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  • Name: Joseph Gilgan ( Joseph Gilgun )
  • Date of birth: 9 March 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Chorley, England
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Joseph Gilgan: biography

    Joseph William Gilgan is a British actor who became famous among movie lovers thanks to such series as «Emmerdale», «This is England» and «Scum.» He was born and raised in the town of Chorley, situated in the County of Lancashire, son of Judith and Andrew Galganov. Joseph was the firstborn son of his parents, and then the light appeared two younger sisters, Jenny and rose.

    When the boy went to the primary school, the school psychologist determined that he suffers from attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. Subsequent surveys have discovered another trouble – Gilgan hurts congenital dyslexia, that is, it is difficult to read and write. To loosen up and soothe child, psychologists were advised to send him to drama school.

    Therefore, in parallel with obtaining General education in Rivingtons elementary school and high school, Southlands Gilgan studied in drama school lane Johnson. The lessons of drama he loved, and teachers were found in 8-year-old boy’s talent. Four years later the teenager has already made his debut in the film, but at the time he associated acting with the future profession.

    After receiving the matriculation Joseph Gilgan became a student at the College of the arts «, Rancho», where she specialized in fashion design. But the work is couturier the boy seemed uninteresting, and training in academic style deduced it from itself. In the result, a young man leaves College and begins to work… a plasterer. Joseph was levelled and the wall houses a few years, until that moment, as he was called in for the lead role in an already proven multi-season family drama.


    The first picture of a very young Joseph Gilgan became popular in the British soap Opera «Coronation Street» in which he starred, until he was 14 years old. First big role, which Joseph quit his job in construction, he inherited the family show «Farm Emmerdale». First, the actor is very glad to be a part of this project, because the drama was already on television until 34 years and has managed to gain success. But gradually he realized that he cannot develop as a professional, from year to year doing the same character.

    In 2010 Gilgan announced the termination of cooperation with the series «Emmerdale». Although I must say that parallel to the Joseph still acted such as the popular historical film about skinheads, This is England. The audience liked the characters in the movie, so later was followed by three mini-series about the further adventures of these characters – «This is England 86» «This is England 88» and «This is England 90».

    The cult was the TV series «misfits», which in Russia was published under different names, such as «Bad» and «Losers». However, Gilgan appeared there only since the third season, playing the material suffers from a split personality Rudy Wade. Some fans of the series felt that Joseph was able to play so efficiently that smoothed leaving the project, the favorite of the audience of Robert Sheehan.

    Of the last pictures of the actor highlighted the fighting fantasy «the Last witch hunter» and mystical series «Preacher». But Joseph here involved stars such as Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga.

    Personal life

    Joseph Gilgan suffering from many complexes, which originate in childhood. Due to the fact that he believes dyslexia a kind of curse, it is very difficult to make contact with strangers. Actor in my life made quite a few friends, but those who have, he infinitely trusts.

    Similarly difficult are the relations of Joseph and women. He can’t keep the girls close enough to my soul, so many of his novels end very quickly. Although partner in the film This is England Vicky McClure in Gilgan was a relatively long relationship.

    The actor is a fan of tattoos. On his body a lot of drawings and inscriptions. But it should be noted that each tattoo has a meaning, and somehow characterizes the particular life span men.


    • 1994-1997 — Coronation Street
    • 2006-2010 — Farm Emmerdale
    • 2006-2014 — This Is England
    • 2011-2013 — Waste
    • 2011 — the Jailer
    • 2012 — Ahead
    • 2013 Ripper Street
    • 2014 — the Enemy of mankind
    • 2015 the Last witch hunter
    • 2016 — the Preacher


    Joseph Gilgan

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