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  • Name: Kairat Primordial ( Kairatbek Primordial )
  • Date of birth: 24 November 1985.
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Laitala, Osh oblast, Kyrgyzstan
  • Activity: singer, participant of show «Main stage» and «the Voice»
  • Marital status: married

    Kairat Primaries: biography

    Kairat Primordial is a talented singer and self-taught from Kyrgyzstan. His vocal skill, he managed to conquer compatriots, and thanks to television shows such as «Main stage» and «the Voice», became famous in Russia.

    Kairatbek was born in the Kyrgyz village of Laitela located in Osh oblast. He was not yet a year old, when suddenly the father died. Mom took the boy and his three sisters and moved to his native village of Kok-Oy near the town of Talas. By the way, from parents Kairat inherited the singing and musical talent: Primordial Sr. played the guitar and he was going to listen to all villagers. Mom also had a good voice in his youth.

    Kairat Primaries in childhood
    Kairat Primaries in childhood | Limon

    Childhood Kairat was a difficult 90 – e years, lack of money and unemployment. To think in these difficult times the arts almost impossible, but Primordial sisters still staged impromptu house concerts. They included an old portable tape recorder, and sang songs of Michael Jackson, Valery Meladze, Leonid Agutin. It was a distraction and the main entertainment of children.

    At the age of 14 Kairat Primordial began to walk the circle of the Kyrgyz national epic «Manas», then learned to play the traditional Central Asian instrument komuz and only after puberty began to take vocal lessons. But in fact, he is self-taught and developed vocal cords themselves.

    Kairat Primordial s mom
    Kairat Primordial mom | Limon

    After school the boy wanted to become a professional linguist and went to Bishkek to do at the Kyrgyz-Kuwait University, the faculty of the Arabic language. It only took a preparatory course, and uncle dissuaded Kairat remain in the capital. Then Primordial returns to Talas and became a student of the agricultural College, where he received a specialty electrician in the direction of «automation and electrification of agriculture».

    But it turned out that the new electrician is afraid of power! So, specialty Kairatbek hasn’t worked a day. He again went to Bishkek, and this time set itself the goal of becoming a professional singer. However, once he failed. First, the young man worked as a Baker and even a laborer at a construction site. And only after almost a year was able to enter into a contract with a producer and start speaking on the Kyrgyz stage.

    Three years later, the project, which worked Primordial, ceased to exist. At the same time on the personal front, guy is also a crisis. Of despair and depression, he travels to Kazakhstan, where he earns money by singing in restaurants. But life has shown that this experience is also needed. Kairat hardened, learned how to sing on YouTube and when he was in the TV show, was ready to heavy loads.

    Music education Kairat Primordial never received, although a few years ago, I entered the Conservatory. But started career in Russia did not allow him to attend classes, and from the University, singer was expelled.

    TV show

    In 2015, Kairat Primordial sent video with his vocals in various television projects, including «the Voice» and «Main stage». It is the last talent show, he received an invitation. The court decided by an impartial jury, the singer introduced the song Eskadron, Oleg Gazmanov and received the support of Diana and Elena Vaenga. In the end, Kairat have managed to get into live broadcasts and hit the team of Valery Leontiev. Moreover, from week to week by Kyrgyz are increasingly gaining the sympathy of viewers and managed to get into the top three.

    And in 2016 Primaries became a member of the fifth season of the show «the Voice.» In the blind auditions he sang a difficult song «it’s a man’s man’s man’s World» from the repertoire of American singer James brown and earned the favor of two members of the jury — Leonid Agutin Polina Gagarina.

    During the interview with judges raised the question – can talent from Kyrgyzstan to sing not only in a low hoarse voice, but a pure high tone. Kairat and a Cappella sang a folk song in their native language, demonstrating a good vocal.

    His mentor in the show «the Voice» Kairat Primaries chose Leonid Agutin and joined such artists as Daria Antonyuk, Shura Kuznetsova and Nicole Knaus.

    Personal life

    First time Kairatbek Primaries married quite early. Unfortunately, despite the birth of a son, family relationships did not work out. When the singer was experiencing problems at work, the wife took the child and filed for divorce. It is because of this situation the guy was depressed, and he went to Kazakhstan to change the situation.

    Later, he will be able to find out the relationship with his ex-wife, and she allowed him to see his son, although I was against their communication.

    Kairat Primaries and his wife Elvira begaliyeva
    Kairat Primaries and his wife Elvira begaliyeva | Limon

    In Kazakhstan Kairat sang in a restaurant with a charming girl Elvira Begalieva. Between them was a connection, but until a serious relationship has come far not at once. First, Primordial, recently went through a divorce, afraid to create a new family, then Elvira was not eager to marry.

    Kairat Primaries and his wife Elvira begaliyeva
    Kairat Primaries and his wife Elvira begaliyeva | Radio Azattyk

    Kairat began to arrange romantic surprises, and the quality of the proposal presented a beautiful bouquet of flowers in which lay the envelope with the letter. There’s a man confessed his love and asked for the hand of his beloved. To discard these feelings girl could not. Now begaliyeva appears more than herself, and is engaged in the business of her husband as his personal Manager.

    Kairat Primordial in my spare time, which he not so much, loves to read sci-Fi novels, playing football and going out with friends on a fishing trip. He also had an unusual dream the singer really wants to jump with a parachute from the stratosphere.


    Kairat Primordial

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