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  • Name: Karen Avanesyan ( Karen Hovhannisyan )
  • Date of birth: 18 September 1957
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: entertainer, actor, master of parodies, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Karen Avanesyan: biography

    Karen Avanesyan was born 18 September 1957, the year in Baku. According to his passport his name is spelled «Hovhannisyan», but for simplicity of writing, the comedian decided to simplify it. Future popular comedian appeared in the Shopping street, which is often called «Baku Arbat» — perhaps we should consider it a sign of a successful acting career Karen.

    However, other circumstances also been a lot. Next to the hospital, where the little boy let out his first cry, was located at the Baku music College. Dad of Karen in all my dreams somehow saw the son of a successful famous artist. And only the mother of a future famous artist really believed that her child will achieve success on the stage.

    Karen Avanesyan
    Karen Avanesyan | Facebook

    Despite the diversity of opinions of others, Karen from her early years knew what he wanted: to make people laugh. In the childhood to it was attached a funny nickname «Carlos», which is used by many relatives and friends of the Avetisyan and still.

    In his early years the artist worked in children’s theatre Studio, getting great pleasure. In the Studio he realized how much he loves to go on stage, and finally decided to link their future with it.

    Karen Avanesyan in his youth
    Karen Avanesyan (left) in the army | Lurkmore

    The first role of «Carlos» was a character in Monster play on the tale of Vadim korostilev «King of the Bang-Bang, or about Ivan the giant». The young artist brilliantly coped with the role, turning in a very convincing monster. Educators theatre Studio was very pleased with the work of the ward, and even then predicted him a successful acting career. However, the Avanesyan, first and foremost, it is interested in humor.

    A gifted student decided to go to a theatre and engaged in parodies. Without any experience, he successfully managed to parody any person, regardless of whether he knew him for years or saw for the first time. At first Karen was just having fun, «mimicking» other people and even fairy-tale characters.

    Karen Avanesyan
    Karen Avanesyan | APTVISIT

    Classmates every time we came in raptures and asked to portray someone else, so gradually Avanessian started to treat my hobby more seriously. Especially well he has been the Director of the school. Karen was creeping up to the fighting boys and loudly of the verb voice of the Director: «What a disgrace!».

    But pretty soon the guys saw through the trick Karen, and when the same phrase was repeated by the present Director, they have not ceased to fight. Boys punished as a lover of jokes. But the cheerful disposition of Avanesyan was impossible to break it with punishment, and Karen continued to improve their skills. In parallel with this, the boy had to attend clubs sculpting and drawing, because my father and had wanted to make him a great artist.

    Karen Avanesyan
    Karen Avanesyan | Our city

    After school, Karen went into the Soviet Army. And even in the service he didn’t crack jokes and entertain colleagues skillful parodies of themselves or commanders. Giving back to the Motherland, Avanesyan decided that he would have to enter the Baku Institute of arts is a national educational institution teaching in which was conducted in the Armenian language.

    To achieve this goal was quite difficult, and he Karen explains his success is nothing but a desire for excitement. Despite the fact that he was born speaking it, the artist has managed in one year is wonderful to study the national language. He’s not just arrived on Director’s faculty – he passed all the exams, gaining very high scores.

    Karen Avanesyan
    Karen Avanesyan

    In 1985, the year comedian no less successfully graduated from the Baku Institute of arts. During his studies he started working in the show program called «Parade of stars», very popular on the stage of those times. It is worth noting that of all the graduates he was the only one who has achieved success in all CIS countries and even beyond.

    In 1987, the year Karen Avanesyan received the diploma of the eighth all-Union competition of performers and decided to move to the capital. In the first years after moving, the artist worked as an entertainer at the concerts of famous Soviet artists: Valery Leontiev, Philip Kirkorov, Masha Rasputina and several others.

    Career of the humorist

    Colorful Oriental accent Avanesyan, his ability to set a funny tone and speak without interruption provided the artist constant love of the public. By the way, the focus of Karen is also part of the stage image: actually, the artist speaks Russian almost purely.

    Until 1997, the year the main occupation of the comedian was the entertainer. However, at the turn of 20-21 centuries, the artist finally started podvorachivaetsya more interesting work. He was able to show his brilliant comic talent in such television shows as «Smehopanorama», «full House», «Mouths of Babes» «Oh, anecdote, anecdote…», «Show-files» and many others.

    Monologues artist «Person of Caucasian nationality», «a gift to the mother-in-law», «we all», «right on schedule», «sign of a black cat» and many others provided the artist fame and popularity.

    In addition, comedian previously fond of parodies, bringing them to the stage level. The audience will be remembered as Avanesyan portrayed Nikulin, Hagopian, Zadornov, Papanova, Gorbachev, Livanov, Dzhigarkhanyan, Mkrtchyan and many other famous people. In several popular offer company the artist made Georgian Gia Gaga.

    However, the most popular Karen Avanesyan received thanks to the work in the Moscow theater of humor «Distorting mirror». Humorous theatre performances were broadcasted in the period from 2003 to 2014 years. Head of transmission, as executor of a number of roles in the performances, was well-known humorist Evgenie Petrosyan.

    Although the «Distorting mirror» has been repeatedly criticized (especially by the younger generation), transmission was still extremely popular. In the framework of the tours of the theatre Avanesyan toured almost the whole of Russia. In the «distorting mirror» often sounded the best monologues of the artist, however, his companion playing scenes often became Alexey Bukhovtsev.

    Charismatic Avanesyan, apparently, just could not attract the attention of the Directors. Therefore, over the years of his artistic career, he also managed to be involved in a number of films: «Impotent», «Bastard», «kidnapped groom», «Seven times measure», «online alias», «holiday romance», «Spell», «the Ultimatum». In addition, the artist performed a key role in a television series called «Life – a field for hunting».

    Karen Avanesyan
    Karen Avanesyan | Facebook

    Although all sorts of awards have never been important to Karen as the smiles and sympathy of the audience, yet they warm the soul of any artist. In 2009, the year Avanesyan received the honorary title «Honored artist of Russia».

    Remarkable can be called and the fact that the materials published some years ago the «Encyclopedia of pop artists» begin of information about the life and work of Karen Avanesyan.

    Personal life

    The family is the part of the artist’s life, about which we know least. It is reported that in his youth, Karen was the wife. In marriage were born children: two charming daughters. However, the couple after some time dispersed.

    Little more is known about the second wife of comedian: with the pretty Nona, he met in the early 2000s, and at first the girl didn’t answer temperamental and funny Avanessian back. However, he did not give up, and eventually was able to Woo his beloved. The wedding of Karen and Nonna took place in 2010, before the future spouses met for several years.

    Karen Avanesyan, with his wife Nona.
    Karen Avanesyan, with his wife Nona | Facebook

    It is also known that in his spare time, comedian likes to draw caricatures of friends, relatives and colleagues (even where he came in handy drawing lessons). In addition, he loves to travel, mostly warm countries. Winter Karen hates. The artist also is a big fan of Russian and foreign cinema: at home, he has assembled a library of favorite films.


    Karen Avanesyan

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