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  • Name: Kanye West ( Kanye West )
  • Date of birth: 8 June 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: rapper, singer-songwriter, film Director, fashion designer
  • Marital status: married to Kim Kardashian

    Kanye West: biography

    American rapper Kanye Omari West was born in the big city of Atlanta, located in the state of Georgia. Both parents belonged to the intellectual professions. Father ray West was one of the first photojournalists of African Americans in the USA. Mother Donda West at the time of the birth of his son taught English at the University of Clark-Atlanta and had the title of Professor. Later she will lead the faculty of Philology at the University of Chicago, and when Kanye will need a personal Manager, a woman will take over their responsibilities.

    The boy was only three years old, when ray and Donda broke up. Kanye stayed with her mother and moved with her to Chicago. He attended high school «Polaris» and went very well. Grade below a «four» was for the West nonsense.

    Kanye West childhood
    Kanye West childhood

    Some time teen and mom lived in China, where the Foundation trained the local population in English. As Kanye was the only student from abroad in the town of Nanjing, for it did not create a separate program, and the West in a short time he mastered Chinese.

    Creativity came to life very early Kanye. In five years he wrote his first verse, and to 8 years was fond of painting and music. My mom gave my son a gaming computer «Amiga», which was a program for creating simple melodies. West immersed himself in it interesting. A little later, the teenager begins to rap and to participate actively in the hip-hop movement in the city. In 13 years, Kanye writes melodies that are not ashamed to sell to other musicians. In the same period he writes his own song «Green Eggs and Ham» on a semi-professional Studio.

    Kanye West in his youth
    Kanye West in his youth

    After school Kanye West received a grant to study in the American Academy of arts, but he was given a scholarship to study at the faculty of fine arts, not music, as the guy had hoped. So soon he transferred to the University of Chicago and immersed in English literature.

    However, in the 20 years West throws the University to focus on her musical career. Mother-the Professor was in shock, but the continued success of the son allowed her to take another look at things. The woman would later say that he understood: in some professions, talent, will power and determination has a much greater role than education.


    Even in school and College time, Kanye West wrote music for other artists, including Beyonce and Janet Jackson, younger sister of Michael Jackson. But later he decides to start his own path in show business. Unfortunately, at first, Kanye was refused from the recording studios. They gladly bought his samples, but didn’t want to hear about the rapper who grew up in an intellectual family, and not among the young gangsters.

    Indeed, rap music is the story about the difficulties the contractor faced in life. Kanye have had no experience of shootings or drug trafficking. But at that moment there was a another tragedy – he was in a car accident, which shattered his jaw.

    It is a special bus for the face, the musician writes the song «Through the Wire» and two weeks later, while still in a special medical mask, record it in the Studio. Thanks to the disaster the young man found the theme of the first album «The College Dropout»: making their own decisions.

    The drive was a huge success and debuted with the second line «Billboard». Big hits have become «Slow Jamz» and «Jesus Walks», which is still kind of his calling card Vesta. Interestingly, from a musical point of view, the style of the debut album, Kanye was like a crash soul. It was an innovation that began to copy West’s colleagues, and he immediately sat down to come up with a different genre, not to be repeated.

    The second album «Late Registration» brought Kanye a Grammy award, and his fans songs like «Gold Digger», «Heard ‘Em Say» and «Drive Slow». Thus, the singer who denied recording Studio, could become one of the most successful rappers in the world.

    Subsequently, Kanye West again gave his fans hits on a global scale. Should be called hip-hop, «Stronger,» minimalistic sintipop «Love Lockdown» and rap «Heartless». The last one is considered one of the best selling singles in the world.

    Fashion designer

    After becoming a famous musician, Kanye West decided to be realized in a different area. He created her own clothing line «Pastelle», on which he worked for 4 years. But since the beginning of the cooperation with Nike to create designer sneakers Air Yeezy his clothing line, Kanye was closed. West also collaborated with Italian Shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti and Japanese brand BAPE.

    Sneakers Yeezy Boost from Can West
    Sneakers Yeezy Boost Kanye West | Adidas

    He later returned to create women’s outfits and at the Paris fashion week in 2011 showed the first collection. A year later he introduced a new version of clothing, but the main success of the Vesta-fashion designer related still with shoes. After Nike, he begins cooperation with «Adidas» and releases the Yeezy Boost sneakers and boots Yeezy 950 Boot.

    Personal life

    Young Kain West met with the designer Alexis phifer and even got engaged with her, but after a year and a half after the engagement the young people announced their breakup.

    Kanye West and Alexis phifer
    Kanye West and Alexis phifer | JustJared

    Then the rapper was a two-year affair with a famous model amber rose.

    Kanye West and amber rose
    Kanye West and amber rose | Zimbio

    And in 2012, West began a relationship with reality show star and model Kim Kardashian, with whom he had known for five years. A year later, at the party on the occasion of the 33 anniversary of Kim, the musician proposed to her. It happened in a solemn ceremony at the stadium «AT&T Park» in San Francisco and witnessed the Declaration of love were all members of the family and friends of Kanye and Kim.

    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian | Jeremy Dante

    The wedding took place in Florence in may 2014, and during the time between engagement and wedding West had become a father, Kardashian gave birth to daughter North, known by the family name is Nori. At the end of 2015, the rapper once again experienced the joy of fatherhood – they now have with Kim and the son of the Saint.

    The fact that his family is more important than career, fame and money, he showed in October 2016. When the wife of Kanye West was attacked by robbers and took her hostage, the rapper has canceled his concert, which was in full swing, and hurried to the woman.


    • 2004 — The College Dropout
    • 2005 — Late Registration
    • 2007 — Graduation
    • 2008 — 808s & Heartbreak
    • 2010 — My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    • 2011 — Watch the Throne
    • 2013 — Yeezus
    • 2016 — The Life of Pablo


    Kanye West

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