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  • Name: Karina Barbie ( Karina Shirobokova )
  • Date of birth: 24 January 1989
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Karaganda, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 164
  • Activities: participant of TV projects and shows
  • Marital status: not married

    Karina Barbie: biography

    Known Barbie was born on 24 Jan 1989 in Karaganda. Mother was 18 years old when she gave birth to a daughter. The girl was brought up by my mother.

    Karina Shirobokova (better known as Karina Barbie) said that her parents pampered, nothing denied, and not punished because he was busy. She was left to itself, often fought with contemporaries in the yard, hooligans, tried in any way to attract attention.

    Teaching high school, Karina was not interested, she went bad — two of the eight items. The girl thought about the Institute, her dream was to become famous in the world of glamour and went for it. Teenage Karina already had the pole – parents bought her demand. Barbie experimented with it, learned to strip and belly dance.

    During her school years she several times read the book «How to be a real bitch» and strictly adhere to its recommendations. The girl often provoked scandals to be the center of attention. At recess Karina Barbie showed classmates the elements of Striptease and dancing.

    Commercial vein was always in it. At the age of 13 she was already making money on their own — grown fashion cactus. After three years in Karaganda, she opened the first school of Oriental dance and earned her about $ 600 a month. Karina proudly says that her income was higher than the Deputy Director of the mine.

    The school she never graduated – he left after 9th grade. Relieved not only of Karina Barbie, but also her teachers. Soon she began to blog in LiveInternet. Her electronic diary, decorated in shades of pink, stood out among thousands of custom diaries. She wrote about her life, fun parties at night clubs. There first appeared a nickname — Barbie.

    Karina knew that in Karaganda career that she wants, she can’t. She decided to go to Moscow. Before the trip, in her diary, there was a record that she wants to find a husband-millionaire, become super popular and travel around the capital on a pink limousine. In Moscow Karina Barbie settled in a hut near the «Ostankino», because the TV company wanted to start their path to stardom.


    When Karina came to Moscow, she was 18 years old. She began as a stripper in bars, lying to employers that are already legal.

    In 18 years took place deletebot Karina Barbie – she appeared in the program «Sex with Anfisa Chekhova». After such a shocking start, the girl noticed the Directors of the popular TV show.

    In his blog, Karina wrote that stands ready to sell her virginity for a million dollars, but later added that he would agree to an amount less than 10 times. Needed money to buy an apartment or room in Moscow. Soon Karina was invited for the lead role in the film «Innocence». She played the heroine-a small-town girl, spoiled, everything in pink.

    Parallel to the filming and participation in the TV show Karina Barbie performs at corporate events and private parties. She has her own show program with songs and Striptease.

    In her blog, Barbie often advertises world of glamor – luxury cars, beauty salon, boutiques. She writes a post, post photos and reports that it has acquired a new smartphone or my hair done in such a place at such and such address. Karina Barbie quickly became famous, ESO of Hollywood invited her to become a consultant for a new line of erotic lingerie.

    The girl takes part in many popular designs, among them — «Let them talk», «Fashion verdict», «let’s get married» and others. When Carina appeared on «Minute of glory,» viewers and judges were shocked – Striptease from the grave had never happened before.

    Barbie do not mind that, look at her as a freak. Its purpose has not changed – to be the center of attention, to be at the hearing.

    Personal life

    Her tumultuous personal life has begun in Moscow. The girl regularly inform subscribers about their fans and relationships with them. Her first husband, Karina was Eugene of Shubaev. To him she dedicated the book «Tears of popularity».

    The next favorite Barbie was a Anatoly, was presented by Ken. And «pink girl» reported affair with the ex-participant of «Tender may» Alexey Burda. For him, Karina got married. But the marriage was short-lived – Alex was dead. A year after his death, Karina said that for a child from the deceased husband supposedly did artificial insemination.

    7 Nov 2013 Barbie had a baby girl Aurora. In mass media there was information that the father – Andrey Razin. He allegedly admitted paternity via Twitter and even came up with the name of the daughter. Razin denied this information, stating that the record was in feykovye Twitter, and he has two sons and is not going to become the father of the child abnormal Karina Barbie.» The parents of the deceased Oleksiy Burda, too, did not recognize her granddaughter.

    Barbie’s life, from time to time she posts pictures with new lovers.


    Karina Barbie

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