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  • Name: Karl Lagerfeld ( Karl Otto Lagerfeld )
  • Date of birth: 10 September 1933
  • Age: 83 years
  • Place of birth: Hamburg, Germany
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: German fashion designer, photographer
  • Marital status: not married

    Karl Lagerfeld: biography

    Karl Otto Lagerfeld was born in September 1933 in Hamburg. But the designer claims that he was born in 1938 and can it be documented. Karl’s father, Otto Lagerfeld was a wealthy banker. The boy was the only son in the family.

    When Karl Lagerfeld was 14 years old, my parents moved to Paris. With their consent the son went to school high fashion: a talent for fashion design he showed in Hamburg. The school for young fashion designers Carl met and became friends with Yves Saint Laurent.

    The first creative victory of Charles Lagerfelda dates back to 1954. Then the international wool Secretariat organized a competition, whose 21-year-old (according to Lagerfeld – a 14-year-old) boy got his first award. She was awarded for the best design of coat. Then Karl was invited to a famous fashion House «Pierre Balmain», where he gained experience for 4 years.


    In 1958, Karl Lagerfeld was invited to the Home «Jean Patou», where as art Director he stayed for 4 years. Disillusioned with the world of Haute couture, the young designer left Paris and went to Italy, where he started studying art history. But there Lagerfeld suddenly realized that the fashion world he left early, in fact not disappointed in it, but just got fed up with monotony.

    Biography Karl Lagerfeld continued in the mid 1960s. He as an independent designer worked for such legendary fashion houses as «Chloe», «Fendi» and many others. In 1974, the designer launched her first clothing line for men and immediately received an invitation to become a Professor at the Vienna school of applied arts, where he was offered to teach.

    In 1980 Lagerfeld invented the fashion for skirts shorts and mini skirts. But fame has hit the designer after 3 years, when he became art Director of the House Chanel. It was then that he created the legendary line of pret-a-porter. A little later a new line – «KL» and «KL by Karl Lagerfeld». The talented designer managed to make a somewhat outdated style of «Chanel» more dynamic and modern. In 1986, the new collection of this brand Karl Lagerfeld received an honorary award – the «Golden thimble».

    In the late 1990s, the style Lagerfeld is getting closer to the style of the famous Coco Chanel. Suits and evening dresses cut in the style of «Belle Epoque», becoming world-famous.

    In addition to its design the popularity of the fashion designer became famous as a great photographer. For this he was awarded the title «Lucky Strike Designer Award» and the honorary prize of the German society of photographers «Deutsche Geselleschaft fur Fotographie». After these victories in the fashion capital opened a Gallery of Karl Lagerfeld.

    Another gallery called «Studio 7L» appeared later. It is famous for the fact that during the year it was born not less than 10 new collections of clothing. A tireless designer admitted that at the time his dream took no more than 4 hours a day.

    Karl Lagerfeld many contemporaries called the Emperor of fashion. In his later years, he was a tireless and refuses to go into honorable retirement. The last quarter of a century the designer remains creative Director of the house Chanel. He dresses Hollywood stars and doesn’t forget about his second passion – photography.

    Personal life

    It is considered that couturier has a sexual orientation. He was never married and has no children.

    Personal life of Karl Lagerfeld is the affair with his best friend Jacques de Basher, which is not 15 years ago. After the death of Jacques designer no one else has linked their lives. Questions of a personal nature he says that his love died, and this will all end». Lagerfeld does not like questions about his personal life, claiming that his age to talk dirty.


    From time to time Karl Lagerfeld recalls his outrageous statements, long discussed in the press. For example, fashion designers are extremely critical of perceived overweight women. He says that plump women nobody wants to watch. The only thing is to sit in front of screens and chips, to discuss the ugliness of thin models.

    Some of his remarks Lagerfeld even have to apologize, as happened in 2012 with the darling of British singer Adele. Carl called her too fat, although he paid tribute to «the divine voice» and beautiful facial features.

    In one of his famous interview, Lagerfeld has criticized the nines Russian men, saying that most of these real freaks. But Russian women couturier called the most beautiful in the world. Before all this the master of fashion added that the Russian beauties prefer a sexual orientation.

    Another scandalous statement by Karl Lagerfeld involving children. He said that fatherhood is the last thing he wanted. And in General, he hates children because «born non-family person.»


    Karl Lagerfeld

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