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  • Name: Julian Assange ( Julian Paul Assange )
  • Date of birth: 3 July 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: city of Townsville, Australia
  • Height: 188
  • Activity: Australian journalist, programmer, founder of WikiLeaks
  • Marital status: Not married

    Julian Assange: biography

    Julian Assange – the iconic and controversial figure of our time, is of interest to the entire international community. The performance different interpretations around the world – for some, he is a journalist-lover of truth, to others a terrorist, and some call Assange cybergreen. For based the Internet-resource WikiLeaks, the specialization of which is based on the publication of «secret information», Julian Assange is considered the most powerful man in the international media. In his account have numerous scandals in major countries in the world related to disclosure of the facts of corruption and war crimes, for which he was the main enemy of the United States and was declared internationally wanted.

    Born Julian Paul Assange 3 July 1971 in the North-Eastern Australian city of Townsvill. His parents became political activist John Shipton and artist-makeup artist Christine Ann Hawkins, who divorced before the birth of a son. When Julian was born, his mother married the owner of a mobile theater Richard Brett Assange, who gave the surname «foster» son.

    Childhood and youth of the future «whistleblower» was in a continuous journey. By occupation of head of family family Assange constantly wandered from place to place. The mother of the future of the programmer-hacker distinguished nonconformist and believed that the school instills in the children the unnecessary veneration of authority, therefore not sent his son to school, and he had to know their own science. In between the self, the boy managed to put the school in different cities (Julian replaced the 37 schools), but these courses were very short.

    When Assange was 9 years old the mother divorced the stepfather and married musician Leif Hamilton, which gave birth to another son. But in this youthful adventure programmer is not over – new stepfather was a member of the sect, which were selected in the families of newborn children for sacrifice. Then the mother and two sons were on the run and the next 5 years of my youth, Assange passed in constant traveling.

    Adulthood, Julian took a keen interest in programming and scurried organization of hackers. In parallel, he wanted to get higher education but could not finish any one University, because they are all controlled by secret services, which categorically did not want to bind the activity programmer. This did not prevent him to become a professional in the field of IT.


    The first fruit of the activities of Julian Assange began hacking the Central server of the canadian Telecom company Nortel Networks. The hacker opened a criminal case, but he escaped a fine, as the damage the company suffered a minor.

    He then engaged in legitimate programming and became the administrator for the first Internet hosting Australia. Parallel to Assange wrote a program associated with the network security system, and created software for the police. In addition, along with his mother, Julian founded the project for the protection of children, which was engaged in exposing corrupt organizations that are related to social protection and health. Your experience software and hacking Assange laid out in the author’s book, «the Undergound,» which described the «dangerous» hobby.

    The main project of a lifetime for Julian Assange founded in 2006, WikiLeaks, on the sidelines of which he began to publish information exposing the corruption schemes in the higher echelons of power in all countries, including Russia. The online resource has a reliable protection, and since it is impossible to remove already published material. A platform to host the site became the Swedish company PRQ.se, which gave a guarantee that this website will never be closed at the court.

    In the vast «factory of truth» Julian Assange for 10 years, activities became public many of the revelations that caused international scandals. A hacker has revealed hundreds of secret documents related to the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria that include video verification of the execution of civilians in the war zones the American military. In addition, WikiLeaks posted the secret correspondence of the head of the CIA, the facts of the surveillance of U.S. intelligence for the leaders of the world.

    In 2013 the journalist had downloaded to WikiLeaks the download link of classified documents, the volume of which is over 400 gigabytes of information. He coded this data key, which promised to publish in the event of injury to any member of his organization, including Edward Snowden. In 2016, Julian Assange declassified secret report of the EU against refugees, told who was behind the scandal «the Panama papers,» which exposed many of the famous people of involvement in illegal offshore schemes.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Julian Assange is little known to the public. In recognition of the hacker-journalist, he was married once. His wife Teresa in 1989, the programmer gave birth to son Daniel, but she left her husband immediately after birth because of the first scandal associated with the hacking activities of Assange.

    For several years Assange sued by ex-wife of her son. It is reported that the trial was very complex and during it Julian was completely gray. The next 14 years, lover of truth-programmer independently raised the child as a single dad, but after the beginning of criminal prosecution around the world was forced to stop communicating with her son, who does not hold a grudge on his father and supports his activities.

    Since 2012, Julian Assange lives in the Embassy of Ecuador in London since the United States declared him «hunt» around the world. The government of this country offered the hacker political asylum immediately after his high-profile activities revealing that he used after his arrest by the Swedish authorities on charges of sexual violence.

    In the new housing for Assange provided all conditions for comfortable work – his apartment-Studio, which has a bed, Desk, chairs, computer and even home tanning bed and fitness equipment. He works 17 hours a day and continues its work to restore the truth in the world. During his shelter the British government spent more than $ 8 million on surveillance of Assange, hoping to arrest the hacker before the expiry of the limitation period of a claim, which will come in 2022.

    Today, the hacker is actively engaged in journalistic activities and works as the leading Russian channel «Russia Today» aimed at foreign audiences.


    Autobiography and work of programmer-whistle world community regularly introduce well-known Directors and writers who are making a documentary based on the data of the biography of Julian Assange. Among the films about the founder of Wikileaks present the film «the Fifth power», in which the main role was played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

    In 2017, the screens must go new movie «Meaning of life», in which a hacker will play himself. The plot, written by Director Miguel Goncalves by Mendes, tells the story of a man who throughout life trying to find the meaning of it, resorting to their methods.


    Julian Assange

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