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  • Name: Julia Ormond ( Julia Ormond )
  • Date of birth: 4 January 1965.
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Epsom, Surrey, England
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: actress, producer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Julia Ormond biography

    Julia Ormond is a British actress, star of such films as «the Witches of East End», «Sabrina» and «the Barber of Siberia». She was born in the town of Epsom, which is located in the English County of Surrey. Mother of the future actress, Josephine, worked as a lab assistant, and father John was engaged in software development. According to family legend, born Ormond is among the most famous in the country and originates from the sister of the Prince of Avana Glendora.

    Thanks to its design and abilities of the girl’s father for 30 years became a millionaire, so the first years of life Julie spent 20-room mansion. But later her parents divorced, and although dad she went to see on Sundays, but the material side of life has changed dramatically. In high school Ormond even had to work as a waitress and a saleswoman.

    At an early age, Julia was famous for its sudden explosive character. It is much more time spent in the company of cocky boys than among girls. By the way, in my youth, the first manifested creative abilities of the future stars. It turned out that it may well draw. She was accepted into art school, which, however, she left after a year, as he decided to devote himself to the stage.

    She moved to London and entered the Academy of dramatic art Webber Douglas». After graduating in 1988, this prestigious University, a young actress begins his artistic career in the cinema, as well as plays on the stage of various theatres. One day Ormond was awarded a special award to Laurence Olivier for the brilliantly executed role in the play «My zinc bed».


    Early in his career, Julia Ormond has starred mostly in television series and television movies. The most notable works of that period is the historical film «Young Ekaterina», where she starred in the role of the Russian Empress Catherine II, historical and biographical film «Stalin» in which she got the role of the second wife of the «leader» of Nadezhda Alliluyeva.

    It should be mentioned that Russia always was very interested in Julia. It out and movie I read and learned about the different milestones of the history of this state, and when I had the opportunity to work with Russian Directors, and always agree. For example, she really liked working with Nikita Mikhalkov, who personally invited Ormond for the lead role in love American Jane Douglas in the historical drama «the Barber of Siberia».

    Also, the actress has worked with brad pitt in the Western «legends of the fall», with Sean Connery in the adventure Thriller «First knight», Tim Roth in the Thriller «Captives», Ralph Fiennes in the outrageous drama «Child of Macon».

    Another stellar job Julia was the romantic Comedy «Sabrina,» in which her partner was Harrison Ford. This film is considered to be a peak in the career of Ormond. The first half of his filmography Julia closes the famous Thriller «Snow sense of Silly», which, however, at the box office resounding failure.

    In the new century, the actress was again a lot to appear on TV. On account of its war film «List Options», the drama «Cheaters», detective, «I know who killed me,» family Comedy «kit Kittredge: an American girl» and the biographical drama «the Innocent» and «temple Grandin».

    But with the full-length movie Julia Ormond’s not gone. It can be seen in the unusual film «the curious case of Benjamin Button», a film about the life of the legendary Marilyn Monroe «7 days and nights with Marilyn», the horror film «chain» and the Spanish historical drama «Conspiracy in the Escorial».

    In recent years, this beautiful actress starred in the British fantasy series «Witches of East End», and now starred in the historical action movie «Mary, mother of Christ» and the science fiction Thriller «the Corporation.»

    Personal life

    The first time Julia Ormond was married to my colleague Rory Edwards. Their wedding took place in 1989, but they remained spouses a little more than four years, and then officially divorced.

    After some time, the actress met her second husband. It appeared to be a political activist and a professional adman Jon Rubin. They married in 1999, and after five years the family grew by one more person: Julia gave birth to their only daughter Sofia. However, the Alliance with Rubin was not eternal. In 2007, the couple decided to temporarily live separately, but never together.

    Julia Ormond lead an active social life. She is the goodwill Ambassador of the UN, a longstanding activist against human trafficking and cooperates with the Commission on control over drug trafficking.

    In addition, the actress supports independent company «transatlantic partners against AIDS». It is her role to raise awareness about the threat of «plague of the 20th century» the inhabitants of Eastern Europe. Julia specializiruetsya in such countries as Russia and Ukraine.


    • 1991 — Young Catherine
    • 1993 The Baby Of Macon
    • 1994 — legends of the fall
    • 1995 — First knight
    • 1995 — Sabrina
    • 1998 — the Barber of Siberia
    • 2010 — Temple Grandin
    • 2011 — 7 days and nights with Marilyn
    • 2013-2014 Witches Of East End
    • 2016 — Mary, mother of Christ


    Julia Ormond in the movie

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