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  • Name: Josh Hutcherson ( Joshua Ryan Hutcherson )
  • Date of birth: 12 October 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Union, Kentucky, USA
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: actor, producer
  • Marital status: not married

    Josh Hutcherson biography

    Josh Hutcherson was born in the small town of Union, located in the state of Kentucky, United States. His father, Chris Hutcherson was an analyst in a large organization dealing with environmental protection. Mother Michelle Fightmaster at the time of birth of son worked in the airline Delta Air Lines. Later, when Josh began to move as an actor, she quit the company and became his personal assistant. The family also has a younger son Connor, who was born 4 years after Josh.

    With 4 years old boy only spoke about the film and wanted to be one of them. Parents considered it a game, considering that he eventually «outgrow» the hobby. However, neither Michelle nor Chris had not prevented the son, and allowed him to take part in the auditions. At 8 years of age, Josh found the address of the acting Agency and become their client, so gained a little experience of shooting in the American supermarket is Kroger, and educational film «Vacation Bible school».

    Hutcherson was in elementary school of New heaven in Union to 9 years, and then was homeschooled. In the last class one semester he attended high school «rayl». But honestly, for textbooks spent a bit of time. A big part of childhood, a boy either worked on the set, or involved in sports – soccer, tennis, triathlon. Love to physical exercise and sports games, he retained into adulthood.

    In 2002, Josh met a teacher of acting Bob Luke who advised him to try himself on local casting calls, in Los angelesca auditions. 10-year-old young actor and his mother moved to Hollywood and gets the first role in a feature movie.


    In 2002, Josh Hutcherson appeared in several TV serials in small roles. He played Nikiya Harper in «Home mix», a young Glenn in «Becoming Glen» and the boy Matt in the series «First snow» popular medical series «er».

    The following year he went on to star in the television movies «Female gang», «Wonderful dogs», «Line of fire» and «Wild days». In the last film was nominated for the award «Young actor», which is considered the equivalent of the «Oscar» for the young stars of show business. Also in 2003, Josh made his debut on the big screen in the biographical episode of the Comedy «American splendor».

    Then came the TV series «Father Eddie,» the drama «Last trip,» teen sports movie «motocross kids», the Comedy «hit and scream», the family Comedy «Madhouse on wheels» and a fantastic adventure film «Zathura: a Space adventure».

    The first fame came to the young actor in 2005, when the screens came the romantic melodrama «Little Manhattan» where Josh played the lead role of 10-year-old Gabe was faced with a first love. Secured success Hutcherson drama family drama «Bridge to Terabithia» for the lead role of Jess Aarons in which he received two awards at another ceremony of the «Young artist». Hutcherson also was starring in family comedies «Fire dog», the crime drama «Flight of a lifetime», the film adaptation of the Jules Verne novel «journey to the center of the Earth» and the fantasy blockbuster «the vampire».

    In the spring of 2012 on the screens released the first part was very popular dystopian «Hunger games» in which Josh Hutcherson got one of the main roles of Pete Mellark. Later came the continuation of this action «the Hunger games: catching fire», «the Hunger games: mockingjay. Part 1» and «the Hunger games: mockingjay. Part 2.» For this role, Josh received the award MTV Movie Awards, Teen Choice Awards, People’s Choice Awards and CinemaCon Award.

    Also the actor has several times tried his hand at voice acting. Its the voice of Bruce Wayne, better known as Batman as a child in the TV series «justice League», Todd Bartley in the animated series «Fun van», Markle in the English version of the anime «howl’s moving castle», the main character of the cartoon «the Polar Express» and nod in the fantasy cartoon «Epic».

    Now Josh Hutcherson takes part in the filming of three films: the drama «the Tomb», the tragicomedy «the Poor artist» and the drama «lost the battle».

    Personal life

    In the film «Journey 2: the Mysterious island» in 2012, Josh Hutcherson met with Vanessa Hudgens, with whom he had a brief affair. Since 2013 he meets a girl, Claudia Trasak, with whom he played in the Thriller «Paradise Lost.»

    In 2011, the actor has acquired the famous «tree House» in Los Angeles, which was built in 1951 and formerly belonged to the famous Australian actor to Heath Ledger, who considers himself a supporter of Josh Hutcherson.

    Despite the fact that the young man has a traditional orientation, he advocates for the fight against homophobia and in support of tolerance towards sexual minorities.


    • 2005 — Little Manhattan
    • 2007 — Bridge to Terabithia
    • 2008 — journey to the center of the Earth
    • 2008 — Flight of a lifetime
    • 2009 — the vampire
    • 2010 — the good, the
    • 2012 — the Elusive
    • 2012 — Journey 2: the Mysterious island
    • 2012 — the Hunger games
    • 2013 — Paradise Lost


    Josh Hutcherson

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