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  • Name: Josh Hartnett ( Joshua Daniel Hartnett )
  • Date of birth: 21 July 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: St. Paul, Minnesota, United States
  • Height: 191
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Josh Hartnett biography

    Joshua Daniel Hartnett, better known to fans as Josh Hartnett — American actor, star of «pearl Harbor,» «Black hawk, 40 days and 40 nights» and many others. Josh was born in the town of St. Paul, located in Minnesota. Although many sources indicate place of birth San Francisco, the actor himself this information was repeatedly denied.

    The boy’s parents were Wendy Ann Kronstedt and Daniel Thomas Hartnett belonged to the hippy culture and led an appropriate lifestyle. The Hartnett has two brothers and one sister. Remarkably, all of the children named on the letter J: Josh, Jessica, Joe and Jack. The guys were all young when my parents divorced. In the future, they have been brought up by his father, who settled in Minnesota and found a job as a administrator of a residential neighborhood, and stepmother, Molly, an artist by profession.

    Teenage Josh Hartnett was seriously into American football. He played for the school and city team, dreamed of becoming a professional. But the path to big-time sports he was stopped by an unfortunate knee injury received in training. Then the guy turned his attention towards the creative profession. After school he became a student of acting at the University of the city of Perches, new York. However, I studied there for a young man only a year, because I thought that is completely incompatible with the modern system of theatrical education.

    Hartnett moved to Los Angeles, the American capital of film, attending private courses and trying to break into film through many castings and auditions. He found a job almost immediately, however, the first time Josh had to settle for commercials and TV shows.


    After participating in the is Josh Hartnett gradually began to appear in feature films. It can be seen in the ranked series, and in feature films, including starring. For example, we can note youth a fantastic horror film «the Faculty» and the horror movie «Halloween: Twenty years later». But world fame actor brought the role of pilot Danny Walker in the drama film «pearl Harbor».

    This success immediately went such films as » military Thriller «Black hawk down», the youth drama «About» a romantic Comedy «40 days and 40 nights» and a detective story «Obsession», which gave Josh the rank of one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood.

    Hartnett subsequently took part in several dozen projects, and he is considered one of the Champions of the American cinema, which refuses the role, if he doesn’t like the script or the filming does not coincide with his personal plans. So it’s safe to say that Joshua’s cinema – not just the income opportunity.

    Of the following films should pay attention to the crime Thriller «Lucky number Slevin», the psychological drama «I come with the rain», the mystical television series «penny Dreadful» and the sci-Fi picture «Out of time».

    Personal life

    The Josh Hartnett at different times there were many stellar novels. He confirmed a romantic relationship with actress Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz and Amanda Seyfried singer Rihanna, Mischa Barton and Sophie. And the fans and the press «presented» him with a dozen chosen.

    In 2013, Josh began to meet with his colleague Tamsin Egerton, known for the films «love, Rosie» and «How to marry a billionaire». After some time the couple decided to live in a de facto marriage, and at the end of November 2015 Hartnett first became a father, as a civil wife gave him a daughter.

    Josh Hartnett is very actively manifests his stance. He even left her acting career to support initiatives of the company «Global Cool» promoting a healthy lifestyle. He also, along with the Actresses Uma Thurman, Geena Davis and model Chanel Iman have attracted public attention to the problems of drought in East Africa.

    In 2012, the actor in his native Minnesota at their own initiative traveled to colleges and universities with the aim to persuade the younger generation to participate in the upcoming presidential elections and give their vote to the candidate Barack Obama.


    • 1998 — Halloween: 20 years later
    • 2001 — Pearl Harbor
    • 2001 — Black hawk down
    • 2002 — 40 days and 40 nights
    • 2003 — Hollywood homicide
    • 2005 — crazy love
    • 2006 — Lucky number Slevin
    • 2006 — the Black Dahlia
    • 2014-2016 — Scary stories
    • 2015 — Out of time


    Josh Hartnett

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