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(biography, photos, videos) Kathryn Romary Beckinsale,

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  • Name: Kate Beckinsale ( Kathryn Romary Beckinsale,)
  • Date of birth: 26 July 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: London
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: English actress
  • Marital status: married to len Wiseman

    Kate beckinsale: biography

    Katherine, Romary Beckinsale was born in London. The girl was destined to Shine in the spotlight, because she was born into a famous acting family. Mother is a theater and television actress Judy Lo (plays today), dad is a popular Comedy actor Richard Beckinsale, who starred in many British TV series and comedies.

    Biography Kate beckinsale began when she was only 3 weeks. She «played» baby in the TV series «Harriet’s back in town». Kate’s childhood was quite happy, she was surrounded by loving parents and a creative atmosphere in the house. But when Kate was 6 years old, the family came to grief in the age of 31 from a heart attack suddenly the father died.

    3 years later Judy again remarried. 9-year-old Kate first took her stepfather, a TV Director Roy Battersby, hostile. The relationship between his four sons, daughter and Kate was very conflictive, because the girl used to be the center of the universe. Growing up, she made friends with his half brothers and sister. Adjusted and stepdaughter relationship with Roy, which surrounded Kate with warmth and attention.

    Kate beckinsale from the early years was artistic and creative child. Even while studying a private school in London she has won prestigious competitions for aspiring writers. Writing and literature were keenly interested in the girl, but the movie world beckoned, no less. A pupil a young Beckinsale starred in a small role in the film about the Second world war. Tape «One against the wind» was released in 1991.

    And yet, after graduation Beckinsale becomes a student at Oxford University, where in-depth studies French and Russian literature. But the film won: after 3 years of study, during which the student has starred in several films, she realized that she torn between two passions is very difficult. Kate beckinsale leaving Oxford and plunged into the shooting of new projects.


    Another freshman, Kate received an offer to play in the film Kenneth Branagh «Much ADO about nothing». In 1993, when students are vacationing for the Easter holiday, Beckinsale worked on a movie set where they filmed the historic movie «Prince of Jutland». In the same year she got an offer from Director Jim McBride to star in his mystical Thriller called «No cover». In the summer, when the students dispersed for the holidays, Kate beckinsale worked again on the set. The picture was a success, and the young actress who starred in the title role, began to receive a lot of offers from Directors. Kate finally abandoned his studies.

    In 1994, she appeared in the Comedy film «Cold farm». But then came a lull. Proposed role in the project of the class «b» actress rejected, preferring them to the stage. All 1995 she played in the play «the Seagull», which went on a scene of theatre of Thelma the Holtz. Mike and Kate have traveled all over the UK. To say Yes, the artist decided, after an offer to star in the film «House ghosts», which seemed interesting to her.

    Next came roles in the films «Emma» (on the works of Jane Austen) and «Sell». The films had no measurable success. But the project «pearl Harbor» brought the actress a real glory. The tape was released in 2001. The project has not received high marks from critics, but the audience liked it very much and grossed over $ 200 million. All the artists that appeared on the screen in this film, instantly gained enormous popularity and many fans.

    Much lesser success of such projects, which have a British artist in 2002. Romantic Comedy «Serendipity,» and the band «Laurel Canyon» came out in limited release and was pretty cool received by critics and audiences.

    But in 2003, followed by a new rise: Kate Beckinsale appeared in a solo project called «Another World» the Wiseman that brought the actress a new portion of glory.

    Very busy for Beckinsale was 2004. The actress appeared in two movies: dear American project «van Helsing» and the film «the Aviator.» The first tape, despite huge investment, has not received the expected success. But the second, for the title role in which the actress had to get better at 9 pounds, brought her immense popularity. «The Aviator» was nominated in 5 categories for the award «Oscar».

    Successful you become and the next film project called «underworld: Evolution», where the British played a major role. The film was released in the beginning of 2006 and gathered a huge amount at the box office. About Kate beckinsale in the lead role, who played the vampire Selina, again talking critics and audiences.

    Warm audience reviews and critical acclaim received the film «Click: with remote control for life», in which Kate starred with Adam Sandler. In 2006-m she played in the film «Vacancy». This tape and the painting «Snow angels» also saw success after the release on the big screens.

    In 2008 Kate beckinsale starred in Parkville in the previous two parts of «underworld: rise of the Lycans», where he again played the vampire Selina. This fantastic horror movie and action-Thriller «Contraband» shot Balthazar Karakoram are one of the most striking recent paintings, in which Kate appeared.

    Personal life

    Personal life Kate beckinsale is several vivid novels. The first, which spoke in the press, was involved with Edmund Moriarty. While Kate was a student at Oxford and played in the play «a View from the bridge». There was playing Edmund.

    But soon the shooting tape «Much ADO about nothing» Beckinsale met Michael sheen. The couple were married. In January 1999 they have a daughter, Lily Mo Sheen. 4 years after its appearance, the Michael and Kate broke up.

    The British actress has met a new love during the filming of the picture «Other world». It was then that Beckinsale flashed an affair with the Director of the film is len Wiseman. In may 2004 they got married. Now the family lives in Los Angeles.


    • One against the wind
    • No cover
    • Cold farm
    • House of ghosts
    • Pearl Harbor
    • Aviator
    • Another world
    • Click with the remote control for life
    • Snow angels
    • Underworld: Evolution


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