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  • Name: johnny Depp ( John Christopher Depp II )
  • Date of birth: 9 June 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Owensboro, ky, USA
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: American actor, Director, producer, writer, musician
  • Marital status: Married to amber heard

    Johnny Depp: biography

    Popular actor and musician johnny Depp (full name — John Christopher Depp II) was born in the American town of Owensboro June 9, 1963. Johnny was not home child. There were appropriate reasons: father had led a riotous life, liked to drink too much alcohol, beat mother, ill treated children. With his older brother johnny was not particularly close to and spent time on the streets, loved «otchebuchit» different kind of tricks. So one day he simply passed on the parapet on the eighth floor.

    Johnny Depp always wanted to stand out, to draw attention to themselves, to be such an idol for others, is able to lead them. Depp is absolutely a negative attitude to school, from 12 years of age, he could afford to smoke and drink alcohol and when in 15 years he added to the above and even drugs – it just kicked out of schools. And then johnny got serious about music, helped him in this guitar.

    In 16 years, johnny finally left the house, his place of residence was the car of a friend. The livelihood had to earn by hard work on the site, but all leisure Depp devoted to music. Periodically, he worked odd jobs while playing in a youth rock bands, but it was temporary, and these groups quickly collapsed.


    Creative career for johnny Depp started with music at the age of 20 years, then he became a member of «The Kids», he also successfully played the guitar in several groups. But despite the love of music and serious intent in this field, Depp never has achieved great musical heights.

    Way movie johnny Depp began with is not the main role in the film of Wace Craven’s «a Nightmare on elm street». Very inexperienced johnny, what happened to get in the cast list of this film made a splash on Craven, and the film was immediately popular in its genre, and Depp engrossed in a film career.

    Then in his biography was acting lessons and an invitation to a secondary role in the film «Platoon», work in series for the youth audience, which became hits largely due to johnny. However, his goal was not for these television performances, he was a giant and original roles.

    Innovative approaches to Depp’s roles in movies were perfectly embodied in the films «Edward Scissorhands»

  • «What’s eating Gilbert Grape?» and «Arizona Dream», and fully exceptional acting talent Depp has appeared in such films as «don Juan De Marco» and «Dead man.» The last film was generally attributed to the blockbusters of the last twenty years, and after the filming of the movie «Donnie Brasco» Depp received the title «Best actor of his generation.

    In the biography of johnny Depp there are few paintings that received negative reviews from critics, extraordinary personality on the screen in his performance continues to attract a mass audience. His reincarnation in the film «Fear and loathing in Las Vegas», «the Ninth gate», «the astronaut’s Wife», «pirates of the Caribbean», «the Libertine» successfully conquered not only American but also European distribution.

    In 1995, according to the magazine «Empire» johnny Depp was in a hundred sexiest artists movie. In 1996, People magazine put him on the same level with the 50 most beautiful people in the world, and subsequently re-awarded this title. Photo of johnny Depp on the covers of expensive magazines continue to haunt millions of women.

    In 2015 the actor has worked on several films that will soon appear on television. To see johnny Depp in the sequel to «Pirates of the Caribbean», in the film «Black mass», «Alice in Wonderland» and «Mordecai».

    Personal life

    Personal life johnny Depp excites millions of fans. Depp’s first marriage occurred in 1983 he Lived johnny and Laurie a couple of years. The guy earned very little, and the wife has not made a pretty poor existence.

    A list of his novels is quite significant. A constant thirst for freedom, a complex character combined with temperament johnny is not allowed to coexist with many famous ladies. With him was Kate moss, Sherilyn Fenn, Winona Ryder, but none of them became his true companion.

    That all changed in 1998, when johnny Depp met Vanessa Paradis. Vanessa managed to fall in love with Depp really, they moved to her homeland to France, where they subsequently had children. Son and daughter, johnny Depp made this family happy, and in the soul of the actor, seems to have prevailed peace and tranquility. Sorry, but everything comes to an end. In 2012, Depp and Paradis announced the divorce.

    In 2014, johnny Depp once again opened your heart to family happiness and proposed to his partner on the film «the Rum diary» amber heard. In 2015 married love.


    • «A nightmare on elm street»
    • «Ed Wood»
    • «Daredevil»
    • «The ninth gate»
    • «Cocaine»
    • «Pirates of the Caribbean»
    • «Rasputny»
    • «Johnny D.»
    • «Superiority»
    • «The rum diary»
    • «Black mass»

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