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  • Name: Josh Holloway ( Joshua Lee Holloway )
  • Date of birth: 20 July 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: San Jose, CA, USA
  • Height: 187
  • Activity: model, actor
  • Marital status: married Jessica Kumala

    Josh Holloway: biography

    Joshua Lee Holloway born July 20 1969 in the American city of San Jose (California). He was the second child in the family surveyor and teacher. Josh has three siblings.

    When the boy was two years old his family moved to Georgia, where they lived in an old trailer on a fairly large plot of land, which went to the father inherited from a relative. The childhood of the future actor was held in the society of his brothers and other kids in the neighborhood were not. The family lived very poorly, and lack of funds made it easy to guess used clothes children, as well as rusty «pick-up» where parents took the boys home. To stop the ridicule of their peers, Josh Holloway has repeatedly used his fists, for which he was nearly expelled from school.

    From an early age the boy began to think about becoming a movie star, but the family’s financial situation did not allow him to attend drama courses. During the holidays, to somehow earn, Josh worked at the local poultry farms that collected dead chickens. In his youth the future actor had to work in the restaurant and on a construction site.

    In 14 years, at the insistence of his mother, Joshua began to play sports. Very soon he managed to become a star of the school basketball team. In 1987, Holloway graduated from high school and enrolled at the University of Georgia where she studied for only a year.

    Modeling career

    Once during a regular visit to a barbershop, a nice young man invited to a screening of hair as a model. After the event, he suggested shooting a commercial for Macy’s that marked the beginning of his modeling career.

    Josh Holloway didn’t miss a single sentence, spent much time in the gym, went for auditions. It provided a steady, albeit modest success. After some time he entered the top ten models at the time: himself Calvin Klein singled to Josh among others.

    To twenty-six years Holloway realized that his modeling career comes to an end – on shooting began to call infantile youngsters, and its brutal image, the demand became less and less.

    So Josh left his modeling career, after which, returning to the South, bought a big house. After some time, rural life seemed to him boring, and he decided to try his hand in films.


    Josh Holloway has left his new parents ‘ house and went to Los Angeles to become an actor. He began attending acting lessons, but Hollywood was slow to adopt Josh. From 1999 to 2004, the actor was able to star in several films and television series, among them «Doctor benny», «frozen heart», «abrupt Walker: justice in Texas», «Good girls don’t cry», «angel». These roles didn’t give him any money or popularity. Funds deposited by the actor during the modeling career coming to an end, he knew that it was time to find a real job. Josh Holloway had already decided to become a realtor, but finally went to the casting of the series «lost».

    For the role of Sawyer in the TV series auditioned a lot of actors in the sample appeared Josh. Reading the monologue, for greater effect, he broke the chair, it caught my attention Directors and immediately got the role that made him famous. Since then, as Holloway decided to become an actor, he had to fight his southern accent, but the producers of «lost» said that he spoke as it is, emphasizing its pronunciation, as it will add a colorful southerner Sawyer.

    After the success of the TV series «lost», the actor invited to shooting commercials for the computer game Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, where he played an intelligence officer NOD. Then came roles in the films «Whisper» (2007) with Sarah Wayne Callis, «calm» (2009), «Mission impossible: Ghost Protocol» (2011), «Paranoia» (2013), «Sabotage» (2014). In addition, Josh Holloway starred in the TV series «Artificial intelligence» and «Colony».

    Personal life

    Handsome actor Josh Holloway has never been lacking in female attention. Before marriage all of his relationships with women were short-lived. Early in his acting career, Josh was in no hurry to marry. He believed that a man must provide for his wife and himself in the period such a possibility had not.

    For his work in modeling Holloway met with the Indonesian Jessicas Qumalai. After some time after meeting with the young people struck up a romance that didn’t last long. A few years Josh and Jessica maintained friendly relations, but the feelings came back to the couple, after which they began to live together.

    The actor proposed to fiancée in Hawaii after filming the pilot of «lost». The wedding took place in autumn 2004. The couple decided to buy a house and a boat in Hawaii, where they lived during filming of the famous series. In April 2009, the couple had baby girl Java Kumala, and in February – the boy hunter.


    • «Abrupt Walker: justice in Texas»
    • «Saber-toothed»
    • «NCIS: naval criminal investigative service»
    • «Whisper»
    • «To stay alive»
    • «Mission impossible: Ghost Protocol»
    • «Paranoia»
    • «Artificial intelligence»
    • «Just stay calm»
    • «C. S. I.: crime scene investigation»


    Josh Holloway

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