleton childhood
    Baby photo

    Two years after the birth of Kate, her father was transferred to work in the Jordanian capital, where he lived until 1986. Here Kate began to attend the only kindergarten for English children, and after returning to England, she continued her studies at the school of Saint Andrew, which in 1995 successfully completed. Despite the fact that the ancestors of Kate from the working class, her parents earned enough in a child, the girl in no way needed. She could travel, study in the best colleges and institutes, to devote time to charity work, Kate Middleton is a little inferior to your education and upbringing of a true aristocrat.

    Childhood and adolescence

    Then there was College, Marlborough, where the future Duchess of Cambridge quite a lot of attention to the sport. Kate was fond of hockey, netball, tennis and athletics. In College Kate Middleton graduated from the program the Duke of Edinburgh, and at the highest level (we would say with honors).

    Kate Middleton in his youth
    In his youth | Ici?ge

    Then she took a year off from studying, she traveled extensively, participated in an exchange program in Italy and in the charity program in Chile. Even at a young age, Kate began to take an active part in charity, which only intensified when Middleton was in the highest light.

    Kate Middleton in jeans
    The Duchess wears jeans, JiST

    Kate Middleton arrived at St. Andrews University. In this prestigious school she met Prince William, marriage with whom he has glorified the girl. Kate received the diploma of bachelor on speciality «history of art». This item they are in the start of training attended along with Prince William later changed his major to geography. The young man wanted to withdraw after the first year, and, according to rumors, that Kate talked him out of it.


    After graduation, Kate Middleton began working in the family firm Party Pieces, which took delivery of festive decorations and items for parties. Kate worked marketing: developed catalogs, arranged the shooting. In 2006 she started to work in network shop Mosaic, in the procurement division.

    Kate Middleton in a dress
    Actively involved in charity | ELLE

    Also, she dreamed of becoming a professional photographer and even plan to take lessons from a well-known British artists. Kate earned a few thousand pounds for his photographs.

    Personal life

    Personal life Kate Middleton quickly attracted the attention of the press. At some point the girl even had to ask the help of lawyers to protect their privacy. With the heir to the throne Kate met at the University and there are faced with strong competition for the Prince’s heart. Prince William was fond of two girls who studied at the faculty of English literature. It so happened that he quickly forgot about future specialist in the field of English literature and turned his attention to Kate, and so rapidly that in 2002 they, along with Kate rented a house, and in 2003 a country cottage. The novel evolved on their own unknown laws, although young people were trying to hide. Even then they could not live without each other, because even their holidays are often spent together.

    Kate Middleton and Prince William
    With Prince William | Ivona

    In 2003, the Prince turned 21. At the celebration were invited and Kate. Tellingly, in addition to her birthday didn’t invite anyone, even a model of the Isabella Calthorp. The connection was getting stronger, which is not surprising, because they lived under the same roof and were in the same University. At the end of 2004, is to hide the novel was made impossible by the press service of the Royal family was forced to admit that the actual Prince meets Kate — a girl from a simple family. The news shocked the public, and Kate Middleton, many have begun to compare with the fairy tale Cinderella. Life girls become interested in particularly active, her contemporaries were interested in what settings you need to have to attract the attention of the Prince. By the way, height and weight Cinderella was quite average – 175 cm and 60 kg.

    Kate began increasingly to appear in public with the Prince, not only in everyday life but also on festive events. Despite the fact that Middleton never learned how to look like a Princess, her appearance was satisfactory, and she quickly received the title of style icon. «Cinderella» manages to look elegant and perfect on a dress and a coat, and jeans, and even in a Russian fur hat. For that Kate received another nickname – «English rose». Photos with the outfits Middleton appear after each event with her participation and set the tone of fashionable life not only England but also all over the world. Kate also shares his photos on instagram under the name Kensington Palace.

    Kate Middleton
    Photos of the Duchess | alwaysbusymama.com

    After graduation in 2005, Kate was invited to work in the clothing chain, and William Royal tradition has arrived in military Academy Sandhurst. At the end of 2006, the graduation at the Academy where he studied under William. The ceremony was attended by the entire Royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II, and Kate with her family.

    Wedding Kate Middleton and Prince William

    In 2007, began to say that Kate and William broke up. The reason for the gap called the beautiful Isabella Calthorp. Rumor has it that the Prince even proposed to her, but she refused, saying that does not tolerate Royal ceremonies. This little hard to believe, it’s not every day the hand and heart offers the heir to the English throne. Whatever it was, but at the end of 2007 the relationship of Kate and William was restored, and on 16 November 2010 it was announced about the engagement. Married young people in Kenya. After the engagement it took the world’s media. I smell a slight scandal that the Prince will marry a commoner!

    Wedding Kate Middleton
    Wedding | Ultradesktop

    The wedding was on 29 April 2011 in London. Queen for a couple of hours until the ceremony awarded William the titles Duke of Cambridge, Earl and Baron Struthersii Carrickfergus. After marriage, Kate became Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate not only shocked the public by their origin, but also set a record — was the «old» Prince’s bride through the whole of British history. At the time of the wedding, Middleton was 29 years old.

    The wedding itself despite its splendor turned out to be profitable for London. Wishing to personally look at the wedding spent on accommodation, food and Souvenirs about 100 million pounds.

    Kate Middleton in a trench coat
    Photo coat | Ivona

    22 Jul 2013 the new born heir to the English throne — George Alexander Louis. True, Kate and William began to call him, for simplicity, George. 23 October of the same year took place the christening of the firstborn. Seven people were godparents of the future monarch.

    Williams and Kate in April this year arrived on an official visit to Australia and New Zealand. Together with George they visited the regatta, the zoo, and also tried himself in the role of DJs at a local disco.

    In 2014, especially observant fans of the Princess suggested that Kate is pregnant second time. The official representative of the Palace confirmed this rumor, and in may of 2015 was born the Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

    Children Kate Middleton
    Award-winning family | Starnit

    Two children did not do their Royal parents homebody. In 2016, the whole family went on an official visit to Canada. The Prince with his wife and children had to attend more than 30 meetings and events. In Canada, the famous couple spent time not only with politicians or stars, but also called for universities and small sports events and festivals.

    In 2017, the year the Royal family surprised the citizens. In January, Kate was 35 years, and the whole country was waiting to see news of a beautiful and solemn event. But the celebration did not take place, to organize a noisy party the birthday girl was banned by her husband. The Prince William this day was on duty in a medical aviation. Such behavior of men can be justified by the fact that recently the British found him, his wife and Prince Harry’s almost the lazy residents of the state. The crown Prince was upset with this title and now is struggling to fix the family’s image.


    Kate Middleton

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