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  • Name: Jorge Blanco ( Jorge Blanco )
  • Date of birth: 19 December 1991.
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor, singer, dancer
  • Marital status: not married

    Jorge Blanco biography

    Jorge Blanco Guerena — young Mexican actor, singer and dancer who became famous after starring in the youth series «Violetta» and «Tini: a New life of Violetta».

    Jorge was born in the Mexican state of Jalisco, specifically in its capital, Guadalajara. This momentous event occurred in 1991. Little Blanco became the eldest child in the family. Seven years later he had a younger brother, Daniel.

    Jorge Blanco and his younger brother Daniel
    Jorge Blanco and his younger brother Daniel | Instagram

    In early childhood, the future star, like many Latin American boys, dreamed of becoming a footballer. But in elementary school he became interested in the theater group began performing on stage in student productions and decided that in future acting career. At the same time, the teenager taught himself to play guitar and developed my vocal rehearsals in an Amateur group.

    Jorge Blanco in childhood
    Jorge Blanco in childhood | Instagram

    In 16 years, the young man takes part in the selection for music programs «High School Musical». This show could show their talents by everyone, and the audience within a few months voted for favorite artists. The reward for winning was participation in the youth series «High School Musical: the challenge». Needless to say that Blanco was among the favourites and got into the cast serial movie.

    Jorge Blanco in his youth
    Jorge Blanco in his youth | Instagram

    Already becoming a star of Mexican cinema, the young actor has represented his country in a kind of Olympic games the Walt Disney. These musical contests were charity, and Jorge himself as one of the best Mexicans in the «tournament» was in a video of Bridget Mendler’s song «We can change the world.»


    After Jorge Blanco won the qualifying round of the project «High School Musical», he took part in the filming of the youth television series of the same name. For many months, actor and singer, together with colleagues, he lived in Argentina, the campus in Buenos Aires.

    Jorge Blanco on the set of the musical
    Jorge Blanco on the set of the musical «High School Musical: El Desafio» | VK

    Following the emergence of Blanco is the first series of the disney TV series «Highway: adventure road» called «Backpack». This film was shown only at the Latin American TV, so it has not seen any English-speaking viewers of America, nor the Europeans. After a year in his debut season of family musical Comedy, «When the bell tolls» 20-year-old actor played a major role – a young man named Pablo. In the second season he was a special guest in several episodes.

    The Mexican movie star on the set of the musical
    The Mexican movie star on the set of the musical «violet» | VK

    All of these projects made with Blanco quite a conspicuous figure in the Mexican and Argentine youth culture, but the rest of the world found out about it later, in 2012, when the teenager melodrama «Violetta» has been translated into many languages and successfully carried on most American, European and Asian countries.

    Jorge Blanco on the set of the musical
    Jorge Blanco on the set of the musical «Tini: a New life of Violetta» | VK

    The success of the series was huge, so the shooting lasted for three years. But after that, the channel «Disney», did the show, decided not to part with your favorite characters and started a new project – «Tini: a New life of Violetta» in which the Mexican actor continues to play the main antagonist of Leon Vargas.


    Since most of the films with the participation of Jorge was the musicals, he had not only to demonstrate their acting skills, but also to sing and dance. To most of his shows have been recorded soundtracks that came out specially issued album. So, there are records with songs Blanco «High School Musical: El Desafío», «Cuando toca la campana», «Cantar es lo que soy», and for the most famous project «Violetta» was recorded a few albums, and not one common.

    In 2016, the musician locked in the Studio and began recording his debut solo album, due out in early 2017. One song written for this disc, «Light Your Heart», already released as a single, it shot the video. In addition, this song was even included in the soundtrack to the new television series «Tiny: a New life of Violetta».

    Personal life

    In 2007, the Mexican selections in the reality show «High School Musical» 16-year-old actor met up with Stefania Camarinas, which is more known as actress and singer Stef Guillemots. The girl is not originally from Mexico and from the Spanish capital of Madrid. Young people began to meet, a lot of time together and even to travel to visit families. Because of this, by the way, there were funny misunderstandings. For example, once the social network got pictures on which Blanco is depicted together with the little nephew of Stephanie. And the army of fans immediately trumpeted a fake news that Jorge has already married his sweetheart and they had a son.

    Jorge Blanco and Stephanie Camara
    Jorge Blanco and Stephanie Camara | Instagram

    In any case, the relationship between Jorge Blanco and stephie Camarena the last nine years. And August 26, 2016 the young man had publicly made his girlfriend a proposal to marry him. This momentous event occurred in an unusual way: in public, during a performance of the song «NonBelievers». Moreover, then Jorge on a personal YouTube channel posted a video titled «Proposing to my girlfriend», which made the fictional TV show «Top Five Live» with staged interviews and offer Stephanie to join him in marriage.

    Mexican singer and actor is a fan of artists such as Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake and the group «Maroon 5», and in his work tries to focus on their level.


    • 2007 – high School musical: the Selection
    • 2008 – high School musical: the Competition
    • 2010 — Highway: adventures on the road
    • 2011 — When the bell tolls
    • 2012-2015 Violetta
    • 2016 — Tini: a New life of Violetta


    • 2008 — High School Musical: El Desafío
    • 2011 — Cuando toca la campana
    • 2012 — Violetta
    • 2012 — Cantar es lo que soy
    • 2013 — Hoy somos más
    • 2013 — Violetta en vivo
    • 2014 — Gira mi canción
    • 2015 — Crecimos Juntos


    Jorge Blanco

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