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  • Name: Jude Law ( David Jude Hayworth Law )
  • Date of birth: 29 December 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: London
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Jude law: biography

    Jude law was born in December 1972 in the family of the London teachers Maggie and Peter law. His father was a primary school teacher, mother – teacher of the English language. David Jude Hayworth was the second child in the family, he has an older sister Natasha.

    The future actor studied at the normal school to 14 years, but then the parents moved him to private boarding school in Dulwich because of bullying classmates.

    Today, the Lau family owns a theater company in France. Maggie and Peter were avid theatergoers and supported the desire of a son to tie his biography with the scene. So, in 6 years he played his first role in children’s play, and at the age of 12 years became a member of the troupe of the youth theatre. After there was shooting in the TV show, touring and performing on stage.

    Jude law: movies

    In 1986, Jude law made his debut on television — he appeared on the sketch program «Pocket money». At the age of 17 years, the talented, the young man continued his television career, performing the role of a groom in the ribbon «

  • The tailor of Gloucester» the story of Beatrix Potter. He left school in the same year and started shooting in the series»
  • Family», playing a teenager Nathan Thompson.

    Jude, in the main, was busy on the stage for two years. In 1991, the actor starred in the television series about Sherlock Holmes. After her debut in the play «

  • The fastest clock in the Universe», which, according to the magazine «Time Out» became the best theatrical premiere 1992 1994 Jude law for the first time got the lead role in the film — he starred in the Thriller Paul Anderson «
  • Shopping». Rental this painting is failed. Lowe returned to the theater, appearing in such productions as «death of a salesman», «Live like pigs» and «snow Orchid». Took part in the tragicomedy «Terrible parents» — this work has had a scandalous shade: the whole scene where his character took a bath, and Jude law played naked. This role brought the talented guy first visible sympathy of the audience, a nomination for the Olivier L. award for the best theatrical debut.

    In 1995, for participation in the production of «Indiscretion,» the young actor was nominated for a Tony award («Best supporting actor»), the award of the Ian Charleston («Best actor»).

    Following the theatrical success of the band began the first successful works in film, identified his acting roles. In 1996, Lou starred in the melodrama «

  • Love you, love you», when followed by roles in dramas»
  • Tendency», which tells about the persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany, and»
  • Wilde», where he played the close friend and beloved poet and writer Oscar Wilde. Recent work has brought Jude Evening Standard award for best debut.

    In 1997 Jude law with his wife

  • Sadie frost and several British actors have created their own production company, Natural Nylon, which produced the movies»
  • Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow»,»
  • Existence»,»
  • Property Maharani». The company has existed for seven years.

    Lowe did his career not only at home but also starred in Hollywood movies. He performed the role in the science fiction Thriller «

  • Gattaca», the Comedy»
  • Music from another room», etc.

    Despite the fact that previous work, Lowe has been relatively successful, he got his first real recognition for starring in the film «

  • The talented Mr. Ripley» by Anthony Minghella in 1999. In this Thriller the actor played a wealthy playboy Dickie Greenleaf. The tape was a huge success, receiving high praise from critics and the audience. For his performance in the film Jude, as best supporting actor received the award the British Academy of film and television.

    In 2001 for his performance in the film «

  • Artificial intelligence,» he was nominated for a Golden globe, and for his work in the drama «Cold mountain» Anthony Minghella (2003) — «Oscar», BAFTA and «Golden globe». Among his best works include the movies»
  • Handsome Alfie, or What men want» (2004),»
  • Invasion» (2006),»
  • My blueberry nights» (2007).

    In theaters in late 2009 came the film «

  • Sherlock Holmes» Director guy Ritchie, where Jude law played a friend of the Holmes — Watson. Based on pictures taken of the outline of the comic Lionel Wigram. In December 2011, came the second movie about Sherlock Holmes where Jude performed the same role. He also took part in films»
  • Side effect»,»
  • Dom Hemingway»,»
  • Spy», etc

    The famous actor is ashamed of her appearance. Gladly accepts the role that is far from to impose the image of a «good guy». If Jude is playing handsome, he prefers to have his character killed. He stores the clothes in which he died his heroes in the movies.

    Jude law claims that his career was only one film in which he played for money – the romantic drama «

  • Music from another room».

    Jude law: personal life

    During the participation in the film «Shopping» Jude law met his future wife

  • Sadie Frost. The couple gave birth to daughter iris and son Rafferty. The actress, best known for playing Lucy in koprowska «Dracula», «immersed» in domestic matters and career husband has developed rapidly. Jude was not even time to be with family, then there came the rumors about the affair with Nicole Kidman. The couple divorced in 2003, their marriage is not saved and the third child, a son Rudy. It was a beautiful affair Jude law
  • Sienna Miller but he ended the notorious actress beloved accused with treason (allegedly, he was in a relationship with the nanny of their children). The British actor solace found in the arms of the model
  • Samantha Burke. in 2009, the girl gave birth to a daughter Sofia from Judah, but in a few months, Miller and Lowe were back together and seemed very happy. This time a few only lasted one year and two months – their final break occurred in early 2011 in the Spring of 2014 Jude held a short novel in aspiring singer
  • Catherine Harding who was younger than him by 18 years. The couple met in London, and then together they went to the Czech Republic, where Lowe starred in the film «Spy». With the end of filming ended their romance. In March 2015, Harding gave birth to a girl from the English actor, but the couple has no plans to restore the relationship. In the Internet appeared the information about the new novel, Jude law — an enviable English bachelor is Dating 29-year-old doctor of psychology
  • Filipou Koan. Photographers spotted the couple when they sat in the car. The actor has not commented on the rumors. Jude law loves football, loyally supported the club Tottenham.

    Jude law: filmography

    • «Abandoned child» (1989)
    • «Families» (1990)
    • «The adventures of Sherlock Holmes» (1991)
    • «The Marshal» (1993)
    • «Shopping» (1994)
    • «Love you, love you not» (1996)
    • «Tendency» (1997)
    • «Wilde» (1997)
    • «Music from another room» (1998)
    • «The final cut» (1998)
    • «The talented Mr. Ripley» (1999)
    • «Artificial intelligence» (2001)
    • «Handsome Alfie, or What men want» (2004)
    • «My blueberry nights» (2007)
    • «Sherlock Holmes» (2009)
    • «Side effects» (2013)
    • Black sea (2014)
    • «Spy» (2015)

    Jude law: photo

    Jude Law

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