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  • Name: Kate Mara ( Kate Mara )
  • Date of birth: 27 February 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Bedford, new York, USA
  • Height: 157
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Kate Mara: biography

    Kate Mara — American actress, star of Hollywood films «Fantastic four», «TRANS-Siberian Express» and «Morgan.»

    She was born in the town of Bedford of the U.S. state of new York, in a family of hereditary owners of football clubs «the new York giants and Pittsburgh Steelers». Her father Timothy Christopher Mara is the Vice President and the first breeder of them. Mother Kathleen McNulty is involved in the education of four children: besides Kate the couple have two sons, Daniel and Connor, and the youngest daughter Rooney Mara, who also became an actress.

    Interestingly, Kate has an incredible number of relatives. Since her dad was one of 11 children of his parents, the actress, in addition to brothers and sisters, there are more than 40 cousins. However, she had an innate shyness and very uncomfortable surrounded by a large number of people.

    With the choice of future profession, the girl decided pretty early. In the theater, she saw a production of the novel of Victor Hugo «Les Miserables», and then began to tell everyone who will listen that she will become an actress. To realize his dream, Mara finished school without attending lectures, and admission to College was postponed for a while. However, on the stage Kate went out in 20 years, although it had a considerable number of films and TV series in its portfolio. But since 2003, she regularly played in performances of the famous theaters in new York and Los Angeles.


    In front of the camera Kate Mara made her debut at the age of 14. She starred in the detective series «Law and order», then appeared in the mass episodic roles in various television and film projects with such stars as Harrison Ford, Jake Gyllenhaal, Matthew McConaughey and many others.

    The first major role went to the actress in low-budget horror movie «Urban legends 3: Bloody Mary», which was followed by the Comedy «the Truth and nothing but…», Thriller «Shooter» and crime Thriller «TRANS-Siberian Express». Early in his career, Mara has hit the list of 10 American actors-beginners, who predicted a great future, and from film to film, confirmed issued advances.

    In an adventure film «Stone of destiny» Kate played a student from Glasgow and admitted in an interview that it was one of the most complex it transformations, as the actress was extremely difficult to achieve the Scottish accent, but in the end everything turned out very natural. Of the following paintings was a success historical film «the Iron knight», the film adaptation of the comic «Fantastic four» and the new sci-Fi Thriller «Morgan».

    Personal life

    First celebrity boyfriend Kate Mara was an American Director and producer Joseph McGinty Nicol, better known under the pseudonym mcg. He was 15 years older than his lover, however, their romance lasted about two years. Such a relationship, the actress has built with his counterpart from Britain, Charlie Cox, star of the fairy tale «Stardust» and TV series «Daredevil».

    Since 2010, for four years Mara met with actor Max Minghella. After some time on the set of the film «Fantastic four» actress met with an Englishman Jamie bell. Their romance became official after Kate has confirmed these relationships, and continues to this day.


    • 2005 — Urban legends 3: Bloody Mary
    • 2007 — the Truth and nothing but…
    • 2008 — TRANS-Siberian Express
    • 2009 — Happy together
    • 2011 — Iron knight
    • 2011 — American horror story
    • 2013-2014 — house of cards
    • 2015 — Martian
    • 2015 — Fantastic four
    • 2016 — Morgan


    Kate Mara

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