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  • Name: Katya Buzhinskaya ( Kateryna Buzhynska )
  • Date of birth: 13 August 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Norilsk, Russia
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: singer, people’s artist of Ukraine
  • Marital status: married

    Kate Buzhinsky: biography

    Ukrainian singer Katya Buzhinskaya was born August 13, 1979 in Norilsk. In this city passed the first three years of her life, and then she and her parents moved to Chernivtsi, where she was born her mom.

    Kate sang from childhood – nature gave him a good voice and hearing. She worked in the children’s group «clear voice» at the Palace of pioneers in Chernivtsi. Her vocal teacher was Maria Kogos – she taught Ani Lorak. Buzhinsky dreamed of becoming a singer and knew that her dream will come true, because in her childhood has always been. Once she dreamed of white leather skates – parents gave them to the girl for the New year. About the joy she felt, Kate recalls today.

    However, parents were against the daughter has devoted his life to singing. But she decided differently. As a teenager, she has worked in city Philharmonic, and in 1994 entered the final of the popular contest «Morning star». When I passed this competition, Katya Buzhinskaya was already a second year student of the Chernivtsi musical College. The first success was followed by victory in the prestigious Ukrainian singing competitions.

    At the school of music, the explorations did not stop in 2000, she received a bachelor’s degree of the higher music College in Kiev.

    In childhood and youth Kate went on stage as yaschuk is the name of her father, but later took his mother’s surname – Buzhinskaya. The singer says that Boginskii – noble family. Her uncle Stanislav Buzhinsky found the niece and gave her family crest. Uncle lives in Texas, near the home Bushev. Kate is visited at his home.


    Her formation as a singer began in 1996, when Kateryna buzhynska won the Grand Prix at the festival of songs «Vesela». After winning, she moved to Kiev and began to train hard. Had to combine the work of the singer with training in school. The result was not long in coming – in the next year Katya Buzhinskaya have won four games in four different competitions. It was a revelation.

    Successful singer was in 1998, when she took the Grand Prix of the «Slavianski Bazaar», performing the song «Doomed». In the same year, the explorations recorded their debut album. It was called «Music I love».

    In 1999 she participated at the international song festival in Poland and brought back the Grand Prix. And soon she released her next solo album, «Ice.»

    In 2001, Ekaterina Buzhinskaya performed at the festival in San Remo. She became the first Ukrainian singer who took part in this prestigious festival. In 2001 he released his third album Buzhinskaya — «Flame».

    Two years later, the singer has recorded a new album with him called «Ballads». That was the title of her hit. Then in my career was a break connected with a birth of the child.

    The variety of activities Ekaterina Vladimirovna returned only in 2009. She performed the song «Queen of inspiration», a duet with famous singer Stas Mikhailov. Like the song of Russian and Ukrainian audience and instantly became a hit.

    Today Katya Buzhinskaya continues to pursue a solo career, giving concerts, touring around the world.

    Personal life

    Katya Buzhinskaya was three men. Her first husband, producer Yuri Kolenkov were older singer for 20 years. She saw him when she was 15 years old, and fell in love. 19 years old Katya Buzhinskaya married her producer. Unfortunately, the relationship did not work. Kate says that Yuri didn’t want children. In the press it was said that he forced singer to have an abortion. After five years their marriage broke up.

    With her second husband, surgeon Vladimir Rostunov, Kate lived in a civil marriage. Her husband dreamed of the children, as the singer herself. Soon a daughter, Elena. But the Alliance fell apart.

    Women’s happiness Buzhinsky was only in the third marriage to businessman from Bulgaria Dmitry Stoychev. They met at a party at mutual friend, started Dating. Later Kate would say that fate brought them. Dmitry proposed to her on Valentine’s Day in the Maldives, and in March, they celebrated the wedding in Sofia. Their romantic journey was held in the most beautiful places in Bulgaria, Italy, Israel, Greece.

    Kate says that she and Dima were the perfect couple, she often feels that they are familiar all life. Both Leos zodiac sign, both have the same culinary preferences, the same Outlook on life. Katya’s daughter, Elena, at first cautiously took Dima, but then reached out to him, and after a few months I started to call him dad. However, in the Bulgarian language.

    Buzhinsky said that her home is where her husband is. They live in Bulgaria, often come to Ukraine. Couple asks God to give them children – son and daughter. Kate believes that her dream will come true. After all, it has always been.


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    Katya Buzhinsky

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