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  • Name: Karina Razumovskaya ( Karina Razumovskaya )
  • Date of birth: 3 March 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Karina Razumovskaya biography

    Karina Razumovskaya was born 9 March 1983 in Saint-Petersburg. The girl grew up in an ordinary Soviet family: father Vladimir was a merchant seaman, and long absent from home, and his mother Elena with her grandmother who’s been raising three children.

    Since childhood, Karina differed dreamy character and a very bright appearance. Much time she spent in the company of his grandmother, who was a fan of black-and-white movie. The girl looked huge number of movies, but most of all she was amazed by the Soviet musical painting «heavenly slug», which tells about the female pilots. Little Razumovsky was so enamored of painting that he decided to go into aviation and have to repeat the feat of the Soviet pilot Valery Chkalov flew under the Trinity bridge in St. Petersburg.

    Karina also loved to sing and almost never silent, singing their favorite songs even in public places. During one of the vocal exercises in the subway, the girl’s mother said the assistant Director, who offered Razumovsky to take part in the filming of the movie. So at the age of six Karina first appeared on the set and played a small role in the film «Braking in heaven». His first pay ninety roubles the young actress has spent a huge stuffed elephant, which still kept her in the country. After this event, Karina came up with the idea of becoming an actress and to connect his life with film.

    After graduating from secondary school, Razumovsky filed documents at the theatrical Institute. Her mother was against such a choice of profession, considering acting unstable and unpredictable way to earn money, and begged the daughter to become a translator. But the girl insisted and entered the Academy of theatre arts. She came to the aware actor Vladimir Petrov, who put a lot of effort in training their students.


    After graduating from the Academy in 2004, Karine, like many other graduates, received a call from the drama theatre. G. A. Tovstonogov and invited to come for an interview by the head of the institutions Kirill Lavrov. Razumovsky was the only one on the course was able to successfully pass the audition and become a part of the troupe.

    The joy of achieving, over time, replaced by a slight disappointment: built the image in my head of the magical world of theatre with no «gotchas» were destroyed, the game is on the stage for review was heavy work, where the actors shared experience and success. However, the older part of the cast with understanding and sympathy to a young actress trying to pass their knowledge and train in all subtleties of behavior on stage.

    Despite the rather gentle and lyrical the appearance of the actress in theatre, she often gets a specific role. Favorite images Karina is Juliette, Waltie from the play «School for taxpayers» and Oksana from the Comedy play based on the works of Gogol «Night before Christmas». Razumovsky for over ten years, is the actress of the Bolshoi drama theater and involved in seven different productions, including as a serious dramatic picture and Comedy.

    The actress was invited to the productions of other theatre companies. She played in the Comedy Theatre. Akimova in three plays: «Ghosts», «Wedding Krechinsky» and «I Want to be in a movie».

    Karina considers herself a theater actress, preferring performances on stage. In the movie she starred in free from rehearsals time or on summer vacation, when the theater shuts down.


    The debut of Karina Razumovskaya movie took place in six years when she was offered to play a small role in the film «Braking in heaven». The role was so insignificant that the name of the young actress even appeared in the credits, but she always remembered the thrill of filming in front of the camera. Two years ago, the girl appeared again in a cameo role in the Comedy Roman Yershov, «Move on, Manya!».

    His first adult role, Karen has received as a first year student of the theatre Academy. She played a shy girl, Kate, who is waiting for her Prince, a lyrical melodrama «the Ark». The role of «Turgenev’s girl» for a long time stuck for time and Directors wanted to invite the young actress to the role of such a plan.

    After graduation, Karina began to invite in various television projects. She took part in the filming of two television series: «Related exchange» and «Sisters». In the first series, the actress played two characters — sisters Faith and Julia.

    The present popularity of Karine brought the role in the historical drama «Adjutants of love», released in 2005. First, the actress was auditioned for the role of Hortense, daughter of Napoleon, and even signed a contract. However, before you start filming the Director was not able to find a girl for the lead role, and the character of Olga Lopukhina got Razumovsky. The artist could not believe our luck and tried very hard to faithfully portray your character. This role gave Razumovsky popularity in Russia and their supporters who have admired the sincerity and acting Karina.

    Following a successful and memorable movie role of the actress was the image of Alexandra in the movie «Blessed», which was released in 2008. This role proved to be quite difficult for her, both psychologically and physically, but her efforts were not in vain. Critics praised her acting, and at the festival «Worldfest», which was held in Houston, the girl was awarded a special prize «Silver Remi Award».

    Today Karina is a pretty popular actress of Russian cinema. Every year she takes part in the filming of numerous movies 2009, she starred in seven films that actress is a personal record. The choice series girl suits very seriously, often refusing the role when reading the first lines of the script. The main criterion for choosing work is an interesting plot and original character. Most of all she wants about the negative role of the character, but the Directors, unfortunately for most Actresses, don’t even consider a girl in a similar role.

    One of his last notable works Razumovsky became involved in the series, «C», where the girl got the role of captain of the police Department Victoria Rodionovna. The painting enjoyed great success and received fairly positive reviews from critics and has been renewed for a second season, the premiere of which was scheduled for the end of 2015.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Karina Razumovskaya does not like to talk, avoiding any of the questions in the interview. With her husband Artem Karasev girl he met at the theatre Academy, among them was a novel, which four years later led to marriage. The wedding was held on the eve of new year’s eve 2005. Almost all the time the couple was a lot of travel and long time no see. The relationship between the spouses did not work, and for some reason that Karina is trying not to disclose, six years later, the artists broke up.

    In his spare time, the actress is engaged in numerous Hobbies. She loves to cook, and is learning Italian. Their culinary masterpieces she often brings friends and colleagues in the theatre. Karina also enjoys sports and yoga. She loves art, painting and cross stitching.


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    Karina Razumovskaya

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