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  • Name: Kairat Nurtas ( Kairat Aidarbekov )
  • Date of birth: 25 February 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Turkestan, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: Kazakhstani pop singer
  • Marital status: married

    Kairat Nurtas: biography

    Kairat Murtazovich of Aidarbekov, better known to us as the singer Kairat Nurtas, was born in February 1989 in Turkestan. Shortly after the birth of Kairat his family moved to «the southern capital of Kazakhstan, the city of Republican significance Almaty. The boy grew up in a musical family. Dad Kairat acted on stage in his youth, but career as a singer did not.

    Kairat Nurtas debuted on the music scene at 9 years of age. It happened at Baikonur. Of «live» performance, a pleasant tone of voice and unusual charm of the young artist very quickly made him famous. On the way to the popularity of the son, and the continual mother Gulzira Aidarbekova. She is a producer Kairat and helped him to open the door to the world of show business. The mother accompanies the son in his tours.

    After graduation Nurtas entered the pop-music College named Alibekova. Then studied in theatrical school.


    The first solo concert of Kairat Nurtas took place in the day of his age in Alma-ATA in 2008. He walked in the Palace of the Republic. It is noteworthy that in the hours before the concert hall was only half-filled. But for a few minutes before the start it was not a single free space all the tickets were sold out. Since the first house started star biography Kairat Nurtas. Since then, a popular Kazakhstan singer started the tradition in every birthday to give a big solo concert.

    With the same success Kairat Nurtas sings young and unknown composers, and classics of Kazakh pop stars – Aset Beiseuov, Shamshi Kaldayakov and others. For a long time Kairat was singing a duet with a famous pop singer Syrym by Isabaeva. Along with him he performed the song «Fusion of hearts,» became a hit.

    Recently began a career of Kairat Nurtas was extremely rapid. Now in the repertoire of the performer over hundreds of songs and dozens of CDs. An absolute «plus» the Kazakh singer is his live performance of all their songs at concerts. It is noteworthy that Kairat Nurtas love not only young admirers of his talent, but also the older generation.

    Very eventful for the singer was 2013. The birthday was first published his magazine called the artist «Kairat Nurtas». Since he goes regularly 1 time per month. This edition contains a fresh interview with the young artist, and told the news of the world of cinema and music.

    In April of 2013 in the cinema «Arman» was held the premiere of the feature film called «Regret». In his story line – the story of the life Circa Nurtas, his relations with native people, about work and creativity. This movie was years in the Park Ospanov, and starred himself Kairat. The tape lasts nearly 2 hours, and its budget amounted to nearly $ 2 million. The shooting took place in his native Turkestan and Alma-ATA and Astana.

    In the career of Kairat Nurtas were unpleasant moments. In August of 2013 in the shopping center «Prime Plaza» hosted a free concert by Kazakh, ended in great disorder. Spectators broke through the security cordon and reached the scene. There they started a mass brawl. Kairat had to leave the stage. An unfortunate incident happened as a result of the unsuitability of the scene the shopping center to such statements. Then injuring 16 people, and the number of detainees has reached a hundred people.

    Today Kairat Nurtas – one of the most popular artists of Kazakhstan. His annual income in 2013 amounted to more than $ 2 million. It is known that by the fall of 2013 opened the first branded boutique, which sells clothing. Plans Kairat – opening his own airline.

    Personal life

    Personal life Kairat Nurtas very interested in his fans and especially numerous fans. But the singer is reluctant to say on this subject, arousing even more interest to the person. It is known that Kairat Nurtas married. His soulmate’s name is Zhuldyz abdukarimova. The couple is growing up three children – Sezim, Alau, Narula.


    Kaira Nurtas

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