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  • Name: Kate Hudson ( Kate Hudson )
  • Date of birth: 19 April 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, USA
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress, Director, screenwriter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Kate Hudson: biography

    Kate Hudson is an American actress who became famous after the release of the film «Almost famous» and then confirmed their professional competence roles in the films «How to get rid of a guy in 10 days» and «my best friend».

    She was born in Los Angeles in a very famous family. Her father bill Hudson was a musician of the legendary band «The Hudson Brothers», and mom Goldie hawn – an incredibly successful actress. In the family were also brought up senior by three years brother Keith, who was called Oliver.

    When she was a year and a half, her parents divorced. The further the upbringing of children did the mother and her new husband, actor Kurt Russell. In adulthood Kate and Oliver can tell that she belonged to Russell as to your father, as the bill does not interested in their fate. By the way, Goldie and Kurt gave her daughter another brother Wyatt.

    Hudson went to a private school «Crossroads» in the California suburb of Santa Monica, where the family lived. After secondary school she went to new York and enrolled at the prestigious University. However, after studying there for Kate for very long, so they decided to become like mom, actress, and a better education than experience on the set, she couldn’t see.


    The debut for Kate Hudson became a small role in the television series «party of five» and the psychological drama «the Sorrow of the desert». The popularity of the actress brought the romantic musical Comedy «two Hundred cigarettes», and the role of rock groupies penny lane in the musical «Almost famous» gave the first nomination on «Oscar».

    In 2002, Kate was approved for the lead female role in the blockbuster «spider-Man», but she broke the contract in order to star in the military-historical film «the Four feathers». After this film, Kate would accept only leading roles. There followed a series of well proven a romantic Comedy, «Alex and Emma», «How to get rid of a guy in 10 days», «raising Helen», «Divorce», «He, I and his friends», «my best friend» and many others.

    Repertoire also includes Hudson appeared detective «Key from all doors» adventure Thriller «fool’s Gold», the political Thriller «the reluctant Fundamentalist», the Thriller «Easy money,» and the melodrama «I’d Like to be here.» But the romantic Comedy in the filmography of the actress still prevail. Not to mention the movie «bride wars», where Kate works in tandem with Anne Hathaway, «the Main thing — do not be afraid!» with Lucy punch, and «Groom for hire» in which partner Hudson was ginnifer Goodwin.

    The last work of a successful actress was the musical «Rock on the East,» women’s Comedy «Horrible lady» and action-Thriller «Deepwater Horizon». But the relevance of Hudson knows no boundaries: she has on hand contracts for several new projects, of which the most anticipated is biography drama «Richard Pryor: Is it something I said?» and the Comedy «Born to be king».

    Personal life

    By American standards, Kate Hudson was married early, at the age of 21. Her husband was Chris Robinson, musician and vocalist of the rock band «The Black Crowes», whom she met on the set of the musical «Almost famous». They lived together for seven years and managed to give life to son Ryder Russell Robinson.

    Then Kate started a long affair with actor Owen Wilson, a partner in the film «you, me and Dupree». But these relationships were quite aggressive. The couple often quarreled, and one day Owen even tried to commit suicide because of clashes with a loved one. Making sure that your husband’s life is out of danger, Hudson finally broke contact with him.

    The next boyfriend of the beautiful actress was a famous comedian DAX Shepard and cyclist lance Armstrong. But these novels were rather fleeting. But with singer and musician Matthew Bellamy, leader of the popular band «Muse», Kate had a very serious relationship. They lived in a de facto marriage and were the parents of the boy Bingham Hawn Bellamy. But when the baby was a little over three years old, his parents divorced.

    Kate Hudson and her mother Goldie hawn, committed to the concepts of Eastern religion Buddhism. She respects all spiritual practices and daily allocates a minimum of 20 minutes, which devotes to meditation.


    • 2003 — How to lose a guy in 10 days
    • 2004 — raising Helen
    • 2005 — the skeleton Key
    • 2006 — He and I and his friends
    • 2008 — the Girl of my best friend
    • 2009 — bride wars
    • 2011 — the Groom’s rental
    • 2013 — the reluctant Fundamentalist
    • 2014 — I Wish I could be here
    • 2016 — Deepwater horizon


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