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  • Name: Josh Duhamel ( Joshua David Duhamel )
  • Date of birth: 14 November 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Minot, North Dakota, USA
  • Height: 192
  • Activities: actor, model
  • Marital status: married

    Josh Duhamel: a biography

    Josh Duhamel is an American actor, who has previously worked as a professional model. To movie fans he is known for his roles in such films as «Las Vegas», «when in Rome», «safe haven,» «Life as we know it» and many others.

    Joshua was born in North Dakota and his hometown is Minot. The father of the future actor was a publicity agent Larry Duhamel and mother Bonnie L. Kemper at the time of the birth of his son was a teacher in elementary school, and later evolved into private masseuse. Josh was first born in the family, and then came his three younger sisters Ashley, Cassidy and McKenzie.

    When I was a teenager, his parents divorced. A young man with sisters remained in the care of his mother, but soon left school and went to the campus of the state University. Josh was not studying acting, science, and showed quite a serious success in mastering challenging subjects of biology and chemistry. Also the guy was playing in the defensive line of the University team of American football.

    Complete College Josh Duhamel did not succeed. For six months before receiving the title of bachelor, is already starting to specialize in dentistry, he had to leave University for financial reasons. Much later, in 2005, the actor will finish an interrupted education and get a degree. But while Joshua went to Los Angeles and accidentally turn out in the modeling business. Attractive young man not only took part in photo shoots for advertising brochures and magazine covers, but also starred in music videos. For example, Duhamel can be seen in the videos of such singers like Christina Aguilera and David Bowie.


    As in the model business, movie Josh Duhamel, too, accidentally got his picture in the magazine I noticed one of the assistants of the Director and invited to audition. The first work of a novice actor was the soap Opera «All my children», after which it was approved for the main role in the detective series «Las Vegas».

    Career gradually gained momentum: the mystical drama «the Portrait of Dorian gray», romantic Comedy «Date with a star», a light romance «when in Rome» do the actor’s name. Another great fame brought Duhamel fantastic action «transformers» in which he portrayed captain William Lennox.

    Following a starring role Josh came in the social Comedy «Life as we know it», after which he paired with Bruce Willis was the star of the crime Thriller «fire with fire». In addition, it is worth noting his partnership with Julianne Hough in the romance «safe haven».

    In recent years, Josh Duhamel returned to the detective genre, and thrillers. On screens leaves a Comedy series about investigators, «Battle Creek», psychological suspense tape «Lost in the sun» about the lives of criminals, as well as the fantastic series «11.22.63» by the acclaimed novel by Stephen king.

    Personal life

    In his youth, Josh Duhamel met fashion model Kristy pierce, and then with actress Nikki Cox, Heidi Mueller. And in 2004, the fate brought him together with singer Stacy Ann Ferguson, lead singer of the band «The Black Eyed Peas», which is much better known by her stage name fergie. Young people began to meet in three years announced their engagement, but with the official wedding ceremony slaved long enough.

    Only on 10 January 2009 Josh Duhamel took Stacy Ferguson married in the Roman Catholic Church. A beautiful wedding took place in Malibu, on the grape fields. The festival was held in a closed style: there was not allowed any photographers or journalists. Four years later, the happy couple became parents: their baby boy Axl Jack.

    It should be noted that spouses Dualla very devout and regularly attends the Catholic Church. In his spare time, Josh prefers to compete in team sports – basketball and football, but can sometimes go to the Golf course. Also, the actor has been realized and as a businessman. In his home town of Minot, he opened the restaurant «10 North Main», which specializiruetsya on the venison.


    • 2003-2008 — Las Vegas
    • 2004 — The Picture Of Dorian Gray
    • 2004 — star Date
    • 2007 — transformers
    • 2010 — Life as we know it
    • 2010 — Romance
    • 2012 — fire with fire
    • 2013 — safe Harbor
    • 2015 — Lost in the sun
    • 2016 is Worse than a lie


    Josh Duhamel

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