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  • Name: Karina Andolenko ( Karina Andolenko )
  • Date of birth: 20 September 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Kharkov
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Karina Andolenko: biography

    Karina V., Andolenko is a young actress of Ukrainian origin, the star who just recently appeared on the Russian film horizon. The film debut for girls was the crime drama «Roses for Elzy». After his girlfriend noticed, and now Karina is actively involved in different national cinema and TV shows and plays in the theater.

    Karina was born in Kharkov on 20 September 1987. Became interested in Theater since childhood. Already at the age of twelve, the girl began attending the city theatre, in parallel being engaged in the music school, piano class. Talented girl noticed, and she even began to speak at one of the local theaters that put on the show, the deaf, the specifics of which Karina knew her own grandparents were deaf.

    The first theatrical production for the expectant actress has been successful, and she literally falls in love with the theatre. So after graduating from high school, Karina decides to go to Moscow for admission to any of the Moscow theatre schools. Pretty bold decision, because by the time Russia and Ukraine were already different States. But she used to overcome various hardships and difficulties in his path. In the capital the girl immediately goes to the famous School of the Moscow art theatre (course of Konstantin Raikin), which in 2009 is graduating and becoming a professional actress.


    His first serious theatre role the actress has played in two theatre productions — «Valencia mad men» and «Not all cat Shrovetide». The last show on a theatre scene «the Satyricon». Supervised the productions of Konstantin Raikin. After graduation, Karina, Andolenko enrolled in the troupe of the famous theatre.

    But to really develop theatrical talent of the young actress could another popular actor and Director — Sergey Bezrukov. In his Moscow Provincial theater Andolenko played in two productions of «I Found Spit on the Stone» (2013) based on the play by A. N. Ostrovsky (the role of Lydia Cheboksarova) and «Cyrano de Bergerac» (2015) on the play by Edmond Rostand (a).

    Now the actress is working simultaneously in «the Satyricon» and in the Moscow Provincial theatre.


    Debut of the actress in the movie appeared in the movie of Yegor Konchalovsky’s «Roses for Elzy» (the main role — Tatiana Lepeshkina). The debut of this venerable Director was very convincing, and Karina was immediately in demand. In just two years the young actress took part in a large number of film projects of different genres – drama, historical film and even fiction. Her work in the movie noticed.

    In 2010, Karina, Andolenko at the VIII International film festival «Constellation» gets role in the movie «the Rowan waltz» prize in the nomination «Best female lead». Two years later, she again gets the same trophy, only the VI Moscow festival «Reflection» (for the role of Marina Kuznetsova in the movie «Arithmetic mean»). Two more years, and a new prize, this time for best actress at the Russian film festival debuts «movement» (for the role of Dooney in the movie «the Interpreter»).

    One of the most popular works of Karina, Andolenko are considered roles in the films «Kiss through the wall» (2011, Alice), «Viy» (2011, Tatiana Cherkesova), «Cornflowers for Vasilisa» (2012, Vasilisa). The young actress continues to act in films, and we probably will see her new diverse role.

    Among the last films in which he played, Andolenko, we can note the Model «a happy life», «Mysterious passion», «beauty Queen».

    Personal life

    About the personal life of a young woman known little. In 2010 in the series «the Viy», she played the role of a fatal beauty, is hopelessly in love with her husband’s sister, played by keira Knightley. There were rumors that the actors in his cinematic novel suffered in real life. But later it turned out that it’s gossip.

    The latest information about the personal life of the actress comes from her – Karina is not married, is not bound by any relationship and recently broke up with a young man. Before that, they dated for three years.


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    Karina Andolenko

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