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  • Name: Julie Vang ( Vang Dhulija )
  • Date of birth: 19 October 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Riga
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: psychic, singer, actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Julie Wang: biography

    Psychic Julia Vang, or, as she prefers to call it – the Spirit of Chaos has at least three versions of the biography. Which one is real is hard to judge. The girl is so confused by all the contradictory information about yourself, to separate the wheat from the chaff is extremely difficult.

    Version Julia Wang, she was born in the German town of Furstenberg. Prior to that, she «lived 150 lives, each of which remembers».

    According to other sources Julia was born in Riga on 29 Oct 1981. In this city, according to her, many amazing sacred sites and places that the psychic believes «places of power». Wang attended a regular school, but the friends she never had. The girl led a secluded life, was shy of people and peers. She was never interested in games and toys. Dolls she, too, was not.

    Julia Vang in childhood
    Baby photo psychic | psychics

    The girl’s mother Tatiana, worked as a nuclear physicist. And although she did not possess psychic abilities, but always with the understanding refers to those abilities of her daughter. In fact, according to Julia, which later was confirmed by Tatyana Vladimirovna, the girl’s father was «some kind of alien, an unearthly creature appeared on the earth in the image of man.» After contact with him a woman and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. In 3 years she already knew how to read, and books that she was interested in, was not a fairy tale about little Red riding Hood or Cinderella, and occult literature.

    With her first husband, who is considered the father of Julia Vang, her mother divorced when the daughter was just a baby. Married the second time in the person with whom the girls do not have a relationship. Wang says that he drank, beat his wife and molested the stepdaughter. For this the girl in a fit of anger, even smashed his head in with a brick. Then left the house.

    Modeling career

    Later Julie Wang left his native town to capital city and started a modeling career, as they have all necessary parameters and the quality of the model. Her height is nearly 180 cm.

    The familiar expose of a mysterious girl, leaving her the mysteries of a stone. True, they believe the third version of the biography in which mystery no. The familiar witch is reported that the real name is Julia Wang Julia Gavrikova. She was born in a small village Nelidovo near Novgorod. Lived with her mother and grandmother, as his father abandoned the family. After the divorce he went to a town called Bor, where he works as a photographer.

    Julia Vang in his youth
    Model | Recallsens.ru

    At the age of 17 Julia Wang (aka Julia Gavrikova) moved with her mother to the capital. Model looks allowed her to make a good career. The girl starred in a candid photoshoot. She claims that her photos have graced the fashion magazines of Paris. But people who have long known the beauty, called another city in which she shone as a model is Nizhny Novgorod. And the stories about the world’s fashion capital, Milan, new York and London – allegedly the fruit of imagination of Gavrikovo.

    Movies and admiration

    In 2012, Julia Wang, according to her, decided to leave the modeling career and the podium and focused on the magic. Besides, she entered GITIS and received the diploma of the actress. A cinematic biography of Julia Wang is a few movies. All of them are known.

    The debut work of the actress is a Comedy project TNT «the best film-2». Later she starred in episodes of «Day watch» and «Dolls», played the girl Andrew in one of the series «Balzac age, or All men are bast…».

    Julia Vang in the movie
    Movie | 300 experts

    According to Julia Wang, she decided to continue her education in London at the Royal Academy of fine arts. He received a diploma in three specialties – the style, design and photography.

    Back in Moscow, she has worked as a stylist, costume designer and singer. A higher power gave her a great voice in 4 octaves. Some habitues of the Moscow night clubs really remember the singer, who performed under the stage name of flora Vang.

    Julia Vang
    Photoshoot | tele.ru

    Another talent, which is owned by Julie Wang – the ability to combine different ingredients, creating a fantastic smell. She allegedly studied at the French school of perfumery, and the perfumer gift got «from the life in which she was the priestess of the cult of RA». It was there she learned to mix potions, oils and incense.

    Today Julie Wang is living with his mother and a cat of breed the Sphinx in Moscow.


    Julie Wang says she realized his unearthly strength and ability after reading and understanding the book «Tao of Chaos». It was then that he discovered the esoteric. From 3 years of age she was reading Scandinavian runes, sefirotic, alchemy, studied Western ceremonial magic and voodoo and necromancy. In the villages know the Russian witchcraft and black magic, have learned to use for magical purposes of herbs, stones and oils.

    In 3 years Julie Wang started to draw. Her drawings brought the adults in confusion, because kids are not depicted cartoon characters and space, the gods world religions and occult symbols. In 5 years she painted my first deck of cards on which Julie Wang made the first prediction and guessing. Adults, which she predicted the future, soon became convinced of the veracity of the forecasts of the girls. In any case, so says she.

    Julia Vang
    Have superhuman abilities | South Federal

    In 7 years, Julie Wang surprised mom and grandma philosophical poems about death, rebirth and magic. Close knew that the girl is able to hear ultrasound, movement of the electric current and see radiation. She could not sleep with electrical appliances included. Moreover, in its presence, they failed.

    And another girl amused by the fact that manipulating people. Living in the military settlement, she could go to the parade ground and standing to the side, «to mentally give orders» to employees. Those at his command, allegedly danced, jumped and sang.

    The show «Battle of psychics»

    On the TV show «battle of the psychics» Julia Wang did not come to compete with its members or to someone something to prove. For her, as she claims that it was a matter of life and death.

    Skeptics of the project – Safronov brothers often joked about a party. They believed that she came on the show solely for fame and PR. None of them believed that this girl of model appearance really has supernatural, paranormal and psychic abilities. Julie Wang was the brightest member of the show. And in the truest sense of the word. Her extravagant outfits, bright red lipstick and flashy makeup attracted all eyes.

    Julia Vang in the show
    In the show «Battle of psychics» | TNT club

    Meanwhile, other participants of «Battle of psychics» was afraid to look in cat eyes of this participant.

    Within three months, the participants left the project, and Julie Wang remained. A little skepticism and ridicule dissipated, to be replaced by delight and surprise abilities of this girl. Time and again the party became the best by results of the week. Marat Basharov announced the new left Challenger, but each time it wasn’t Julie Wang. She managed to beat one of the strongest rivals – Tatyana Larina. Main rival was with her that is called «neck and neck», but in the end Wang was announced as the winner of the 15th season. She gave preference 70% of the audience who took part in the vote.

    Julie Wang now

    Think she has succeeded: she woke up famous. Participation in the «paranormal» project turned her into a star. On the street Julie Wang could not appear unnoticed: it lined up wanting to get an autograph, take a picture with them or learn their fate. But skeptics, who argued that they face a brilliant charming swindler and con artist, too, was enough.

    In 2015 on the channel «NTV» left channel, where he was invited and Julie Wang. She stated that she no longer wishes to practice magic and sorcery, and switch to more worldly things. For example, design clothes or create new exclusive assortment. And even try yourself in the role of singer, for which he collects his rock band. Songs for her Julie Wang writes itself.

    Julia Vang
    Outstanding personality | battle of the psychics

    But in 2016, the sorceress went with the winner of the previous season of «Battle of psychics» Alexander Sheps in a mysterious lock Shaaken in the Kaliningrad region. There supposedly dwelt the ghosts that roamed the halls and corridors of the night, scaring passers-by and visitors. Julie Wang and Alexander Sheps visited the castle in the framework of the project of channel TNT «Psychics are investigating».

    Age and plastic

    Age Julia Vang as mysterious as the heroine herself. Some argue that it no less than 30 years but not 40. Plastic surgery, to which she resorted, in the opinion of the paparazzi do not allow us to understand how much she really is. Itself Julie Vang claims that he never did plastic and did not change its already perfect looks.

    Julia Vang
    Used the services of a plastic surgeon | 300 experts

    But many skeptics are comparing her old photos and current, and notice that the beauty has a boob job and made lips plump. Only one Julie Wang agreed that she sought the help of beauty doctors. But supposedly only to reduce the lips.

    Personal life

    Personal life Julia Wang, like her biography, has multiple development options. She leggy beauty says she does not want to create a family and bear children. It can be good just alone. And happy she will only be with the same person as himself. But this seems not to exist in nature.

    However, in 2005, Julie Wang said that she has the experience of living together with a man. One of them, she lived for some time under one roof. But he was a homosexual.

    Julie Wang and Danko
    With Danko | Fatelines

    Know character people say behind girls pretty wild in his youth. For example, singer Danko says that met a beautiful girl in one of night clubs of the capital. Then she was an ordinary girl, glamorous girl about any extraseasonal not told.

    In social network you can meet a story that Julie Wang at one time was Dating the son of the famous singer Alexander Gradsky – Daniel Gradsky. But his father forbade him to communicate with the girl. Supposedly because of this, some frames of the clip of the musical group «Dynamite», which Wang and town were together were cut.

    Julia Vang
    A woman of mystery | 300 experts

    There was another man that claims to be well acquainted with a girl named Julie Wang. Catherine Gordon said that the heroine of the TV show not so long ago was her hairdresser. But Julia denies their acquaintance. Moreover, she thinks that Gordon is just jealous of her husband because he thought that a secret affair with Wang. Meanwhile, the man talked with a psychic just because was interested in the supernatural.

    Girlfriend Julia Vang shared that she has long been in love with David Bowie. Supposedly this dark star Julia has been obsessed with since childhood. She claimed that all of his songs is devoted to her. But in this life they will not be able to be together.


    • 2000 – «Victim»
    • 2004 – «Balzac age, or All men are bast…»
    • 2005 – «Day watch»
    • 2007 – «Dolls»
    • 2009 – «the best movie 2»
    • 2009 – «Galygin.ru»


    Julia Vang

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