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  • Name: Katya Kischuk ( Catherine Kischuk )
  • Date of birth: 13 December 1993
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Tula
  • Activity: singer, model, member of the group «Serebro»
  • Marital status: not married

    Kate Kischuk: biography

    Kate Kischuk is a young star of domestic show-business, new member of the group «Silver». Previously, she worked for several years a professional fashion model in many countries.

    Katia was born and grew up in Tula. Before school started dancing and this hobby has devoted all his early teenage years. She performed at many competitions, and also became the double champion of Russia in hip-Hopu. But since early childhood she dreamed to be an actress, so after school went to Moscow, where he enrolled in the theater Department of the Moscow University of culture. However, after the first course Kischuk moved to the Academy of music after Gnesins, but remained there only two years.

    Now Catherine is listed as a student of pop-jazz Department of the Institute of contemporary art, but at the moment, took a leave of absence.

    When in 2011, Katya Kischuk started a page on the social network Instagram and posted there the photos, pretty soon she was invited to a modeling Agency. Since then the girl has made serious steps towards a professional model, although Catherine herself does not like to call this work. She says he’s just «hogging the camera». However, her «antics» were very popular, not only in Russia. Kischuk has worked in many countries around the world, particularly successful in Asian countries. Interestingly, many people see the resemblance with Katie Hollywood Actresses Mila kunis and CAA Scodelario.


    When the singer of the «Silver» Dasha Shashina announced that for health reasons was forced to leave the band, the girlish ensemble producer Maxim Fadeev decided to make an open Internet casting. About 60 thousand girls sent in their photos and videos of singing songs, trying to get into show business.

    From the variety of contenders, the project leaders chose 10 people and put their profiles on the official page of the band «Serebro». A further choice has been provided by fans – some of the girls they would like to see in their favorites. 13 April 2016 Maxim Fadeev announced that the choice fell on 22-year-old model Kate Kischuk, who won with a huge margin. For Catherine voted about 27 thousand people, representing 43% of the vote, while going after the girl gained only 11%.

    Personal life

    So it turns out that not only work, but also their romantic relationship, Katya finds Kischuk on social networks. With my first boyfriend Vitali she met online and lived with him for some time under one roof.

    With your current boyfriend Kate too «met» in the social network. He, like Kischuk, engaged in a modeling career and, along with Kate went to the Asian tour.

    The girl has a preconceived opinion that a baby need to 25 years to between children and mother was not too much difference.

    Kate Kischuk is not dieting, and prefer to simply eat right. Of his many Hobbies it allocates read Russian classics, especially the likes of Nikolai Gogol’s works and poems of Sergei Yesenin.


    Kate Kischuk

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