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  • Name: Natalia Podolskaya ( Natalia Podolskaya )
  • Date of birth: 20 may 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Mogilev, Belarus
  • Activity: singer
  • Marital status: married Vladimir Presnyakov

    Natalia Podolskaya biography

    Natalia Podolskaya was born on 20 may 1982 in the city of Mogilev in Belarus. The girl was born not alone, but with sister Julia. Parents wanted a son, they could not think that they will have two daughters. The girls ‘ father Yuri worked at a law firm, and his mother Nina Antonovna supervised the work of the exhibition hall. Natalia and Julia are already in early childhood, had completely opposite personalities. Future singer sang some songs, then as she grew quiet and silent child.

    When my parents were young Podolsk in kindergarten, the girl all of a sudden sang a song memorized by heart «By don walks young Cossack». In the childhood Natalia used to pretend to be a pop singer changing into a mother’s clothing, and singing the famous song into the microphone, whose role is most often fulfilled combs. At the age of nine, Nina Antonovna took daughter to the children’s music Studio «Raduga», where training Podolsk engaged professional teachers.

    After finishing school in 1999, parents decided that the daughter should learn a useful and promising profession. So at the insistence of the father-the lawyer Natalia Podolskaya entered the Belarusian Institute of jurisprudence.

    In 2002, the student transferred to the correspondence Department and moved to Moscow and entered the Moscow Institute of contemporary arts in the vocal Department. Her teacher was the legendary pop singer Tamara Miansarova, which largely helped the young singer to reach their potential.

    In 2004, Podolsky graduated from the Institute of law with honors. And in 2008 she received the Russian citizenship, and eventually settled in Moscow.


    In twelve years Natalia took a soloist with professional ensemble «Double V,» with which singer toured the territory of Belarus, Germany and Eastern Europe. At age 17 she received her first prize at the international contest «Golden hit». In addition, the most prestigious award, the artist received a cash award in the amount of one thousand dollars. First Podolsky earned money spent to upgrade the wardrobe, she bought a sheepskin coat and fashionable suede boots.

    In 2002 Natalia was a participant of the international competition «Slavic Bazaar», which is held annually in Vitebsk. In the same year, the singer went to Prague for the festival «Universetalent Prague 2002», where he received the award in two nominations. Talented Belorussian singer talking abroad. In the same year, the singer signed a contract with the producer Igor Kaminsky.

    In 2003, the girl was invited to represent great Britain at the world famous «Eurovision-2004», she even wrote the song «Unstoppable». However, the Podolsky forbidden to represent any other country, except Belarus, where she couldn’t even get past the qualifying round.

    In 2004, Natalia was lucky to get on the project that became the starting ground for many young talents in Russia, the TV show «Star Factory-5». There Podolsky met with the famous producer Victor Drobysh, who appreciated her talent and helped her to record the first album «Late». She was the only performer who has released a record through participation in a project. Podolsk has not won the show, taking third place, but the «Star Factory» was his first major stepping stone on the path to glory.

    In 2005 the artist had the honor to represent Russia at the international contest «Eurovision-2005». In the qualifying round Podolsky bypassed such renowned pop artists as Dima Bilan, Anastasia Stotskaya. Especially for the show Victor Drobysh has written for the singer’s song «Nobody Hurt No One», in the same year they removed her video. However, Natalie failed to even make the list of the top ten finalists of «Eurovision», which upset the young performer.

    After the defeat at the European festival, producer Igor Kaminsky began to blame the failures of the singer’s second producer Natalia Victor Drobysh. Endless scandals and failures of the concerts of the singer led to the fact that Podolsky decided to terminate the contract with Kaminsky. However, the producer demanded the girl a fabulous sum as compensation. Then the singer resorted to the court and recognized the contract signed with the producer in 2002, is invalid. Until 2007 Igor Kaminsky has filed new lawsuits and appeals regarding their rights to creativity Podolsk, but in the end lost everything.

    In the framework of the signed contract with the producer center of Viktor Drobysh Natalia has recorded and released eight singles in five years. She toured extensively in Russia, took part in the filming of television programs and clips, sang a duet with many famous Russian pop singers. Her songs many times got to the top of the domestic charts.

    In 2010 expired the term of the contract with Victor Drobysh. With the consent of the producer and the singer decided not to pursue it, and Podolsky continued his musical career already as an independent artist. She never ceased to record new singles, experimenting with sound and inviting for music treatment songs from famous DJs. In 2011, Natalie was reunited with Drobysh in the framework of the TV show «star Factory. The return», which competed with the graduates of the project of the same name.

    In the fall of 2013 it became known that the singer prepared to release his second solo album «Intuition». A month before the release of the album of the Podolsk unveiled the first song of the album called «Heart».

    In 2014, Podolsky recorded his new song «so far away», which was issued as a single. She shot a video for the song, the shooting of which took place in late January 2015.

    Personal life

    First love Natalia Podolskaya became her producer Igor Kaminsky. Igor was much older girls and in many ways helped her to become a professional singer. Together they lived in a civil marriage for almost five years. Then their relationship didn’t work out and the couple broke up.

    In 2005 on the set of the TV show «the Great race» Podolsky met the singer and composer Vladimir Presnyakov-younger. Friendly relations ensued between the artists, soon turned into love and romance. The couple began to live together and jointly engaged in creative activities. The artists sang a few songs as a Duo.

    In 2010, Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov were married in Moscow Church of the Holy unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian, and had legalized their relationship in the registry office. In June 2015 they had the long-awaited first-born Artem. Spouses always find the strength to overcome any conflicts and really appreciate your family and strong relationships.


    • Later
    • Unstoppable
    • Everybody Dance
    • Nobody Hurt No One
    • Light in the sky fire
    • The Firebird
    • No one ever
    • Love is the drug
    • Pride
    • Intuition
    • Kisslorod (Vladimir Presnyakov)
    • Forgive
    • There is


    Natalia Podolskaya

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