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  • Name: Larin, Kamil ( Kamil Larin )
  • Date of birth: 10 November 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Volgograd
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: film and theater actor, honored artist of the Republic of Tatarstan
  • Marital status: married

    Kamil Larin: biography

    Kamil Larin is a Russian actor, honored artist of the Republic of Tatarstan. Is one of the founders of the comic theater «Quartet And». He became popular for her role in the performances of «radio Day» and «election Day», and after the same film has received wide acclaim.

    Camille was born in Volgograd in a Tatar family. The boy’s parents worked in the woodworking plant for the posts of engineers. In childhood, Camille has devoted much time to the sport, doing different types of martial arts and weightlifting, participated in the chess section. In adolescence also dabbled in poetry. Such diverse Hobbies Kamil explains the influence of their parents, who also had a variety of interests.

    After school He studied at the Volgograd energy College, got the 4th rank as a electrical technician. But the thirst for creativity, especially theatre activities, picked the young man up, so he went to Moscow and entered the faculty of variety State theatre Institute, where in 1993, its artistic Director was Vladimir Korovin.

    «The Quartet And»

    At the University Kamil Larin met with other actors Alexander Demidov, Leonid Burozem, Rostislav Khait and Director Sergei Petreikov, with whom he organized a highly specialized comic theatre «the Quartet And». At the theatre, Camille serves with its inception and does not intend to stop cooperation. In «the Quartet And» he was involved in such well-known authors ‘ performances of «radio Day», «election Day,» «Conversations of men of middle age on women, cinema and aluminium plugs» and many others.

    Since 2005, together with other participants «the Quartet And» Larin was co-host of the entertainment program «Believe it or not» on TNT. The program was built as a news release, which consist of 8 stories, some true, some humorous. During the program, viewers could send in their choices of which news, in their opinion, true or false, thus taking part in a unique competition.

    In the feature film Kamil Larin made his debut in 2004, starring in one series of popular comic series «My fair nanny», playing a new Butler, Leonid, who came to work in house producer Shatalina. Later he appeared in other television sitcoms, such as «Who’s the boss?», «Syndrome of the Phoenix» and «just married».

    But the real popularity among viewers actor won after the adaptation of the performances of the troupe «the Quartet And». In 2007, he starred as the technique is hardware-a Studio complex, whose name is Kamil Renatovich, in the Comedy-farce «election Day». By the way, in the play the character middle name matches the middle name of Kamil shamilyevich, but in the films it was decided to change it to emphasize that the actors are absolutely not themselves. Although each member of the cast got in the way, is incredibly close in spirit and life experience. The film was a huge success and was named the best Comedy of the year.

    In the Wake of the success was filmed and other performances. In the film «radio Day» Kamil Larin plays the same character. In the film «what men talk About», written in the style of a road movie and also contains traces of outright farce, the actor plays one of the friends who are traveling from Moscow to Odessa on the car for the desire to get to the concert favorite band «Bi-2» and get into a different road of history. New film repeated the success of the previous one, allowing the band «Quartet» for the first time decided to write an original script for the film, which resulted in the continuation of this pattern under the name «what else do men». This film was not only well received, but broke all financial records, becoming the highest-grossing picture of the year.

    In 2016, Kamil Larin returns to the first cenosphere and starred in the Comedy-farce «election Day 2».

    In addition to feature films, Larin repeatedly participated in the filming of music videos. It can be seen in the clip «Fun world» the rock band «Agatha Christie», «This is the dawn of» rock-n-rolikov «Bravo» in the popular song in the style of chanson «Young» performed by Ephraim Amiramov, and in the clip of Sasha H, «you’re not coming in today», where he involves other members of the theatre «the Quartet And».

    Personal life

    In 1989, the Gum Larin married for the first time. With his wife Galina he met in a train compartment, EN route to Volgograd. In 1993 they had a son Jan, who, like his father in childhood, fond of sports and is a candidate master of sports in archery. The marriage of Camille and Galina collapsed in 2012, but the former couple has maintained a friendly relationship and communicate regularly.

    In September 2014 Larin married again. New choice was a Ekaterina Andreeva, which holds the position of head of one of departments of the company «Bosco». They met a year before the wedding at the festival «Chereshnevy Les», organizer and leader of which was Catherine.

    In January 2014, Camille became the torch bearer of the winter Olympics, during which the Olympic flame during the 123-day was held in Sochi. Larin was one of the torchbearers in his native Volgograd.


    • 2007 — election Day
    • 2008 — radio Day
    • 2009 — The Phoenix Syndrome
    • 2010 — what men talk About
    • 2011 — what men still talk
    • 2011 — Couple
    • 2012 — Strong marriage
    • 2013 — Faster than rabbits
    • 2013 — Packed
    • 2016 — election Day 2


    Kamil Larin

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