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  • Name: Karolina Sevastyanova ( Karolina Sevastyanova )
  • Date of birth: 25 April 1995
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: Russian gymnast
  • Marital status: not married

    Karolina Sevastyanova : biography

    Karolina Sevastyanova is not only a successful Russian gymnast, on whose account are the Olympic win, but also one of the most beautiful Russian athletes.

    Carolina was born in April 1995 in Kiev. As with a smile the girl says it was «accidental» birth. Just parents were just on a trip to the Ukrainian capital. But after a month Sevastianova returned to Moscow, which is home to Carolina. The nationality of the Russian sportswomen.

    Relationship with artistic gymnastics at the future Olympic champion at first was not easy. In 5 years, the mother brought the girl to the section. But the girl immediately sent home. The reason for the refusal was too «big» build. As with humor recalls Karolina Sevastyanova, the coach looked at her and asked, «what kind of thick toed a girl?».

    But apparently, fate has chosen Carolina artistic gymnastics. Because in kindergarten, a little «plump» somehow noticed and took the young trainer Ekaterina Sirotina. She worked with Sevastianova to 9 years until I went on maternity leave.

    In sport, young gymnast returned to 12 years. And this time for good.

    Rhythmic gymnastics

    Fortunately, in time the girl drew herself Irina Viner, already appointed coach of a national team on rhythmic gymnastics. Her pupils were Irina Chashchina and Alina Kabaeva. Thus began a sports biography Carolina Sevastianova. The girl immediately realized that together with Wiener fate gave her an incredible chance to achieve success in sport and life.

    Sevastyanov worked 12 hours a day and staunchly endured all those hardships and even flour, which are all athletes. The girl dreamed about the championship. And it happened. The young gymnast took to the team, and she participated in the group all-around. It was her first success. But in 2010, followed by a second: at the youth Olympics in Singapore Sevastyanov became a champion.

    15-year-old Caroline, which gave the sport his childhood, to understand that this is not all what she dreamed of. Paying such an expensive price, you need to go to the end, or till the top.

    2 years later, in 2012, Sevastyanov made up of sports Olympus, and in the truest sense of the word. She won the gold at the Olympics in London in the group all-around. And another 17-year-old Russian beauty in Britain was recognized as the most beautiful athlete in the post-Soviet space.

    Then Karolina Sevastyanova felt the real happiness that a person can experience, comes true when his most ambitious dream. The conquered found myself seemed unattainable to the top, above which were not. The champion decided to put a beautiful point in my career. With a large gymnastics she went with has the title of «Honored master of sports».

    Leaving sports, Karolina Sevastyanova is not lost. She enrolled in 2 University – Saint-Petersburg University. P. F. Lesgaft and the Moscow Institute of television and radio. First University need to be able to work as a coach, the second is another dream champion. Sevastianova like the TV job, and she would like to try myself as a DJ.

    Personal life

    Not surprisingly, successful beautiful that at such a young age dizzying heights in the sport, surrounded by male attention. Especially «tight» this attention has been after the appearance of candid shots girls in men’s glossy magazines «MAXIM». The consent to shooting Karolina Sevastyanova gave immediately. Says asked the opinions of mothers and women, which he considers a second mother – Irina Viner. Went to star after their consent.

    Personal life Carolina Sevastianova is the subject of frequent discussions in the media. Talking about her affair with a famous hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. There was even condemned the ex-athlete, alleged she was the cause of the breakup of hockey with former lover Maria Kirilenko. But Sevastyanov argues that while Dating with Ovechkin he already was free.

    It is known that the athlete was introduced to Carolina with his parents.


    Karolina Sevastyanova

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