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  • Name: Stas Mikhailov ( Stanislav Mikhailov )
  • Date of birth: 27 may 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Sochi
  • Activities: composer, poet, singer
  • Marital status: married to Inna Mikhailova

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    Stanislav Mikhailov was born on 27 April 1969 in Sochi. His family was not wealthy: his father Vladimir Borisovich served as a pilot of helicopters, and his mother Ludmila worked at a local gynecological clinic nurse. His childhood, the future singer held on the Black sea coast in a friendly family circle. Especially great influence on Stas had his older brother Valery. It was the brother taught the young Mikhailov first chords on the guitar and inspired to continue the family business, becoming a pilot.

    After school, Stanislav recovered in Minsk to continue the family business and to devote his life to aviation. The boy entered the College of civil aviation, but he had only seven months to give up on his dream. Stas dropped out and returned home. In Adler, the young man found work as a porter in the store. Mikhailov shy of his craft and tried to avoid friends who could see him for a similar exercise. Then Stas drafted into the army. He was assigned to Rostov-on-don, where he served in the air force of the North Caucasian district. Thanks to driving experience Mikhailov was appointed the driver of the car of the chief of staff, and later a personal driver the chief.

    After the army, Stas returned to his hometown. He found work as a merchant, worked at a recording Studio, and in the evenings sang in restaurants. The last two jobs gave the future star a chance to at least briefly glimpse into the world of show business. After recording his first unofficial album Stas became a local celebrity, and this popularity has encouraged him to seriously pursue music.

    In 1992 Mikhailov recovered in Moscow, where he was again forced to engage in the business of video tapes in 2000, he finally moved to Moscow, where he finally began to reap the deserved fruits of their career.

    Justin Timberlake: music

    In 1992, he moved to Moscow, Mikhailov wrote his famous song «

  • Candle», which the listeners heard much later. Together with the performers of variety theatre, he traveled almost the entire country, not ceasing to write songs and cherishing the dream to record his own album. In 1997, the album «Spark» was released, and songs from it have started to twist at the newly opened radio «Petrograd — Russian Chanson». Unfortunately for the contractor, his first work was not very popular, however the titled song, «Candle» very quickly loved by the audience. But it was not enough for success.

    In 2000, Mikhailov moved to Moscow, where he began to record new songs and prepare the album. The first swallow was the song «

  • Without you», which is successfully replayed on the radio. In 2002 he released the album «Dedication». First Stas planned to be published in small editions for friends and acquaintances. However, the album was a success, and the decision was made to increase circulation. From that moment began the star trek performer. In 2003 in Saint-Petersburg took place the first solo concert of the artist. In 2004 he released the album «the call letters of love», which included the popular song «Without you». Downloads have gone up rapidly, his compositions every hour played on «Radio Chanson». In the same year took place the shooting of the video for the song «Half», after that Mikhailov saw and heard on television.

    In 2006, the concert of Stas attracted a full house of enthusiastic fans, he made his first appearance in «October Palace» and the concert hall of the hotel «Cosmos» in the capital. At the end of the year Mikhailov released the album «dream beach», which was also well received by the public, and the eponymous song for a long time occupied the top position of the charts on the radio.

    In 2009 Mikhailov received the title of «artist of the year» from the famous radio station «Radio Chanson», which opened to Russia as a talented performer. In the same year the singer received his first award «Golden gramophone» for the song «Between heaven and earth.» A year later he received a second «gramophone» for the song in a duet with famous Ukrainian singer Taisia Povaliy. Their song «Let go» enjoyed great popularity among the audience. In the same year the artist was awarded the title «Honored artist of the Russian Federation».

    Mikhailov is one of the most famous artists of Russia, whose concerts always gather full houses. In 2011, the magazine «Forbes» recognized the singer of the main Russian celebrity. His concerts have been broadcast on television, and TV channels are making a documentary about the life and work of Stas. For his considerable creative way the artist has published 11 albums, two collections of popular songs and two live albums.

    Stas Mihaylov: personal life

    With his first wife

  • Inna Hump Stas were married in 1996, after which the lovers were married in the Church. In 2001 they had a son Nikita. Inna Mikhailov helped in the beginning of his career and even co-wrote several songs. However, with the popularity of the singer, the family had problems, the couple began to quarrel, and in 2003 and all broke up. The singer has devoted ex-wife song «this is it», in an interview, prefers to forget about his first marriage. Later, the singer began an affair with backing vocalist
  • Natalia Zotova, who has long toured with him. Natalia is a cousin of the famous singer Valeria. For a long time she hid their relationship from their relatives. The affair ended soon after Zotov became pregnant, giving birth to their daughter Daria in 2005. The singer long did not admit paternity, but in 2011 finally wanted to see the girl, which according to many of his friends as two drops of water was like a father. With his current wife Mikhailov met in 2006. His choice was the former wife of footballer Andrei Kanchelskis
  • Inna. Love was in his thirties, Stas had two children from a previous relationship and is still not fully arranged career, and she only broke up with her husband and raised two children. But these difficulties did not prevent them to establish a relationship and live together. In 2009 they had a daughter Ivanna. Their relationship Inna and Stas registered only in August 2011, and a year later they had a daughter Maria.

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    • Joker
    • 1000 steps

    Justin Timberlake: photo

    Stas Mikhailov

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