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  • Name: Karina Zvereva ( Karina Zvereva )
  • Date of birth: 2 June 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: actress, singer, dancer, actress, model, comedian
  • Marital status: divorced

    Karina Zvereva: biography

    Karina Zvereva is a Russian artist showed their talents in many fields. She is known as a theater and film actress, as a dancer and vaudeville comedian, as a singer and TV presenter. The first recognition Zvereva received through the comic image of the girl Lyalya, who made a splash in Comedy show «Anshlag». Also it’s good to know fans of the sketch show «Classmates», «Once in Russia», «Masuichi», «One for all» and many others.

    Karina Zvereva
    Karina Zvereva | VK

    Karina Zvereva was born in St. Petersburg in the family of businessman Yury Sergeyevich Zverev, the owner of a private construction company, and his wife Valentina Terentyevna, who worked in the House of children’s creativity. It turns out that a lot of talent, Karen has inherited from the parents – mother loved any creative manifestation of human nature, and his father was famous for his sense of humor.

    By the way, it should be noted that at birth Karina Zvereva got a different name in birth certificate it was written as a Marina, but when she became an adult, officially changed its name, replacing the first letter.

    Karina Zvereva
    Karina Zvereva | VK

    Since childhood, Karina Zvereva has evolved in many directions at once. She took lessons of classical choreography and ballroom dancing, went to music school, piano class, singing in the school, learnt acting in a youth film school.

    But for higher education Karina went why do not the University. She became a student of the Saint Petersburg humanitarian University, where he studied management in show business. However, there active the girl found a niche for realization of talents – she started taking part in University performances and proved himself as paradisica and actress buffoonery. The great success enjoyed her scene is a parody of Philip Kirkorov.

    Karina Zvereva
    Karina Zvereva | VK

    After graduation, which was listed specialty «producer», not a graduate went to work in this direction. She joined the dance group «Fantasy show» and began to develop as a dancer. Later she performed with singer Soso Pavliashvili, a show that showed belly, as well as solo dances in the style of Oriental dance and polident.

    The Joker

    Two years after graduation, Karina Zvereva became the assistant of famous comic Gennady Vetrov. Gradually she started out on the stage with him, it appeared their stage characters — the girl Lala and extravagant Muse Petrovna Crazy.

    When the artist along with the Wind made in a humorous program «full House» in a parody of magician David Copperfield, she was known to the whole country. Moreover, the host of «full House» Regina Dubovitskaya asked to make a «Little Lala,» the main character of individual rooms and turned Karina Zvereva in a star for all fans of humour. In a solo speech in the way a little Lyali Karina appeared in a bright dress and lace panties with and told about the grandfather of a scout, who was on duty with binoculars under the Windows of the women’s baths.

    The Joker began to invite in other programs: «allowed to Laugh», «fun», «Funny people», «Izmaylovsky Park», «Jurmala» and many others. Then she had her own personal project «Show Ekaterina Zvereva», which she sang, danced, showed parody, in General, entertained the audience as possible. She even had a number together with the recognized masters of the stage, Elena Sparrow and Svetlana Rozhkova.

    Later, Karina can be seen on the same stage with the Duo «Peppers», which consisted of participants of KVN team «Children of Lieutenant Schmidt» Nikolai Georgiev and Ilia A. Motovilov. She was also part of such a comic sketch show as «Mehzavod», «Jokes-2», «Classmates», «Once in Russia» and many others.


    In 2003 Karina Zvereva could start a successful career in the music show business. The fact that after the departure of the maiden group «Brilliant» singer Zhanna Friske producer Andrey Grozny offered to take the vacant seat for her. But for personal reasons the young woman was forced to give up.

    But her vocal abilities were realized in his own show. The audience well received songs like «the Campy song», «Maiden», «Roma, I’m home», «Chihuahua». Successful was the participation in the musical «How much love», where Karina Zvereva went to several musical performances.

    In addition, under the pseudonym «Caramela» she performed in the show group «bebiZ» and Yuri and Vladimir Torsemide, performers and electronics Sergey syroezhkina in the children’s fantasy film «the adventures of electronics,» she sang the famous hit «Winged swing».


    Recently Karina Zvereva began to appear frequently in front of cameras by professional photographers. The main direction of the model is an erotic photo shoot. Naughty photos Karina published many glossy magazines, including such well-known as «Playboy» and «Maxim».

    Model Karina Zvereva
    Model Karina Zvereva | VK

    Also, the model took to the catwalk. The girl showed novelties of the Duo «PeeshPro», which includes Russian designers Elena Brovtsev and Catherine Novototsky-Vlasov. With the last of them Karina performed together in the musical group «bebiZ».


    In the feature film Karina Zvereva first appeared in 2007 in the role of the girl-the driver of the Comedy series «Bloody Mary». Then there was the crime drama «Who if not I?» the tragicomedy of «More — Less» and the sitcom «Friendship of peoples».

    Karina Zvereva in the film
    Karina Zvereva in the movie «Superplague» | Movie-theater

    In recent times the role of the actress emerged: on the screen it appears in the images of sexy women. In the psychological Thriller «the Method» she played a naked model, in the Comedy «COP with rublevki» — a call girl, but starring more chaste women, for example, in a detective Thriller «Carrier» and the Comedy «Superplague», the Directors focus on attractive external data Karina.

    Personal life

    As mentioned above, Karina Zvereva in his student years he performed a lot with the parody and humorous numbers. On one of the University concerts she met the comic Gennady Vetrov. First they formed a duet, and later a family: July 15, 1997, the girl was married to Gennady Vetrov.

    Karina Zvereva and Gennady Vetrov
    Karina Zvereva and Gennady Vetrov | the Source

    Despite the difference in almost two decades the couple got along very well and easily found a common language. On a whim Ekaterina Zvereva husband changed the image: pierced ear and was wearing light suits. And it is precisely for the sake of it refused to participate in the «Brilliant». She knew that the frequent touring would not allow her to spend with your loved one as much time as she would like.

    Karina Zvereva and Gennady Vetrov
    Karina Zvereva and Gennady Vetrov | Show «Ten million»

    Abandoning the great and quick success in show business, a young woman kept a family and lived with her husband for 14 happy years. But in 2011, the wife of Gennady Vetrov became a free woman: they broke up. Later artist got a new lover: Karina begins to meet with a fitness trainer Rafael by Husainova. But she claims she married again is not going to go.

    Karina Zvereva and Rafael Khusyainov
    Karina Zvereva and Rafael Khusyainov | Instagram

    The celebrity system adheres to a healthy diet, and her menu does not include meat products: the actress is a staunch vegetarian. Female devotes a lot of time physical exercise: she visits the gym, likes horse riding, skydiving, surfing and motocross. And, of course, she does not forget about the dancing, which began her career.


    • 2012 — Who if not I?
    • 2013 — the Friendship of peoples
    • 2013 — Think like a woman
    • 2013 — Studio 17
    • 2014 — the Widow
    • 2015 — Method
    • 2015 — Horny, or Love evil
    • 2016 — Superplague
    • 2016 — Bachelor party
    • 2016 — Standards of beauty


    Karina Zvereva

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