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photo Juliana Pylayeva

  • Name: Juliana Pylayeva ( Uliyana Pylaeva )
  • Date of birth: 20 July 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Dzerzhinsky, Moscow oblast, Russia
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: dancer, contestant on «Dancing on TNT»
  • Marital status: not married

    Juliana Pylayeva: biography

    Juliana Pylayeva was born on 20 July 1989, the year Dzerzhinsky. It is located about 27 kilometers South-East of Moscow. Olga Pylayeva, mother of the gifted girl, is a professional fitness trainer and bodybuilding. From a young age, the craving for dance art felt and Uliana.

    In seven years, she enrolled in a dance choreographic ensemble called «Pinocchio». When the girl was a little older, she wanted something more stylish and modern, and she moved in the dance group «PLASTILIN». This is a team that prefers hip-hop and often performs at concerts of famous artists (group «Silver», Mikhail Grebenshikov, singer Maxim, Tatiana Ovsienko, «Vintage», etc.). «PLASTILIN» won numerous prizes at festivals of different levels.

    Juliana Pylayeva on stage
    Juliana Pylayeva on the stage | Dance.No

    However, for the dancing girl did not forget about education. It without special problems has joined the Faculty of financial management State University of management, selecting the Department of accounting and auditing. To date, the actress has successfully completed her training at the University.

    Dancing career

    After several years of study and performances in the team «PLASTILIN» the girl started it with teaching. Quite a long time Juliana has worked well with the group of «Peas», which includes kids between the ages of three and a half to five years.

    Periodically, the dancer teaches in the Studio «7&8», working in their home town. In the same Studio working with the wards cousin Ulyana – Olya. Girls post modern dances: hip-hop, Sexy R&B, Go-Go, strip-plastic. The pupils of Oli and Ulyana often occupy prize-winning places in the Championships such as the «Project818», «HHI», «FameYour Choreo» and many others.

    Juliana Pylayeva
    Juliana Pylayeva | VK

    Gifted and glamorous (despite the slight increase) dancer has participated in large-scale shows. So, in 2008-m to year she worked on «Song of the year». Next year Pylayeva graced her choreography of the opening ceremony of the award at the national level «Breakthrough.» And in 2010-m to year she again performed at the festival «song of the year». Juliana also provided dance accompaniment for the performances Timur Rodriguez and Ani Lorak with the song «Fascination» at the annual award of the channel «MUZ-TV».

    Juliana Pylayeva and Emin Agalarov
    Juliana Pylayeva and Emin Agalarov | Blog dinars the She

    In 2011, the year Ulyana presented her dance project entitled «dandies-show». Soon after, the girl managed to speak on the project «Factor A», which, as you know, is a domestic substitute of the popular British show «The X Factor». In 2012, the year Pylayeva was among the dancers who performed together with the singer Christmas Tree during her solo concert at the capital’s Olympic.

    Juliana Pylayeva
    Juliana Pylayeva | VK

    In the same year Pylayeva performed at the Eurovision song contest held in Baku. Played Juliana and touring group «A-Studio», and in Vitebsk «Slavic Bazaar», the Yalta festival «5 stars», and «New Wave» in Jurmala, on the TV project «Two stars» and on «Comedy Woman» TV channel «TNT».

    Show «Dancing on TNT»

    The year 2015 was marked by Ulyana attempts to pass the audition in two television shows: «Dance!» on the First channel and «Dancing» on TNT. Unfortunately, in the first case it failed to be in the final composition. And in the case of season 2 of «Dancing» the girl succeeded and was selected to join the main team of Miguel.

    Juliana Pylayeva in the show
    Juliana Pylayeva in the show «Dancing on TNT» | DANCING on TNT

    It tells Uliana, the project interested her because it dancer comes to the fore. In the vast majority of cases dancers are the backdrop for the performances of another artist, and this level of attention to their persons surrendered to the Pylaeva very attractive.

    Before the start of the project, the uncompromising artist claimed that always gets what he wants. But if what it requires – so it is not very necessary. Perhaps, with «Dancing», everything turned out exactly as Juliana left the project at the third concert.

    However, the talent and originality of the artist secured her the sympathy of audience, despite the departure from the show. The room in which partner Uli was Maxim Nesterovich, and it has become one of the benchmark performances of the project.

    Personal life

    Despite his young age, Pylayeva for several years has been in a serious relationship: her choice was a choreographer Garik Mine. Ula doesn’t really like talking about his personal life, so many photos of a couple in love on the network you will not find. Especially secretly guys behaved while participating dancers in «Dancing», as Igor Mine also takes part in the show as a choreographer of the team of Egor Druzhinin.

    Juliana Pylayeva and Garik Mine
    Juliana Pylayeva and Garik Mine | the Big question

    With Garik Logistics are United not only by romantic relationships and «Dancing on TNT», but collaboration. Many performances of the dancers at festivals, competitions and television shows, mentioned above, was organized and delivered in cooperation with Igor.

    With him Pylayeva also participated in the program «Where is the logic?», in the framework of which the representatives of one of the show competing with the guests from another show at your ability to think logically.


    Juliana Pylayeva

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