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  • Name: Julia Stiles ( Julia Stiles)
  • Date of birth: 28 March 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: new York, USA
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actress, Director
  • Marital status: not married

    Julia Stiles: biography

    Julia o’hara Stiles is an American actress, star of films «you and I», «Out of darkness» and «the omen.» In 2006 she made her debut as a Director, removing the short film «delirious».

    Julia was born in the early 80-ies in new York. Her father John o’hare at the time of the birth of her daughter taught in elementary school, and my mother is Judith Stiles has been a free artist and sculptor. Julia became the first child in the family, and later came to light, her sister Jane and brother johnny.

    The girl at the very tender age was fascinated by dancing, and parents enrolled her in the dance Studio of the modern choreography. Later, Stiles became interested in the plays of William Shakespeare, which led the girl to the theatre. At 11 years old Julia first time out on the big stage in the performance of the experimental youth troupe «La MaMa Theatre».

    In adolescence and young adulthood, she continued to play in theater and even appears in television serials, but the love outweighs the books, so Stiles goes to Columbia University to study English literature. In this area, it has a bachelor’s degree.

    After graduation Julia started performing in adult performances several times and starred in commercials. Gradually the girl noticed by the scouts of one of the companies invited to try itself in cinema.


    Debut in the movie happened when Julia Stiles was only 12 years old. She participated in the children’s series «Ghost» which was filmed in several similar projects. He made his debut on the Thriller «Property of the devil,» in which she starred with Harrison Ford and brad pitt.

    I wonder what Julie who is a fan of Shakespeare, starred in three adaptations of his plays. It was a romantic story, «10 things I hate about you» which is a loose interpretation of the Comedy «the taming of the shrew», a modern version of Othello called «O» and another with the modernity of the play «hamlet».

    First a popular actress presented the Comedy «Just you and me», which appeared such successful works as the action adventure «the Bourne Supremacy», the horror film «Out of darkness» and the very popular Thriller «the omen.» By the way, shooting the last of them so had an effect on Julia Stiles that, according to her, entailed paranoia. The actress began to be afraid that it will fall down a chandelier in some hotel, which for some time has caused inconvenience to the owners of the hotels.

    In 2007, Julia felt like to be with the return side of the camera: as a Director, he directed a short film «delirious». And recently she returned to acting and starred alongside Anthony Hopkins in the psychological Thriller «Go with me» and with Matt Damon in the action-Thriller «Jason Bourne».

    Personal life

    At different times, Julia Stiles has had a lot of star novels. She met with her colleagues, Josh Hartnett, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Heath Ledger, Jonathan Kramer. Basically it was a short, insignificant affair. For the longest time the actress was in a relationship with American David Harbor, but after four years their romance too exhausted.

    On the set of the Thriller «Come with me,» Julia met with the assistant cameraman Preston J. cook. They started Dating and 3 January 2016 officially announced their engagement. Offer favorite Preston did on Christmas eve during a holiday in the Colombian resort of Isla Grande. The wedding day is not appointed yet, as Stiles is at the moment very busy schedule.

    Interestingly, the actress is a big fan of sports teams from his native city. Especially Julia loves the football club «new York Red bulls» and baseball club «new York Mets». 29 may 2006 she was even invited for the opening match of the season and threw the first baseball on the field.

    It is known that before Stiles had given up meat and became a vegetarian. But later, due to the fact that the girl was anemic, the doctors forbade her such food and Julia returned to a standard diet.


    • 1999 — 10 things I hate about you
    • 2000 — you and me
    • 2001 — On
    • 2002 — The Bourne Identity
    • 2004 — Prince and me
    • 2006 — the omen
    • 2007 — delirious
    • 2012 — Between us
    • 2014 — Out of the darkness
    • 2016 — Jason Bourne


    Julia Stiles

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