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  • Name: Karolina Gruszka ( Karolina Grushka )
  • Date of birth: 13 July 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Warsaw
  • Height: 169
  • Activity: the Polish and Russian actress
  • Marital status: Married

    Karolina gruszka : biography

    Karolina gruszka was born in Warsaw in July 1980. From an early age the parents noticed the girls artistry. She loved to perform and be the center of attention. Her first audience was family, then the children and teachers in kindergarten. In school Carolina – the constant participant of all events in the walls of the school.

    At the age of 9 Karolina gruszka first appeared on the screen. She took part in the popular music show «Disco mister Jack.» The debut was successful. After 4 years the girl was invited to star in the series «God’s seal». This was a film by Polish Director Isabella the Tsivinskaya. Caroline so enjoyed working on the set that it is about anything else could not dream of.

    After school, Karolina gruszka easily becomes the student of Theatrical Academy of a name of Zelwerowicz in Warsaw. In 2003, the young actress came out of her wall and was immediately accepted into the troupe of the National theatre in his hometown.


    A cinematic biography of Carolina Grushki, starting at school age, was continued in his student years. At 1 year, the actress starred in the Russian film «Russian revolt». This was a film Alexander Proshkin on the novel by Alexander Pushkin «captain’s daughter». Polish actress played the main character – Masha Mironov. Since she was not fluent in Russian, duplicating Carolina called Chulpan Khamatova.

    The Russian cinematic debut was successful. Immediately on «Russian revolt» the Pear was offered a role in the military drama «In August 44-go». Here Carolina appeared in the form of Julia, his girlfriend of German saboteurs. Despite the fact that she is the girl of the enemy, Carolina was able to cause the audience a real sympathy for her grief, when the on-screen kill beloved. After the release of the drama was a great success.

    Such a brilliant debut in the Russian movie forced to pay attention to a talented young artist and Polish Directors. In 2002, Karolina gruszka appeared as the agent of the police in a dramatic painting by compatriot Wojciech’, said Katarzyna wójcik.

    In 2003, after graduation, Karolina gruszka received an invitation to play Russian-Polish project «Break point» by Marek Nowicki. She brilliantly played the tennis player Olga.

    In 2006, the actress first received the offer to star in the West. It was a project of famous Director David Lynch titled «Inland Empire». Lynch annually come to Lodz, where he held the festival of cameramen. One day he came up with the idea to make a film with Polish actors. So Caroline and several of her colleagues had the happy opportunity to work under the guidance of a master of world cinema.

    The name of the Warsaw actress becomes better known in Russia. In 2007, it again invited to work on location in Moscow. Here Karolina gruszka acted in the melodrama «way to heart», where plays the wife of a surgeon. The role of the doctor went to Marat Basharova.

    In 2009 the Warsaw redheaded actress got her star role in the film of Ivan Vyrypaev «Oxygen». This art-house project, to which Carolina and starred with her Alexei Filimonov had to learn the basics of diving. And yet – take a course of the Russian language, because the Director rejected the duplication of roles. «Oxygen» is a love story. After the premiere at the festival «Kinotavr» in Sochi the film was awarded several prizes.

    The cooperation of Carolina Grushki with Ivan by Vyrypaeva continued in his cinema collection, called «Short circuit».

    Despite the great demand in the movie, the actress does not even think to abandon the stage, stating that the theatre considers a priority. Hrushka plays in performances of «Demons», «the Cherry orchard,» «Three sisters», millerovskom «Tartuffe». Carolina recognizes that in love with Russian literature and language.

    In our day, Karolina gruszka is one of the most famous artists in his native Poland. In the National theatre in Warsaw she is the leading actress. But Caroline herself considers himself a Russian-Polish artist.

    Personal life

    Karolina gruszka met her future husband Ivan by Vyrypaev at Kyiv festival «Molodist». She came to the capital of Ukraine with Director Isabella the Tsivinskaya, which brought to the festival his band the Lovers from marona». At the same festival Vyrypaev has presented its new project «Euphoria». First, Carolina and Ivan fell in love with each other’s work, and then there was a romantic feeling. The Director has invited the actress to star in the film «Oxygen». In the same year, 2007, they got married. From Vyrypaev’s third marriage, to Pear first.

    Personal life Carolina Grushki is a husband and a daughter born in 2012.


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    Karolina Gruszka

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