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  • Name: Jonah Hill ( Jonah Hill Feldstein )
  • Date of birth: 20 December 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: American actor and screenwriter
  • Marital status: not married

    Jonah hill: biography

    Famous Hollywood Comedy actor Jonah hill was born in Los Angeles in a creative Jewish family where each parent was able to realize their talents. Mother hill was a stylist and designer, and my dad worked as a music Manager. He was accompanied by tours of the popular group «Guns N’ Roses». Jonah has an older brother Richard, who followed in the footsteps of his father.

    After finishing elementary school John hill went to study in new York. Here he became a student of the College «The New School», where he studied stagecraft.

    Guy in College wrote their first jokes, and he presented it in a trendy bar in the East village «Black and white». Once on scene, John suddenly realized that acting is his real calling. Because he could not determine to what he is more attracted to directing, scripting and producing.

    Small pieces and humorous skits Jonah had considerable success with the public. But of crucial importance in the career of a young artist and writer played a familiarity with the children of Hollywood star Dustin Hoffman. They presented their funny and talented friend of his father. Thus began a cinematic biography of Jonah hill.


    Hoffman helped get hill his first role in the Comedy «Breakin hearts». Typical appearance Jonah was facilitated by the fact that the Directors have offered him a Comedy role.

    After the «Burglars» of the hill immediately invited in several projects that received a warm audience reception and high ratings. This Comedy tape «the Forty year old virgin», «Click: With remote control for life» and «grandma’s Boy».

    In 2006, Jonah hill was first nominated for the prize «Teen Choice Awards». The award has found the actor for the brilliant realization of the image of Sherman in the film Steve Pink «We adopted!».

    The greatest success and a turning point in Jonah’s career happened in 2007. Came out loud Comedy projects «Evan Almighty», «the Granite of science», «knocked up» and «Argparse». For work in the last Comedy the actor was nominated for a second prize «Teen Choice Awards» as best Comedy actor. And Jonah hill presented the award «MTV Movie Award» as made «Breakthrough of the year».

    Every year Jonah hill pleases its fans with new works. The artist is extremely hardworking and appears in several projects at the same time. In 2008 came the wonderful films «the Snow man,» «In flight» and «Just add water».

    Among the new bands, which appeared in the Hollywood comedian, as the brightest and most talented should be noted drama «moneyball,» and the Comedy «Macho and nerdy». For the first project John hill was first nominated for «Oscar» and «Golden globe».

    The critics and the audience with great pleasure watched the game favorite artist in the film Martin Scorsese’s «the Wolf of wall street». The hill got the way financial partner of the protagonist, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. It is known that to participate in this project, John has agreed for a very modest fee – 60 thousand dollars. Later he admitted that he could not take any money for their game, because to work with Scorsese is a dream of every actor.

    Personal life

    The statue of the famous comedian, both literally and figuratively, chained considerable attention. Role in the project «21 Jump street» John was able to lose 14 pounds. It is noteworthy that to lose weight he continued after the project. Soon, the hill of good-natured fat man turned into a slim and toned beauty. And had not previously suffered from a lack of female attention, it became even more coveted hero women’s hearts.

    But the personal life of Jonah hill, hidden from prying eyes. It is known that the comedian is not married. For questions not related to his work, the actor is not responsible.


    • «A little bit pregnant»
    • «In flight»
    • «Origprice»
    • «Night at the Museum 2»
    • «Escape from Vegas»
    • The snow man»
    • «In flight»
    • «Just add water»
    • The man who changed everything»
    • «The wolf of wall street»


    Jonah Hill

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