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  • Name: Sergey Brilev ( Sergey Brilev )
  • Date of birth: 24 July 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Havana, Cuba
  • Activities: journalist, broadcaster, public figure
  • Marital status: married

    Sergei Brilev: biography

    He is the only Russian journalist who interviewed two current and two former presidents of Russia and the USA.

    Sergei Brilev was born in the family of employees of the trade representation who are at the service were often in business trips abroad. He was born 24 Jul 1972 in Havana and was the only white child in a Cuban hospital. However, in the documents of his city of birth is Moscow, because at that time the embassies were not allowed to register children with the actual place of birth. But Cuban authorities allow Sergey Brilev to fly to liberty Island without a visa.

    The childhood of journalist held in Latin America, where at that time worked for his parents. Spanish and English have become almost family to him. A certificate of graduation he had received in Moscow, it was in 1989.

    Young Sergei Brilev
    Young Sergey Brilev | SEVOOBOROTA

    After school Brilev decided to enter the faculty of international journalism MGIMO, he successfully passed the entrance exams and became a student. In parallel with his studies in the University Sergei raised the language level in Montevideo. In 1995 he graduated from Moscow state University and continued his education at the University of Westminster in London, but due to my busy work schedule and have not yet graduated.

    The journalist Sergey Brilev started in his student years. At first he worked in «Komsomolskaya Pravda», and then wrote and filmed for the Uruguayan media. Latin American topic was close to him, she was his main when he worked as a correspondent for the Moscow news. Analytical skills of a journalist and its lightweight composition attracted the attention of specialists of the state Duma of the Russian Federation. Sergey was invited to work as a Latin America expert. In parallel with this work, he actively collaborated with the programs «Formula 730» and «international panorama»


    On the TV channel «Russia» Sergey Brilev came to work in 1995, he was invited on as a special correspondent. He was shooting video from Budyonnovsk and Chechnya, and the following year was among the finalists of the prestigious TEFI 96.

    In 1996, he moved to London where I trained at the BBC and has filmed reports for Russian TV. In the same year he was offered a position of head of the London Bureau of the TV channel – he accepted the offer. In this position Brilev visited all the countries of Europe, sometimes he had to shoot the scenes in several States in one day.

    Sergey Brilev in the program
    Sergey Brilev in the program «Vesti» Channel «Russia»

    In 2001, the journalist came to work at the TV channel «Russia 1» and first appeared in the evening program «News». Its first airing Sergey Brilev remember for life, because it lasted 5 hours and was dedicated to the terrorist attack of 11 September 2001 in America. In 2002 Brilev received the award TEFI as the best TV presenter of Russia. He led the Sunday edition «News week», «the Fifth Studio» and other programs.

    Now Sergey is aired in the program «Vesti on Saturday». But his main achievement of TV viewers believe the annual program «Direct line with Vladimir Putin». Its look both in Russia and abroad.

    Personal life

    About his family, he always speaks with warmth and love. His wife’s name is Irina, they met in the Komsomol district Committee Cheryomushki district. Before entering MGIMO Sergei mother a shirt washed together with the Komsomol ticket. While such a mistake could wipe out future bryleva, but the guy decided to try their luck and fix the ticket. Raykomovskih in one of the Windows he saw a lovely friendly girl, she came into his position and issued a new document under his responsibility.So Sergei got acquainted with Irina. They dated for a year, but then parted ways.

    Sergei Brilev wife
    Sergei Brilev wife | Post@-Magazine

    The second time they met in 1998 in Moscow, and soon got married. The event took place in London, where at that time worked Sergey Brilev. Irina – a teacher of English, so communication problems in the new country she was not.

    Sergei BRILYOV with her daughter Alexandra | woman’s day

    On 11 August 2006 in the family Brilevich long-awaited daughter was born. A girl named Alexandra. Sergey’s work is connected with frequent trips, so he jokingly calls his wife «mother». With her girls in BRILYOV a great relationship, he spends his free time with his family. However, the ski run was the journalist walking along with her daughter, because Irina does not share this passion of her husband. Otherwise, they have «infinite happiness to be together,» says Sergei.


    Sergei Brilev

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