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  • Name: Karen Shakhnazarov ( Karen Shakhnazarov )
  • Date of birth: 8 July 1952
  • Age: 64 years
  • Place of birth: Krasnodar, Russia
  • Height: 176
  • Activity: film Director, screenwriter, producer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Karen Shakhnazarov: a biography

    Karen Georgievich Shakhnazarov is one of the most celebrated local filmmakers. His films are always popular with audiences and often become classics. For example, you can call such paintings as «Courier», «We from a jazz» «Winter evening in Gagra», «Anna Karenina». In addition, in the creative biography of Karen Shakhnazarov is not only the Director’s work, but successful scripts, and producing. For contribution to Soviet and Russian cinema Karen Georgievich was awarded the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation.

    Karen Shakhnazarov
    Karen Georgievich Shakhnazarov | the First ul portal

    He was born in the capital of Krasnodar Krai, although none of the parents in this town lived. The father of the future Director, George Khosroeva, worked in Moscow as a lawyer, and his wife Anna was a sales worker at the vegetable warehouse. Later the father Shakhnazarov will become very famous nomenklatura, assistant to President Mikhail Gorbachev, and mother finished GITIS and do theater. But in 1952, the couple did not even own housing. And as the father of Karen Shakhnazarov’s nationality was Armenian, Russian mother-in-law son-in-law did not complain in their apartment not wish to see.

    Karen Shakhnazarov s baticom
    With his father Georgy Shakhnazarov | the First channel

    As a result, the Shakhnazarov-senior sends his wife to his sister in Vermont, where he began the biography of Karen Shakhnazarov. By the way, the Director comes from an old aristocratic Armenian princes Melik-Shahnazaryan, who are likely to belong to the legendary forefather of Armenians, Hayk. Despite city childhood, Karen G. was held in Moscow. In their family were often visited by famous people, ranging from politicians and ending with the artists. Like Dating Shakhnazarov prompted to connect his life with a creative profession. But first the young man wanted to become an artist because I was interested in painting, but in the end decided to create «living pictures».

    Karen Shakhnazarov in his youth
    Service in the army | Artpages

    After school has arrived on Director’s faculty of VGIK. There is a young man studied with well-known specialist Igor Talankin, who had an excellent account. Moreover, Karen became his assistant on the set of the film «goal» where he started his professional biography Karen Shakhnazarov. Later he filmed a lot of movies, wrote scripts for feature films, mastered a new profession of producer.

    Karen Georgievich Shakhnazarov
    Karen Georgievich Shakhnazarov is a frequent speaker in the transmission of Vladimir Solovyov | SeverInform

    Also in 1998, Shakhnazarov was head of the film Studio «Mosfilm» and was able to return to her former greatness. On the question of how he did it, the Director simply explained: «I don’t steal». Well-known Karen Georgievich as a public figure. He is a supporter of the «left» parties and repeatedly appeared in various TV shows, including the Studio host Vladimir Solovyov, where he tried to restore the lost authority of such public figures as Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin.

    The Films Of Karen Shakhnazarov

    First independent films of Karen Shakhnazarov in the filmography began to appear at the turn of 70-80-ies. His debut film «Good souls» are unable to attract the attention of the audience. The pill was sweetened only by the fact that the lyrical Comedy «Ladies invite gentlemen», based on his script and had some success. But Karen Georgievich wanted to obtain recognition as a Director. In 1983 his desire fulfilled.

    Karen Georgievich Shakhnazarov
    One of the most famous Russian film Directors | Movie buff

    Musical film «We are from jazz» with the fabulous Igor Sklyar, Alexander Pankratov by Black, Borislav by Brandukov, Eugene Evstigneev had not only become known, and was, in the opinion of the readers of the magazine «Soviet screen», the best film of the year. With many famous artists Shakhnazarov worked late. In the musical drama «Winter evening in Gagra» viewers saw Natalya Gundareva, in the phantasmagoria of «zero City» enjoyed a game of Leonid Filatov, historical and mystical painting «the Kingslayer» watched Oleg Yankovsky, and in the Comedy «Dreams» — with Oleg Basilashvili.

    The film
    Shot from a film «We from a jazz» | Komsomolskaya Pravda

    Another stellar film by Karen Georgievich Shakhnazarov was the youth tragicomedy «Courier», which many fans of the Director is considered the peak of his creativity. By the way, this was the first big job for the actress Anastasia Nemolyaeva. Later the art Director clearly distinguished almost autobiographical story, «an American daughter», filmed about the breakup with his second wife and daughter, a historical drama «the Rider named Death» with Andrei Panin and modernized adaptation of the novel by Anton Chekhov «Ward No. 6».

    The film
    Still from the film «Courier» | Cinema

    Interesting fate awaited epic about the 70 years of «the Disappeared Empire». First she released under this name, and four years later, the Director sat down again in the Studio with the footage and made a new installation, which was released under the title «Love in USSR». «Anna Karenina» Karen Shakhnazarov is one of the brightest of his paintings. The main role of the Director has invited Elizabeth Boyarskaya and tried not just to convey the story told by Leo Tolstoy, but also try to understand why this woman went to such a tragic act.

    Personal life

    Karen Shakhnazarov’s personal life was officially connected with three women, but as says the Director today – in this respect he has not succeeded. The first time he went to the registry office still in a very young age, but his first wife lived only six months. As he considers Karen Georgievich, the marriage was short, so as not withstood the test of professional setbacks: the first directorial work of a young man failed, and the negative emotions he brought to the family, which caused so many scandals.

    Olena Setunskaya
    Elena Setunskaya second wife, Shakhnazarov | Seven days

    The second wife of Karen Shakhnazarov showed up at his house only two months after they met. Elena Setunskaya, which today is better known as a TV presenter Alena Zander, two years after marriage gave her husband a daughter, Anne. But the family of Karen Shakhnazarov was influenced by the work. Only this time the reason was just the opposite: the glory, all the fame and readily available women. Tired of her husband’s infidelity, Elena took my daughter and flew to the United States, where she married a Hollywood producer. With the daughter of the Director has seen in 20 years and realized that they are very different and it is almost impossible to find a common topic of conversation.

    Darina Mayorov
    Actress Daria Mayorova third wife, Shakhnazarov | Cinemania

    The third time my husband went to the registry office in the early 90-ies. Wife Karen Shakhnazarov, actress Daria Mayorova, met her future husband on the set of his painting «the Kingslayer». Despite the considerable difference in age, they easily found a common language, two years living in a de facto marriage, and then officially signed. The family of Karen Shakhnazarov came two sons – Ivan and Vasily.

    Karen Shakhnazarov with children
    Karen G. sons Ivan and Vasily | Facts and comments

    At this time, children Karen Georgievich Shakhnazarov gave a lot of time even after the divorce. As said guys, as adults, they have not even understood that their parents no longer live together – so often the father is present in their lives. However, now the legendary Director alone, which, according to him, a little disappointed and in a profession that took his family’s happiness.


    • 1983 — We’re from jazz
    • 1985 Winter evening in Gagry
    • 1986 — Courier
    • 1995 American daughter
    • 1998 — full moon Day
    • 2001 — poisons or the world history of poisoning
    • 2004 the Rider named Death
    • 2008 — the Vanished Empire
    • 2009 — Ward No. 6
    • 2017 — Anna Karenina


    Karen Shakhnazarov

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